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Embroidery books

  1. 1. Embroidery, Embellishmentand Surface Design BooksBibliography compiled byLu Peters, © 2007-2011Aford, Jane Beginner’s Guide to Berlin Woolwork; Search PressAhiko, Tomoni Sashiko Style; Japan PressAlbin, Patty Creative Beginnings in Machine Embroidery: Innovative Ideas for Expert Results; C & T Publishing, 2006Antrobus, M. Needlework through the Ages: A Short Survey of its Development in Decorative Art; Hodder & Soughton, 1928Baatz, Barbara Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers; American School of NeedleworkBage, Patricia Beginner’s Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery; Search PressBailey, Annette Machine Embroidery on Paper; Krause, 2006Ball, Margaret Embeadery: Using Classic Embroidery Stitches in Embellishment; Flameweaver Glass Publisher, 2004Barley, C Needlelace; BatsfordBarnden, Betty The Embroiderer’s Stitch Bible; Krause, 2003 The Encyclopedia of Cross Stitch Techniques: The Comprehensive Directory of International Cross Stitch Techniques; Search PressBaron, Gilda The Art of Embroidered Flowers; Search Press, 2004Barta, Melinda Hip to Stitch; Interweave Press; www.hiptostitch.comBeal, Margaret Fusing Fabric: Creative Cutting, Bonding, and Mark Making with the Soldering Iron; BT Batsford Publishing, 2006Beaney, Jan Stitches: New Approaches; BT Batsford, 2004 The Art of the Needle; Century, 1988Beaney, J. & Littlejohn, J. Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery; BT Batsford, 1991 The following are from Double Trouble Enterprises (Gemini Press Printer: doubletrouble-ent.com): #1 Vanishing Act : Machine embroidery on Soluble Fabrics #2 Voluptuous Velvet, 1997 #3 Bonding and Beyond, 1999 #4 Transfer to Transform, 1999 #5 Gardens and More #6 Conversations with Constance (Howard) #7 Trees as a Theme ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 1
  2. 2. #8 Giving Pleasure #9 New Dimensions in Hand and Machine Embroidery #10 Double Vision, Personal Approaches to Work #11 A Tale of Two Stitches #12 A Sketch in Time #13 No Stone Unturned #14 Connections: Links, Joins, and Networks, 2004 #15 Colour Explorations #16 Over the Line #17 Grids To Stitch #18 Seductive Surfaces #19 Red, 2007 #20 Embellish and Enrich, 2007 #21 Location, Location #22 Seeing Double: Personal Themes #23 Fragile Fabric, 2010 #24 Constructions, 2010 #25 Stitchscapes, 2010Beck, T. Gardening with Silk and Gold: a History of Gardens in Embroidery; David & CharlesBenavente, Carmen Embroiderers of Ninhue, Stitching Chilean Rural Life; Texas Tech University Press, 2010Bennett, DJ The Machine Embroidery Handbook: Designing Fabrics with Stitching, Manipulation, and Color; Lark Publisher, 1997Benson, Ann Beadpoint: Beautiful Bead Stitching on Canvas; SterlingBertin-Guest, Josiane Chinese Embroidery: Traditional Techniques; Krause, 2003Berlyn, Ineke Landscape in Contemporary Quilts; Batsford, 2006Bishop, Christine Schwalm Embroidery; Sally Milne, 2008Bolton, Patricia 1000 Artist Trading Cards: Innovative and Inspired Mixed Media ATCs; Quarry Books, 2007Bontrager, Dana Fantastic Fabric Textures: A Project for Fabric Embellishment; Purrfect Press, 2002Boucher, F. Historie du Costume; Flammarion, 1965Bradley, Elizabeth Decorative Victorian Needlework; Elizabeth Bradley Press, 2008 Needlework Antique Flowers; Elizabeth Bradley Press, 2008Brown, Pauline Decoration on Fabric: A Sourcebook of Ideas; Sterling, 2002 Encyclopedia of Embellishment Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques; Sterling The Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques; Search PressBrown, Mary Goldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects; Sally MilnerBrowne, C. Lace from the Victoria and Albert Museum; Victoria and Albert PublishersBuckley, Claire Start to Embroider (Start To Series); Search Press, 2009 ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 2
