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Extremely helpful for Engineering Drawing in BCA -3rd SEM!!

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  1. 1. Content 1. Acknowledgement 2. Certificate 3. Definition of involute 4. Types of involute 5. Involute of composite shapes 6. 1. Half Circle and half Triangle 7. 2. Half Triangle and half Hexagon 8. Involute of square 9. Involute of polygon 10. Conclusion 11. Bibliography
  2. 2. INVOLUTE • INVOLUTE is a locus of a free end of a string when it is wound round on a circular pole. • It is also a curve obtained from another given curve by attaching an imaginary taut string to the given curve and tracing its free end as it is wound to that given curve, or in reverse, unwound.
  3. 3. TYPES OF INVOLUTE • Involute of a circle 1. Having string length πD. 2. Having string length greater than πD. 3. Having string length less than πD. • Pole having composite shapes. • Rod rolling over a semicircle.
  4. 4. An involute of a pole which is in shape of half pentagon and half triangle. P2 2 P3 P1 3 1 4 P4 o P5 P
  5. 5. An involute of a pole which is in a shape of half circle and half triangle. P2 P1 3 P3 4 2 5 P4 O P5 1 P
  6. 6. Involute of a square P2 P1 P3 4 P4 3 5 P5 6 2 1 7 P6 P7 o P
  7. 7. P3 Involute of a polygon. P2 3 4 P4 P5 2 1 50 P0 P1
  8. 8. Conclusion Thus we can conclude that involutes of composite shapes can be generated by using different fundamental shapes such as circle,square,triangle etc. and by linking circular and linear movements. This uniqueness has become fertile soil for many inventions that have simplified gear manufacturing and inspection. Even today, when computers can synchronize axes for creating any curve, advantage of involute properties can be very helpful which simplifies the synchronization of machine movements and reduce the number of variables to monitor. The involute of composite shape is also an important shape in gas compressing, as a scroll compressor can be built which have proven to be quite efficient.