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Best of Esomar Belgium 2010_Flores


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Best of Esomar Belgium 2010_Flores

  1. 1. From Asking to Listening: Leveraging Insights from a connected world. Dr Laurent Florès, Founder, crmmetrix Associate Professor, Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas
  2. 2. N° 1 theme: Markets are conversations Do brands really « converse » ? No, they mainly talk
  3. 3. Brands talk rather than listen 3000 messages every day, 188 by hour, 3 per minute The ratio of listening to talking is 1 to 50 (Source: Esomar & Veronis Suhler) They call it being « customer centric »…
  4. 4. Yes time to change! And time to Listen more…
  5. 5. How can we « re-invent » ourselves and develop new market research practices that meet the challenges of the “horizontal world”
  6. 6. You say Listening, but How ? Leverage the potential of online conversations to listen to them (blogs, forums): netnography (Passive Listening) Source: Blogpulse Source: RTGI
  7. 7. Is the Crowd wise? Multiple examples show indeed that the Crowd is often wise (under specific conditions): - Iowa Stock Exchange - Hollywood Stock Exchange - Predictive Markets Nowadays, Google is often of great help too « Listen »…
  8. 8. Listening & Observing the Crowd with Google (Insights for Search & Ad Planner) for trend detection and competitive intelligence.
  9. 9. Predicting the present and immediate future… Anticipating the possible future: Facebook, the new Google?
  10. 10. How about the 2008 US Election? During the democrat party candidate election, Search levels clearly showed a favorable trend for Obama vs Clinton… Obama vs Clinton Source: Google Trends Search
  11. 11. « An image is worth 10,000 words »…
  12. 12. Hillary seemed clearly less « popular »
  13. 13. The outcome of the 2008 US Election, Search showed us the way! You know of course… The Web knew as well with early predicting signals and trends… Obama vs McCain Source: Google Trends Search
  14. 14. Using Website visits as proxies for forecasting movies in market success
  15. 15. The inclusion of movie pre-release website trafic improves sales prediction by 50%! (*) (*) Belvaux B. et Florès L. : "L'utilisation des proxies du web pour la prédiction des marchés. Une application au marché cinématographique« , Décisions Marketing, 57, 2010.
  16. 16. Behind blogs, forums, searches, images, the web are…. People Those people are active, participative, insightful They want to “participate”, are ready to “collaborate” rather than only “respond”…
  17. 17. How to leverage the potential of “People’s Participation/Cooperation” to develop new market research solutions?
  18. 18. Leverage participation to “better” listen to consumers when you ask questions: “Active Listening” with brandDelphi a “qual/quant approach”… how brandDelphi works : the insight delivery process Niche ideas Star ideas Static ideas Category drivers The system retains the Consumers are They express The result: a most promising ideas invited to their ideas consultation dynamically -the ideas ‘dialogue’ online and review platform that are classified according around specific the opinions allows thematic to their ‘traction power’ scenarios of the others development and attraction among concept build consumers
  19. 19. idea analysis brandDelphi™ brandDelphi™ Allows ideas – even those that began as just ‘weak Topscore signals’ - are placed on the brandDelphi™ Insight Map, and prioritized for action The analysis is both qualitative and quantitative, and specific idea/word performance can be gauged . Niche ideas Star ideas Importance Static ideas Category drivers Relevance
  20. 20. The move to “Research Based Community” or MROC
  21. 21. Give Back: Build Recognition, Respect through Feedback
  22. 22. RBC: “Research Based Community” MROC = Market Research Online Communities Passive Listening Consumers Consumers g nin iste L ive Brand Act
  23. 23. A Taxonomy of New MR (Source: Ray Poynter)
  24. 24. So, in a nutshell:
  26. 26. From Asking to Listening Listen passively and actively through different contact points (specially at the ones where consumers come to meet you/peers) Develop conversations Specifially with your most valuable consumers Respect People and Have Fun
  27. 27. because conversing and learning from each other is the best way to develop and strengthen relationship
  28. 28. Thank You for “Listening”… My turn to Listen….☺ Dr Laurent Florès, Founder, crmmetrix Associate Professor, Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas