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SAP and SharePoint interoperability using Duet Enterprise


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Slides from SharePoint Connections 2012 in Amsterdam about SharePoint and SAP integration with Duet Enterprise

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SAP and SharePoint interoperability using Duet Enterprise

  1. 1. SAP and SharePoint interoperability using Duet Enterprise Oscar Douwstra & Niels Vrolijk
  2. 2. Agenda • ERP+ • Duet Enterprise • DE Architecture • SharePoint components – BCS – Authentication – Workflow and reporting • Roadmap for SP2013 / DE 2.0
  3. 3. What is ERP+? •Capgemini Global Initiative for ERP Innovation •User Interface and Usability •Screen Simplification •Manager Use •Anywhere Access © 2011 Capgemini. Alle rechten voorbehouden. 4
  4. 4. Un-structured vs. Structured data
  5. 5. Sign on to SAP….Check customer order history….Check billing and payment history….Check outstanding customer obligations….Verify customer address information….Get customer contact information….Check inventory of finished product….Look up bill of materials….Create the requisition for required materials….I can do all this in SAP….
  7. 7. What is Duet Enterprise A jointly developed, fully flexible framework from SAP and Microsoft that leverages SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Microsoft SharePoint for customers and partners to easily and quickly compose solutions that consume and extend SAP in SharePoint and throughout Microsoft Office on premise and on demand
  8. 8. Duet Enterprise Consume andExtend SAPthrough Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SitesDuet profile Collaboration Contextual workflow Reporting Interoperability
  9. 9. Demo Bringing structured & unstructured content together
  10. 10. Core Duet Enterprise components • Single Sign On • Data • Workflow • Reports • Role sync
  11. 11. Basic architecture Backend Entities GW Models BCS SAP Backend (ECC, SRM, CRM ...) NetWeaver SharePoint SingleSignOn Logging&Monitoring Duet Enterprise
  12. 12. It’s all about BCS
  13. 13. Demo Data application: Customer workspace
  14. 14. Demo SAP Roles in SharePoint
  15. 15. Demo InfoPath and workflow
  16. 16. Appraisal in SAP Portal • Appraisals are generated yearly by SAP HR • Employee and manager work in SAP Portal
  17. 17. Appraisal in SAP Backend
  18. 18. Appraisal list in SharePoint
  19. 19. Entry in InfoPath
  20. 20. Approval workflow which submits data back to SAP
  21. 21. Duet Enterprise 2.0 • Only for SharePoint 2013 • Other connectivity model, many-to-many SharePoint-Gateway connections • X509 instead of SAML tokens • Support for O365 / cloud
  22. 22. SP2013
  23. 23. Business Connectivity Services • BCS can now access oData OOB • BCS Models generated by VS2012 – Farm scoped (ECT’s) – App • Event listeners – Subscribe to data changes – Workflows outside SAP! – Run your own custom code
  24. 24. Open Data Protocol (oData) • Protocol for performing CRUD operations • Lets you access data sources / providers • Uses REST / Query by URL • Uses standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE • Cross-platform • Returns ATOM and JSON result • Provides easy access
  25. 25. oData Producers • SharePoint Foundation 2010 • SharePoint Server 2010 • SQL Azure • Windows Azure Table Storage • Windows Azure Marketplace • SQL Server Reporting Services • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 • Windows Live • WCF DataServices (Custom) •
  26. 26. Play around with oData and REST Queries • • LINQPad • Fiddler
  27. 27. Duet Enterprise Architecture On Premise : High-level Overview ClientsSAP software environment Microsoft software environment Auto - deploy SAP Business Suite Template Administration User Management SharePoint 2013 Duet Enterprise SharePoint Add-on Foundation Services Workflow and Reporting Solutions Sample Services Duet SSO Provider SharepointBDC(InteropLayer)Duet Enterprise SOAP Enablement NW 7.02 Duet Enterprise 2.0 Content Design time tools SAP NW GW 2.0 SAP NW GW Add-on Business Client Duet Enterprise oData Enablement
  28. 28. Conclusion • Duet Enterprise provides all the nessecary tools to build shiny applications in SharePoint • Duet Enterprise 2.0 has full blown integration options for NW Gateway, building on SP2013 functionality
  29. 29. Contact information  Oscar Douwstra  Niels Vrolijk @NielsV