020 026 1103 lithium battery,battery charger,laptop battery


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lithium battery,battery charger,laptop battery

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020 026 1103 lithium battery,battery charger,laptop battery

  1. 1. ComponentsMarketplaceSpecialReport:Crystals|March2011 Crystals Lithium Battery slatsyrC Oscillating with accuracy For almost every electronics application, from microprocessor timing to radio station transmission, precise frequency control is critical. In order to enable system synchronization and signal generation, a reference signal or source is generally required for data transfer and communication. Oscillator, at the heart of most reference sources, produces an output signal without input signal. By injecting energy composed of noise or the transient power supply response, the start up of oscillator can be achieved. Crystal Resonators • HC series, SMD series, DIP series, VCXO, TCXO • Rohs, compliant • No Pb Anhui Safe Electronics Co Ltd SMD Quartz Crystal Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co Ltd1103 SR_ECMP.indd 46 2011-1-25 15:42:29
  2. 2. ComponentsM Ceramic Crystal Resonator (SMD) • All ceramic enclosure • Frequency available from 3.2768MHz ~ 50MHz • Initial tolerance up to ±20ppm • RoHS compliant • Lead free reflow solderable • Package sizes available from 3.2x2.5mm to 10x4.5mm Interquip Electronics Company Ltd Through the utilization of piezoelectric properties of frequency control products design and manufacture them. various materials, such as ceramic, Rochelle salt, tourmaline Nowadays, the design and manufacture of crystals and and silicon dioxide (quartz crystals), signals are produced amplifiers are carried out by separate companies, which by resonators and filters. Among these materials, quartz changed the paradigm. crystals are frequently used. Clock oscillators Mechanical considerations like vibration, shock and handling are as important as electrical considerations Being one of the subsets of the general crystal oscillators, for frequency control devices. These devices need to be clocks are frequently used to supply frequency timing handled more carefully than most of the other electronic to digital circuits and microprocessors. As they are the components, as they are fragile despite seemingly rugged simplest of all types of oscillators, they are smaller in size, packaging. consuming less power and more affordable than the others. A feedback network and an amplifier are essential building blocks for a crystal oscillator. Incorporating a resonator with Clocks require only one power supply voltage for operation an active device and several discrete components, a stand- and take only a few milliseconds to start up. They can be alone frequency control device can be produced. found in digital integrated circuits like TTL, CMOS, ECL and so on. Based on the technology being driven, like 75 MHz Traditionally speaking, companies specializing in for STTL and 125 MHz for 10k ECL, the frequency range of1103 SR_ECMP.indd 47 2011-1-25 15:42:37
  3. 3. ComponentsMarketplaceSpecialReport:Crystals|March2011 Crystals Battery Charger slatsyrC these clocks is initially limited. Among different crystal cuts that determine the frequency characteristics of crystals, AT cut is most commonly used. Calibration frequency tolerances of below ∮10ppm can be obtained by clocks. Depending on the temperature change of critical resistors, capacitors or inductors, the oscillator circuit could add to the crystal drift, although its significance in Piezoelectric Ceramic frequency variation would be limited. Devices & Quartz Crystals Chequers Electronic (China) Ltd Voltage controlled crystal oscillators Voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) enable fine adjustments of output frequencies through changing the voltage of control pins of oscillators. They are suitable for applications that require an accurate external reference. The oscillator circuits with a given voltage change Crystal oscillators (Model DOC5204) influence the amount of frequency shift. • High-stability solution OCXO for CDMA, VSAT and switching applications In most cases, varactor diodes are utilized • Temperature drift: 0.2ppb • Ageing: less than 20ppb per year to vary the frequency by changing • Phase noise: -120dBc/Hz at 10Hz the capacitance across their terminals • Ageing: less than 500ppb per year based on the DC voltage across the • Package: metallic through-hole 50mm x 50mm x 38mm same terminals. Only a small range of Shenzhen Nearzenith Technologies Co Ltd frequencies, however, can be varied by these oscillators due to the limitations imposed by high Q factor of crystals. Temperature compensated crystal oscillator Temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) adjusts the frequency for temperature variation. In order to compensate for the aging of the crystal over time, they generally have an outside adjustment for setting the calibration frequency periodically. Depending on the level of accuracy required, the period between calibrations might range from1103 SR_ECMP.indd 48 2011-1-25 15:42:46