  3. 3. Byrde, Penelope Jane Austen Fashion: Fashion and Needlework in the Works of Jane Austen; Excellent PressCampbell-Harding, Valerie Layers of Stitch; Quilter’s Resource (USA), 2002 Textures in Embroidery; Watson-Guptill, 1977 Starting to Stitch Creatively Fabric Painting for Embroidery; Batsford, 2003 Beaded Tassels, Braids, and Fringes; Batsford, 2001 Edges and Finishes in Machine Embroidery; Batsford, 2004 Flowers and Plants in Embroidery Strip Patchwork; Batsford, 2004 Weaving with Ribbon; 1998 Patchwork Needle Crafts; 1983 Every Kind of Patchwork Faces and Figures in Embroidery; Batsford, 1985 Machine Embroidery Stitched Patterns; 2004 Machine Embroidery: Stitched Techniques Goldwork Textile Artistry Edges & Finishes in Machine Embroidery; Quilters Resource *Campbell-Harding & Grey Celtic Inspirations for Machine Embroidery; Quilter’s Resource, 2003 Stitch, Dissolve, Distort, Batsford, 2006 Embellish & Stitch; 2007Campbell-Harding & Watts Bead Embroidery; Sterling, 2003 Machine Embroidery Stitch Techniques; Batsford, 2003Caprara, Julia The Magic of Embroidery; Batsford, 1992Carter, Erika Personal Imagery on Art Quilts; Fiber Studio Press, 1996Carter, Jill The Beginner’s Guide to Hardanger; Batsford Hardanger Embroidery; Batsford New Canvaswork: Creative Techniques in Needlepoint; Batsford, 2007Caulfield, S. & Sayward, B. The Dictionary of Needlework, an Encyclopedia of Artistic, Plain, and Fancy Needlework; Upcott Gill, 1885Chanin, N. & Stutkin, S. Alabama Stitch Book: Projects and Stories Celebrating Handsewing, Quilting, and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style; ATC Craft, 2007Chung, Young Yang Painting with a Needle: Learning the Art of Silk Embroidery with Young Yang Chung; Harry Abrams, 2003Clarke & Atkins Beaded Embellishment: Techniques and designs for Embellishment on Cloth; Interweave Press, 2002Clarke, Gary Embroidery Illusions; Sterling Publisher, 2003Cole, Alison All That Glitters: Projects Featuring the Techniques of Goldwork and StumpworkColeman, Carol Fibredancing Book I: Brooches, Bracelets, Rings, and Things, Jewelry Made with Free Motion Embroidery; www.fibredance.co.ukComel, Penny The Liberated Canvas: A Creative Approach to Canvas Embroidery; 2000 ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 3
  4. 4. Conlon, Jane Fine Embellishment Techniques: Classic Details for Today’s Clothing; Taunton Press, 2001Constantine, J & Small, J. Heirloom Embroidery; Lark, 2008Cook, Sue Crafting Cross Stitch Cards; David and Charles Quick to Stitch Cross Stitch Cards; David and CharlesCoss, Melinda Complete Book of Embroidery: Includes Crewelwork, Goldwork, Ribbon Embroidery, and Embellishments; Reader’s Digest, 2000Cowen, Sally Left-Handed Stitchery; Schiffer, 2010Cox, Anne The Handbook of Silk Ribbon Embroidery; Search Press, 2009 Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Designs & Techniques; Search Press, 2002Creative Publishing Int’l Exploring Textile Arts; Creative Publishing International, 2002Crone, Linda Fabric Landscapes by Machine; 2000Crummy, Andrew The Prestopans Tapestry 1745; Burke’s Peerage Publishing, 2010Crust, Melody Quilt Toppings: Fun and Fancy Embellishment Techniques; Breckling PressCurran, Doreen The Magic of Free-Machine Embroidery; Search Press, 2002Curtis, Bailey Inspiration Plus; self published, 2006 Inspiration to StitchCurtis, B. & Morgan, A. Appliqué and