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Connie before and after


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Before and after pics from one of my projects.

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Connie before and after

  1. 1. Interior Design Project:• Open plan living area update.• No structural changes.• Shoestring budget.
  2. 2. Lounge area - before
  3. 3. Dining area - before
  4. 4. Photo gallery nook - before
  5. 5. • The existing furniture will be retained and re-arranged for better flow and use of space. • The walls needed to be painted. • The curtain rails were removed and re- installed higher up on the wall, and the curtains lengthened.• A built in wall unit was installed for storage and display. • There is a lot of framed art for the limited wall space. • Floating shelves will be installed for displaying framed family photos.
  6. 6. Moodboard
  7. 7. Wall unit - after
  8. 8. A section of the long wallwhich spans the depth of thetown house was painted thecontrasting colour and theartwork was hung gallerystyle as a focal point and tobalance the wall unit on theopposite wall.The eight-seater dining tablewas placed adjacent to thewall which helps to definethe dining area.
  9. 9. Floating shelves were installed forthe photo gallery.
  10. 10. It’s always a good idea to hang a mirror opposite a window. A quick easy way to gain light and a sense of space, as well as bringing the outside in.The raised curtain rails andlengthened curtains elongated thewalls and made the space feelroomier.
  11. 11. Remember thepine wall units?One of the sectionswas painted usingthe samecontrasting colour.A door was addedto enclose the topshelf space. It has asecond lifenow, and is used asa wet bar when thehome owners havefriends and familyover.
  12. 12. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow.I can be contacted via the comments window below. Comments will be appreciated.