  4. 4. ComponentsM Crystal Resonators • HC series, SMD series, DIP series, VCXO, TCXO • Rohs, compliant • No Pb Anhui Safe Electronics Co Ltd Crystal Resonator • Compact and thin (3.2× 2.5× 0.65mm typ) • Both sides supporting structure advantageous to shock resistance • Excellent for applications in mobile communications • Frequency Range: 12.000MHz~50.000MHz • Frequency tolerance: ± 30ppm Max • Storage temperature range: -40º to +85º C C • Load capacitance: 9pF typ Wuhan HDC Technology Co Ltd1103 SR_ECMP.indd 49 2011-1-25 15:42:55
  5. 5. ComponentsMarketplaceSpecialReport:Crystals|March2011 Crystals Laptop Battery slatsyrC Quartz Crystal Resonators (SMD) • All quartz enclosure • Frequency available from 3.2768MHz ~ 50MHz • Initial tolerance up to ±20ppm • RoHS compliant • Lead free reflow solderable • Package sizes available from 3.2x2.5mm to 10x4.5mm Interquip Electronics Company Ltd Piezoelectric Ceramic Devices & Quartz Crystals Chequers Electronic (China) Ltd Crystal oscillators (Model DOC5525) • Designed for test & measurement, switches, GPS synchronization applications, VSAT and DAB infrastructure • Cost effective OCXO solution • Temperature drift: less than 200ppb Dip-14 Oscillator • Phase noise: -90dBc/Hz at 10Hz Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co Ltd • Ageing: less than 500ppb per year • Package: 25.4mm x 22mm x 10mm Shenzhen Nearzenith Technologies Co Ltd1103 SR_ECMP.indd 50 2011-1-25 15:43:04
  6. 6. ComponentsM Dip-8 Oscillator HC49/U Quartz crystal Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co Ltd Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co Ltd High-temp Crystal Oscillator • Frequency Range: 32.768K-160.000M • Frequency Stability: 25PPM • Supply Voltage: 3.3v 5.0v • Current: 25-90MA • TS: 10MS • TR/TF: 10NS • Operation Temperature: -40º C~175ºC • Storage Temperature: -40º C~70ºC • Symmetry: 45%-55% • Output Load: 10TTL/HCMOS • Dimensions: 20mmx 13.2mmx 5.5mm &13.2mmx 13.2mmx 5.5mm Wuhan HDC Technology Co Ltd Crystal oscillators (Model DOC5383) • Cost-effective SC-cut OCXO • Temperature drift: 10ppb • Phase noise: -120dBc/Hz at 10Hz • Ageing: less than 100ppb per year • Package: metallic through-hole 36mm x 26mm x 18mm Shenzhen Nearzenith Technologies Co Ltd once a month to once a year. A TCXO has a larger size, oscillator, as it requires periodical calibrations, a separate higher cost and longer start-up time than a clock oscillator. power supply for the heater and isolation between building blocks. Oven controlled crystal oscillator Combination of crystal oscillators Oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) stabilize frequency variations with an oven. In the instrumentation Meeting the needs of special applications, combinations market, they are popular timing standards in measurement like Temperature Compensated, Voltage Controlled equipments such as frequency counters, spectrum Crystal Oscillator (TCVCXO) and Oven Controlled, analyzers and network analyzers. Every oven contains Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCVCXO) have at least a sealed crystal. The oven temperature must be been developed. These designs are gaining popularity higher than the maximum ambient temperature expected in applications that previously require several different in the application in order to maintain control. The cost oscillators, as various dividers can produce various output and overall size of an OCXO is about 40 times of a clock frequencies.1103 SR_ECMP.indd 51 2011-1-25 15:43:16
  7. 7. ComponentsMarketplaceSpecialReport:Crystals|March2011 Crystals CONTACT INFORMATION slatsyrC Anhui Safe Electronics Co Ltd Interquip Electronics Company Ltd Address: North of Weiyi Road, Shizishan Economic Address: Flat A, 9/F, On Shing Industrial Building, 2-16 Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui, China Wo Liu Hang Road, Fotan, New Territories, Hong Kong Tel: +86 (0562) 2828 608; +86 (0562) 2828 238 Tel: +852 2413 5515 Fax: +86 (0562) 2828 708; +86 (0562) 2855 972 Fax: +852 2413 7053 E-mail: anhuigr@hotmail.com E-mail: iql@interquip.com Homepage: www.anhuisafe.com Homepage: www.interquip.com Chequers Electronic (China) Ltd Shenzhen Nearzenith Technologies Co Ltd Address: 5/F, 51Building, 5 QiongYu Road, High-tech Address: Room 1101-3, Mongkok Commercial Centre, 16 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Tel: +852 2391 6725 Tel: +86 (755) 8610 0308; +86 (755) 8610 0942 Fax: +852 2789 3205 Fax: +86 (755) 8610 1078 E-mail: info@chequers-electronic.com E-mail: mail@nearzenith.com Homepage: www.chequers-electronic.com Homepage: www.nearzenith.com Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co Ltd Wuhan HDC Technology Co Ltd Address: Unit 403-404, 4/F, Sun Ling Plaza, 30 On Kui Address: International Business Center (3rd), Jinfeng Street, On Lok Tsuen, Industrial Area, Fanling, New Building A305, Donghu Hi-Tech Development Zone, Territories, Hong Kong Wuhan, Hubei, China Tel: +852 2675 8976 Tel: +86 (27) 8774 5207 Fax: +852 2675 4792 Fax: +86 (27) 8759 2096 E-mail: sales@gen-worldly.com.hk E-mail: wuhanhdc@hotmail.com Homepage: www.gen-worldly.com.hk Homepage: www.wuhanhdc.com1103 SR_ECMP.indd 52 2011-1-25 15:43:19