BeyondD’Arcy, Jean Fabric Leftovers, Simple Adaptable Ways to Use up Scraps; C & T Publishers, 2006Dahl, Carolyn Natural Impressions: Taking an Artistic Path through NatureDanswan, Kath Beautiful Bowls and Colorful Creatures; The Linen Press, 2007Daust, Kelly The Crafty Mix; Murdoch Books, 2009Dawson, Barbara Metal Thread Embroidery; Taplinger, 1968Day, B. Bargello: a Fresh Approach to Florentine Embroidery; Guild of Master CraftsmenDean, Beryl Designing Ecclesiastical Stitched Textiles; Search Press Church Embroideries; Morehouse Barlow, 1985 Embroidery in Religion and Ceremonial; Batsford, 1981 Ecclesiastical Embroidery; Batsford, 1958Deer, John Digitizing Made Easy: Create Custom Embroidery Designs Like a Pro; Krause ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 4
  5. 5. Deighan, H. Beautiful Braiding Made Easy; Crossways PatchDelage-Calvet, et al. A Rainbow of Stitches: Embroidery and Cross-Stitch Basics Plus More than 1,000 Motifs and 80 Project Ideas; Watson-Guptill, 2009Denamur, Isabelle Moroccan Textile Embroidery; Flammarion, 2003Dennis, Kay Beginner’s Guide to Stumpwork; Search Press, 2005Dennis, Kay and Michael Stumpwork Figures; Search Press, 2005Detrixhe, Sandra Zen and the Art of Needlecraft; Adams Media, 2007De Vette, Joke Easy Embroidery on Paper; Search Press, 2007Dibbs, Kristen Embroidery: Inspirations from Australian Artists; Sally Milner, 2001 Machine Embroidery and More; Sally Milner PublishingDove, Sue Painting with Stitches: Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand; Interweave Press, 2004Draper, Jan Stitch and Structure; Batsford, 2009Drexler, Fred Surface Design Concepts in Sulky Rayon & Metallic Decorative ThreadsDrexler, Joyce Sew, Craft, and Embroider Confidently Using Sulky Stabilizers!; Sulky of America Publication, 2010 Sulky Secrets to Successful Embroidery; Sulky of America Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing; Sulky of America Thread Painting; Speed Stitch Inc., 1983 www.uncommonthread.comDrexler, J. & Baird, L. Elegant Concepts in Sulky; Sulky of AmericaDrexler, J. & Ingram, C. Dimensional Concepts in Sulky; Sulky of AmericaDunnewold, Jane Complex Cloth: a Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design; Fiber Studio Press, 1996Earnshaw, P The Identification of Lace; ShireEaton, Jan The Cross Stitch Motif Bible; Search Press, 2005Ebben, Katie Basic Stitches; Conran OctopusEccles, G. & Burnett, V. Maker Profile: Jean Littlejohn; DVD Maker Profile: Jan Beaney; DVD, www.thethreadstudio.comEddy, Ellen Anne Thread Magic: The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 5
  6. 6. Edmonds, Janet Three Dimensional Embroidery; Batsford, 2006 Beginner’s Guide to Embroidered Boxes; Search Press, 2002Edwards, Joan Bead Embroidery; Lacis, 1992Elliott, Joan Bewitching Cross Stitch; David and Charles Cross Stitch Wit and Wisdom; David and CharlesEllis, M. and Weardon, J. Ottoman Embroidery; Victoria and Albert Publications, 2007Emerson, Jayne The Impatient Embroiderer; Potter Craft, 2006Engelbreit, Mary Stitched So Cute; Leisure Arts, 2010 Embroidery with Ann Estelle; Leisure ArtsEnthoven, Jacqueline The Stitches of Creative Embroidery; Shiffer CraftEricson, Lois Fabrics Reconstructed: A Collection of Surface Changes; Eric’s Press Options, Eric’s Press, 2002 Texture, A Closer Look; Eric’s Press, 1987 *see wearable art and sewing book listFahl, Ann Coloring With Thread: A No-Drawing Approach to Free-Motion Embroidery; C & T Publishing, 2005Fassett, Kaffe Glorious Needlepoint; 1992Fibre Fusion, Eds. On Form: A Stitcher’s Workbook on Sculptural Textiles; 2008 Beyond Boundaries Encrustation Evolutions All at www.quiltingarts.comFortgens, Erica