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  • Hi,

    Why Us?
    We are Partners with Microsoft US.
    We are unbeatable Champs in the World of Education!
    We make Education an Enjoyable, Fun learning, Memorable, Experience.
    No tutorial in the world can boast of 100% Effort put by Teachers for every student, 100% Effort by Students and 100% Achievement of Target for every student.
    We in Happy Learning Center have Delivered High Performance Targets with Perfection for years.
    The speed of Learning and Understanding for every child is different.
    Different strokes for different folks that’s the game of Education.
    Every Child has to be taught according to the learning cycle and their concentration abilities.
    The object of Perfect Education is to educate each child according to the Characteristics, Ability, DNA, and Capability & Desire of each child to Create Power Kids in the world.
    We are Personal Performance Trainers.
    We take only 4 Kids in a Batch with Camera monitoring.
    We have Unlimited Hours of study to achieve our Targets with Perfection.
    Parents can Monitor their Kids on mobile.
    All our Kids are Toppers in School.
    We have a Homely Environment to make the child feel comfortable.
    We reward our kids daily with unlimited Delicious Food and Beverages in the house.
    We create The Desire to become Champs through Goal Visualization.
    We work on the Motor skills of the child.
    We work on the Memory and Retention skills.
    We Master Concentration with Meditation.
    We teach various Concentration Exercises for faster learning of every page.
    We work on Building the Logic Tree in the child’s system of understanding the subject.
    Children have to Master the Subject and Teach back with Perfection on camera.
    Children have to correct sample papers filled with mistakes and point out all errors like a game to Improve on Observation skills.
    We teach Parents Meditation and Goal Visualization to make them more Positive and effective in life.
    We teach our kids 2-3 standards higher in core subject like Math’s & English to increase the confidence for mastery on the subjects.
    We make all our kids participate in all Competitive Exams to show case them as Rank holders.
    We are masters in Mind and Matter and go to the Root cause of Poor Performance in Exams
    We work on the Psychological Part of the mind to create Positive Attitude in life.
    We work on the Fears and Phobias of subjects to understand the Root cause.
    We work on improving the Emotional Quotient of the child.
    Free Orientation Session on Vipassana Meditation, Goal Visualization, Positive thinking.
    Quality Time & Effort gives a Quality Result.
    Call us @ 9833413084 to help you to create a Happy Winning Child
    Landline Thane 022 61857761
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You Might Be An Entrepreneur

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  2. 2. “You dream about your business while you sleep and make things happen when you rise!” Julie Holloway Graphic Designer, Marketer, Author
  3. 3. “There is no such thing as ‘can't’—[you] just haven't learned how yet!” Dave Soden Quality Systems Manager, Aviation Maintenance Manager, Appliance Tech
  4. 4. “You breathe life into your passion, and in return your passion becomes your life.” Barb Liszcz Owner/Photographer at My 3 Girls Photography
  5. 5. “You prefer working from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. to avoid working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.” Ronald E. Wiley The Small Business Doc
  6. 6. “You're not afraid of falling down because you know how to get back up again.” Jon R. Wallace Servant, Teacher, Development Facilitator
  7. 7. “You are open to taking a seed (an idea), feeding it and helping it grow into a forest.” Amy Stacy CEO/Founder of Flu Shots To Go
  8. 8. “When your list of great ideas and ways to make your business better keeps growing at a faster pace than you can actually implement.” Jamal Dickerson Partner at J & J Strategy
  9. 9. “You think ‘getting lucky’ means getting funded.” Carolyn Turbyfill Principal Cyber Security Consultant
  10. 10. “You’re an action-oriented individual, rather than someone who sits on the sidelines and regrets.” Kenji Arai Senior Sales Professional & Assistant Manager of Samy's DV & Edit
  11. 11. “You do the learning you need to know on your own time and dollar.” Rob Corallo Owner, &
  12. 12. “You never run out of ideas on what would make life better or easier for others.” Randall Nagy Trainer, Mentor, & Principal Consultant
  13. 13. “[You’re] willing to give up security—like a salary and benefits—for the risk and adventure of being the owner of [your] own business.” Jim “Fritz” Somborovich CEO/President of AML/Title 31 Training
  14. 14. “You always see how you could do things better. In addition, you are opinionated and freely give your two cents about your better way of doing things.” Aaron Butler Executive Pastor at Harvest Bible Church
  15. 15. “You have a business—not a hobby or an idea.” Jason Vitug Founder/CEO at Phroogal
  16. 16. “What you are looking for hasn't been invented yet. ” Kathy Schoemehl Owner of Healthy Happy People Now LLC
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