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Hiring and Retaining Young Talents- Millennial & Gen Z Blueprint


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Millennials and their Gen Z counterparts are increasingly getting the spotlight in today’s workforce and redefining the idea of work.

Despite the challenge of attracting and retaining them, these young talents are important assets to organisations.

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Hiring and Retaining Young Talents- Millennial & Gen Z Blueprint

  1. 1. HIRING AND RETAINING YOUNG TALENTS Things You Need To Know About
  2. 2. Millennials and their Gen Z counterparts are increasingly getting the spotlight in today’s workforce and redefining the idea of work Source: LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020; Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision, ManpowerGroup Newest generations make up half of the workforce: Generation Z10% Millennial 3 out of 4 working Millennials are currently in full-time jobs HOWEVER… Half of them are open to non-traditional routes of employment in the future Future Considerations: Part-time jobs - 30% Freelance / Contract - 28% Self-employment - 34% Casual jobs - 14% Seasonal jobs - 12% Gig - 8% Portfolio jobs - 16% 40%
  3. 3. Despite the challenge of attracting and retaining them, these young talents are important assets to organisations • Tend to be enthusiastic, eager to learn • Constantly build on their skills • They bring in different ways of thinking and many are driven, open to introducing new ideas • This all can contribute to how businesses can transform and grow • More tech savvy and early tech adopters than their older counterparts • Can be key contributors in driving business forward in digital adoption • Provide reverse mentoring by assisting other generations to transition into digital ways of working Younger generation employees play a massive role in the workforce: New Energy and Fresh Perspectives Digital Advocates of Technology Adoption Rising Superstars for Your Business’ Future • They are our future leaders • Maximizing their experience and exposure is critical for development and building their career • Future leaders will be based on their competencies and ability to lead. Importance of tenure will no longer be relevant
  4. 4. MILLENNIAL & GEN Z BLUEPRINT Start with understanding who they are through their lens
  5. 5. Meet the digital native of the new generation Sammie,23 BSc. Computer Science 2km You have to risk it to get the biscuit.. Love to travel… Coffee Addict… Grew up in a technology-centric environment Want to know more about me.. Prefer digital ways of interacting and enjoy collaboration Always curious and open to explore possibilities My phone is my third arm. I’m from the Mobile-first generation Personalised experience makes my life interesting – they know me well !
  6. 6. What they value may no longer be the same as your Baby Boomers and Gen X Sammie,23 Bsc. Computer Science 2km You have to risk it to get the biscuit.. Love to travel… Coffee Addict… My dark side.. Some of my top priorities when considering for a job: Company culture Employee benefits Professional career growth and development opportunities Monetary raise Flexible work arrangements I’m part of the Job-hopping generation, typically work in an organisation for 2 to 3 years Get excited by the gig economy and opportunities to work abroad as I love to travel !
  7. 7. They are not merely looking for “jobs”. Multiple things run through their minds as they come across your organisation Uncovering the young minds… Why your organisation and not others? How accessible is your organisation on digital channels and platforms? How easy is it to apply to your organisation? How efficient and responsive is your organisation? How fun and engaging is the experience with your organisation? What is the culture like? What are the opportunities today and in the long run?
  8. 8. Organisation Survival Kit Secure the top young talents in the market and be their first choice
  9. 9. 01 Build Your Digital Presence Given that Millennial and Gen Z talents are mostly digitally inclined, being accessible on digital platforms provides an advantage to your organisation when it comes to attracting and hiring young talents. Imagine you can start engaging with these young talents through a quick scan of QR Code on your social media or website. How many steps are you ahead of your competitors and how much hassle would that also save you from?
  10. 10. 02 Stay On Top Of The Young Minds Like it or not, the younger generation has built a lot of comfort in an environment with ongoing updates and instant gratifications, especially with the proliferation of technology. The idea of “speed” and “responsiveness” may have also turned into their expectations in professional lives. Be quick, be responsive, and be there! The moment the young talents start an interaction with you, the last thing they ever wish for is never hearing anything from you again. They are going to move on if they do not feel appreciated.
  11. 11. 03 Refresh Your Talent Lens Recognise that the value Millennials and their Gen Z peers can bring to the table today has changed. More importantly, what capabilities and talents that your organisation needs today and in the future has also changed tremendously. To get the best young talent onboard, understand and evaluate them through a holistic lens. How much do you understand them? Do you know what a “good” young talent look like, and what is “best” for your organisation?
  12. 12. 04 Create The WOW Experience Positive impressions tend to stay longer when the experience is memorable. WOW the younger generation with fun and gamified elements. Even when you are putting them through a series of assessments, make sure to provide a fair, gold standard experience that leaves them with an enjoyable journey. Prioritise a seamless, engaging candidate experience. Consider using personalisation, social engagement, or gamification elements to appeal to the young talents today.
  13. 13. 05 Build Visibility Of Career Growth On top of financial rewards and benefits, career growth opportunities are also sought after by Millennials and Gen Z. When they enter your organisation, how can you co- create career paths alongside your young talents? When your top talents job hop, wouldn’t you prefer they switch roles internally? The younger generation appreciates being part of the process when it comes to crafting their career paths. Clarity on the future roles they can grow into and the development milestones to achieve their aspirations keep them engaged.
  14. 14. Key takeaways for organisations to get the best out of and provide the best for young talents Millennials and Gen Z grew up in technology-centric environment and value different aspects / approach at work. Organisations need to consider adapting their approach if they want to stay relevant and be the employer of choice of the younger generation. Always keep in mind continuity of actions. It does not stop with recruiting the talent. Engage your talents to increase talent retention.
  15. 15. THANK YOU