New Designs, New Projects for embroidery on Paper; Search, 2009 101 Ideas for Embroidery on Paper; Search Press Creative Embroidery on Paper; Cantecleer, 2001 Embroidery on Paper with Vellum; Uitegevers 2001 Embroidery on Paper; Cantecleer, 2001 New Ideas with Embroidery on Paper; Uitegevers Cantecleer, 2004 Merry Christmas Embroidery on Paper; Cantecleer, 2004 Embroidery on Paper: Cards and Memories to Treasure; Tirion Uitegevers, 2002Franklin, Tracy Contemporary Whitework; Batsford, 2006Fukuyama, Yusai Tambour Work; Dryad, 1987Gardner, Sue Embroidered Christening Gowns; 2005 A to Z of Thread Painting; Quilter’s ResourceGorder & Baskett Beautiful Beaded & Embroidered Fabric; Sterling, 2006 ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 6
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  8. 8. Surfaces to Stitch, Plastics, Films & Fabric; Quilter’s Resource (USA), 2000Heesakkers, A. & N. Embroidery for Cardmakers; Search Press, August 2011Hemmingway, Karen The Encyclopedia of Stitches; New HollandHigginson, Susan Needlepoint Stitches: 52 Stitches Explained and Illustrated; Search Press, 2007Hill, Wendy On the Surface: Thread Embellishment and Fabric Manipulation; C & T Publishing, 1997 Fast, Fun, and Easy-Incredible Thread-a-Bowls; C & T Publishers, 2005Hiney, Mary Jo Quiltagami, the Art of Fabric Folding; Sterling, 2003 Fabulous Fibers: Elegant and Innovative Techniques to Embellish Textiles; Sterling, 2000 Fabulous Fabric Embellishments: Elegant & Innovative Techniques; SterlingHolland-Daly, Heather Stitch Graffiti: Unexpected Cross Stitch; Interweave Press, 2008, www.monsterbubbles.comHolmberg, Nannette Variations in Chenille: Techniques for Creating Faux Chenille; Martingale, 1997Holmes, Val The Encyclopedia of Machine Embroidery; Batsford, 2008 Machine Embroiderer’s Workbook; Trafalgar Sq. Publisher, 2001 The Encyclopedia of Machine Embroidery; Batsford, 2003 Creative Recycling in Embroidery; Batsford, 2010 Gardens in Embroidery; BatsfordHolt, Allison Machine Embroidered Woodlands; Search, 2009 Beginner’s Guide to Machine Embroidered Landscape; Search Press Machine Embroidered Flowers; Search Press Creative Machine Embroidery, DVD; Studio Galli Productions, www.studiogalli.tvHolzberger, Loretta Needlelace and Stumpwork; Search Press, 2005 Machine Embroidered FlowersHorst-Beetsma, D. And Then There was Light (Wall Quilts and Machine-Sewn Drawings); Alkman, 2007, artquilt@xs4all.nlHoward, Constance The Constance Howard Book of Stitches; Batsford Textile Crafts; Charles Scribner and Sons, 1978Hubbard, Liz Thread Painting; David and Charles, 1988Hurlburt, Regina Left-Handed Needlepoint; Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1973Husian, Surjeet Pulkari Embroidery: A Workbook; self published ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 8
  9. 9. Sheesha Embroidery; self publishedIssett, Ruth Textile Crafts; Chas. Scribner Sons, 1978Jackson, Julie Subversive Cross Stitch: 33 Designs for Your Surly Side; Chronicle BooksJanes, Susan Niner New Ideas in Ribboncraft; 2003Jeroy, Judy Creative Crewel Embroidery; Lark, 2008Jinzenji, Yoshiko Quilt Artistry; Kodansha International, 2003Johnson, E. Needlework and Embroidery Tools; ShireJones, Deborah Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials: a Machine Embroidery Guide to Success; Krause, 2009Jones, M. E. A History of Western Embroidery; Studio Vista, 1961Juracek, Judith Soft Surfaces: Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers; W.W. Norton & Co., 2000Kahn, Sherrill Creative Embellishments for Paper, Jewelry, Fabric & More; Martingale, 2007 Stitched Collage: Creative Effects on Paper and