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100,000,000 Taps: Analysis and Improvement of Touch Performance in the Large


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Touchscreens became the dominant input device for smartphones. Users' touch behaviour has been widely studied in lab studies with a relative low number of participants. In contrast, we published a game in the Android Market that records the touch behaviour when executing a controlled task to collect large amounts of
touch events. Players' task is to simply touch circles appearing on the screen. Data from 91,731 installations has been collected and players produced 120,626,225 touch events. We determined the error rates for different target sizes and screen locations. The amount
of data enabled us to show that touch positions are systematically skewed. A compensation function that shifts the users' touches to reduce the amount of errors is derived from the data and evaluated by publishing an update of the game. The independent-measures experiment with data from 12,201 installations and 15,326,444 touch events shows that the function reduces the error rate by 7.79%. We argue that such a compensation function could improve the touch performance of virtually every smartphone user.

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100,000,000 Taps: Analysis and Improvement of Touch Performance in the Large

  1. 1. 100,000,000  Taps    Analysis  and  Improvement  of  Touch  Performance  in  the  Large   Niels  Henze   University  of  Oldenburg     Enrico  Rukzio    University  of  Duisburg-­‐Essen     Susanne  Boll    University  of  Oldenburg  
  2. 2. Touch  me  How  can  it  be  Believe  me  The  sun  always  shines                      on  my  screen  
  3. 3.      but  sJll...    we  cannot  see  what  we  touch    fingers  are  bigger  than  the   elements  we  touch  
  4. 4.      Work  about  mobile   touchscreens?    special  interacJon  techniques        
  5. 5.       Work  about  mobile   touchscreens?    special  interacJon  techniques    performance  for  different   target  sizes  and  posiJons          Y.  S.  Park,  S.  H.  Han,  J.  Park,  Y.  Cho:  Touch  key  design  for  target  selecJon  on  a  mobile  phone.  Proc.  MobileHCI,  2008.  
  6. 6.       Work  about  mobile   touchscreens?    special  interacJon  techniques    performance  for  different   target  sizes  and  posiJons    taps  might  be   systemaJcally  skewed              Y.  S.  Park,  S.  H.  Han,  J.  Park,  Y.  Cho:  Touch  key  design  for  target  selecJon  on  a  mobile  phone.  Proc.  MobileHCI,  2008.  
  7. 7.      Degrees  of  freedom    different  sizes          
  8. 8.      Degrees  of  freedom    different  sizes    different  posiJons      
  9. 9.      Degrees  of  freedom    different  sizes    different  posiJons    different  devices      
  10. 10.      Degrees  of  freedom    different  sizes    different  posiJons    different  devices    …      
  11. 11.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market      
  12. 12.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    
  13. 13.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    just  looks  like  an  ordinary   game      
  14. 14.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    just  looks  like  an  ordinary   game    parJcipants  get  some   introducJon      
  15. 15.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    just  looks  like  an  ordinary   game    parJcipants  get  some   introducJon      
  16. 16.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    just  looks  like  an  ordinary   game    parJcipants  get  some   introducJon    they  tap  the  targets      
  17. 17.    Large  amount  of   touch  data    game  published  on  the   Android  Market    we  inform  the  player   about  the  study    just  looks  like  an  ordinary   game    parJcipants  get  some   introducJon    they  tap  the  targets    we  vary  targets’  size  and   posiJon      
  18. 18.      We  collected    data  from  91,731  installaJons        
  19. 19.       We  collected    data  from  91,731  installaJons    >  50  different  devices          The  ten  most  common  devices  
  20. 20.      We  collected    data  from  91,731  installaJons    >  50  different  devices    120,626,225  touch  events          
  21. 21.      Using  the  data    we  determined  the  error   rate  for  different  sizes        
  22. 22.       Using  the  data    we  determined  the  error   rate  for  different  sizes   error  rate    and  the  error  rate  for   different  posiJons  HTC  Wildfire  
  23. 23.       SystemaJc  skew    found  that  taps  are   systemaJcally  skewed        HTC  Wildfire  
  24. 24.       SystemaJc  skew    found  that  taps  are   systemaJcally  skewed    determined  offsets  for   each  screen  posiJon        Samsung  Galaxy  S  
  25. 25.       SystemaJc  skew    found  that  taps  are   systemaJcally  skewed    determined  offsets  for   each  screen  posiJon    derived  how  to  shid  taps   to  decrease  error  rate        devices  with  480x800  pixels  resoluJon  
  26. 26.       SystemaJc  skew    found  that  taps  are   systemaJcally  skewed    determined  offsets  for   each  screen  posiJon    derived  how  to  shid  taps   to  decrease  error  rate    approximate  a  smooth   shid  funcJon        devices  with  480x800  pixels  resoluJon  
  27. 27.       Experimental   validaJon    implemented  shid   funcJon  for  4  resoluJons  control  condiJon   experimental  condiJon  
  28. 28.       Experimental   validaJon    implemented  shid   funcJon  for  4  resoluJons    published  an  update  of  the   game    control  condiJon   experimental  condiJon  
  29. 29.       Experimental   validaJon    implemented  shid   funcJon  for  4  resoluJons    published  an  update  of  the   game    randomly  assigned  players   to  a  condiJon      control  condiJon   experimental  condiJon   nc=6062   ne=6139  
  30. 30.      Shid  funcJon    decreases  the  error  rate  
  31. 31.      Shid  funcJon    decreases  the  error  rate    increases  the  precision          
  32. 32.      Shid  funcJon    decreases  the  error  rate    increases  the  precision    for  all  considered  resoluJons          
  33. 33.         Summary   LimitaJons   interacJve  task   know  ligle  about  the  players  implemented  in  a  game   experimental  manipulaJon   touch  data  from  91,731   only  has  a  small  effect   installaJons   unlikely  that  the  funcJon   determined  error  rates         works  for  other  tasks   and  systemaJc  skew   derived    shid  funcJon  validated  in  a  controlled   experiment          
  34. 34. 100,000,000  Taps     Analysis  and   ContribuJon   Improvement  of     Touch  Performance   “App  Store  study”  to  build  a   in  the  Large   model  for  an  interacJve  task   public  between-­‐groups   Niels  Henze   experiment  for  the  task   niels.henze@uni-­‐   compensaJon  funcJon  for   University  of  Oldenburg     touches  beyond  specific   Enrico  Rukzio   devices,  users,  and  contexts   enrico.rukzio@uni-­‐     University  of  Duisburg-­‐Essen     Susanne  Boll  Interested  in  the  data?  hgp:// susanne.boll@uni-­‐   University  of  Oldenburg