fabric; Martingale, 2008Kazlauckas, Nancy Calligraphy with Thread: Using a Zagzag Stitch and a Regular Sewing Machine; MK Publishing, 2004Kemshall, Linda &Kemshall, Laura &Nicholls, Catherine Thr3fold: The Journal of Creative Vision; www.thr3foldjournal.comKendrick, A. F. English Embroidery; Charles Scribner & Sons, 1905Kerkhoven, M. & Quintin, S. Comfort Zones: Textiles in the Canadian Landscapes; Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto), 2001Keyes, Brenda Small Scale Embroidery; 2003King, Bucky Designing Surface Stitchery with Form and Texture; Embroidery Guild of America, www.egausa.orgKing, D. and Levey, S. Embroidery in Britain, 1200 to 1750 AD; Victoria and Albert PublishingKing, Kenneth Designer Bead Embroidery: 150 Patterns and Complete Techniques; Creative Publishing International, 2006Knight, Lorna The Sewing Stitch Bible: An Illustrated Guide to Techniques and Materials; Search Press, 2007Knight, Stella Exotic Fruits & Flowers in Needlepoint; Guild of Master Craftsmen, 2006Kolb, Alice Sew Crazy with Decorative Threads and Stitches; American Quilter’s Society, 2002 ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 9
  10. 10. Kooler, Donna Donna Kooler’s Kool Felt Embroidery; Kooler/Gillium, 2009 Donna Kooler’s 555 Cross Stitch Sampler Motifs, Lark, 2008 Donna Kooler’s Cross Stitch Flowers; LarkKooler & Gillum Donna Kooler’s Felt Embroidery; Lark, March 2009Kreinik, Jacqueline Friedman Metallic Thread Embroidery; 2003Kreinik & Caswell Metallic Thread Embroidery: A Practical Guide to Stitching Creatively with Metallic Threads; David and Charles Publishers, 2003Krevitsky, Nik Stitchery: Art and Craft; Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN 0442245351Kummili, H. & Serafini, S. The Art of Bead Embroidery: Techniques, Designs & Inspirations; Kalmbach, 2007Kusano, S. The Fine Art of Kimono Embroidery; Kodansha International, 2007Langford, Pat Embroidery from Sketch to Stitch; Clearway Logistics RemaindersLaurie, Via Embroidery Techniques Using Space Dyed Threads; Search, 2009Lehman, Libby Threadplay, Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques; That Patchwork Place Publishing, 1997Leisure Arts, eds. Fashionology, Embellish: Clothing & Accessories to Create Your StyleLemon, Jane Metal Thread Embroidery; Sterling, 2005 Embroidered Boxes; Batsford, 2003Lidde, C. & Henderson, R. Stitch Divas: Girls Get Creative with Yarns and Threads; Search Press, 2009Link, Nellie Stitching For Style: Fabric Manipulation for Self Trim; Liveright Corp, 1948, OCLC 164829McAnge, Lily The Art of Madeira EmbroideryMcCafferty, Bonnie Fantasy Fabrics: Techniques for Layered Surface Design; Martingale, 1999McCready, Elian Elian McCready’s Needlepoint; David & Charles, 2005McDonald, Jacqui Essential Stitch Guide; Search, February 2011McGehee, Linda Linda McGehee’s Simply Sensational Bags: How to Stitch & Embellish Handbags, Totes & Satchels; 2000McKeating, J. & Kettle, A. Machine Stitching: Perspectives; Quarry, 2010McNeill, Moira Drawn Thread Embroidery; BatsfordMaidment, Liz Art Embroidery; Andre Deutsch, 1995Manchester School of ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 10
  11. 11. Embroidery Needlecraft Practical Journal #46 c. 1905 - Canvas Embroidery or Needlepoint Designs; Ivy rose Vintage Reproductions, 2009Marsh, C. Guide to Freestyle Embroidery; David and Charles PublisherMarsh, Gail 19th Century Embroidery Techniques; Guild of Master Craftsmen, 2009 18th Century Embroidery Techniques; Guild of Master CraftsmenMarsten, Gwen Gwen Marston’s Needlework Designs: American Quilter’s Society, 2005Matthews, Kate Fiberarts Design Book 4; Lark, 1991, ISBN 0937274615Maxwell, Fay Burning and Slashing; self published Crewel and Unusual; self-published Out of Shadows: Stumpwork Faces; self-published www.fayandkay.co.ukMeech, Sandra Connecting Art to Stitch; Batsford, 2009 Contemporary Quilts: Design, Surface, and Stitch; BT Batsford, 2003 Creative Quilts: Inspiration, Texture, and Stitch; Batsford, 2006 Landscapes in Contemporary Quilts: Creative Quilts, Inspiration, Texture and StitchMeng, Kari Treasured Notions: Inspirations and Craft Projects Using Vintage Beads, Buttons, Ribbons, and Trim fro Tinsel Trading Co.; Chronicle, 2010Messant, Jan Celtic, Viking, and Anglo-Saxon Embroidery: the Art and Embroidery of Jan Messant; Search Press, 2010 Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderers’ Story; Search Press, 1999 (revised edition) The Embroiderer’s Workbook: A Basic Embroidery Course Designed to Help Embroiderer’s Structure Their Approach to the Craft; St. Martin’s Press, 1988Meyers, Jane C. An Encyclopedia of 101 Embroidery Stitches; American School of NeedleworkMidgelow-Marsden, Alyson The Continuous Thread of Revelation; Artfully Bound, 2007, www.embroiderersguild.comMidgelow-Marsden & Mead Between the Sheets with Angelina; Word 4 Word Design and Publishing, 2003Michler, J. Marsha Crazy Quilting: the Complete Guide; Krause, 2008 The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting; Krause, 2003 Crazy Quilted Heirlooms and Gifts; Krause, 2001 ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 11
  12. 12. Miller, Linda Creative Machine Embroidery; A & C Black, 2010Mitrofanis, E. Threadwork: Silks, Stitches, Beads and Cords; Sally Milner Publishing, 2010 www.searchpress.com Needleweaving and Embroidery; Sally Milner Publishing, 2007Moe, Sara Miller Spinning Pinwheel Quilts (CD Embroidery Designs and Appliqué Printables); Krause, 2007Moffat, Lorna Silk Unraveled: Experimenting in Tearing, Fusing, Layering and Stitching; Dragon Threads Publishing, 2008Monk, L. & McFee, C. Stitching the Textured Surface; Batsford, 2009 www.purplemissus.blogspot.com (Lynda) www.textiletales.blogspot.com (Carol) www.fibreinform.com www.cyberfyberexhibition.blogspot.comMontano, Judith Baker Fiberart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery, and Photos with Embellishments; Dragon Press, 2009 Elegant Stitches: Illustrated Guide & Sourcebook of Inspiration; Watson- Guptill Baker, 1995 Floral Stitches: An Illustrated Guide; C & T Publisher *see braiding and ribbonwork book listMorgan, Annette Creative Fabric Techniques for Quilters, Embroiderers, and Textile Artist (CD PDF file); Rainbow Disks, 2010 www.rainbowdisks.comMorrall & Watt Twixt Art and Nature: English Embroidery from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1580 -1700; Yale, 2008Mostek, Pamela Dazzling Quilts: Easy Glitz, Instant Glamour; MartingaleMyers, Carole A Primer of Left-Handed Embroidery; Scribner, 1974Nelson, Patricia Creative Machine Stitching: Special Effects for Quilters and More; That Patchwork PlaceNichol, Kit Painting with Thread: Simple Embroidered Pictures to Make and Cherish; Collins and Brown, 2000 Painting with Thread: Embroidered Pictures to Make and Cherish; Collins and Brown, 2003Nicolas, Jane Stumpwork Dragonflies; Milnar Craft Stumpwork Embroidery: a Collection of Fruits, Flowers, and Insects; Milnar Craft Embroidery Designs and Projects; Milnar CraftNicol, Kit Painting with Thread; 2000Nordsford-Clark, Jill Needlelace: Techniques and Inspirations; Search Press ©2007-2011 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated January 1, 2011. For the latest list, please visit www.lupeters.com. 12
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