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Joining the dots: Data and Marketing Strategy

Slides for the Data Driven Marketing Meetup:

I share how we use data at SilverStripe to create buy in for marketing, cross team collaboration and strategic alignment. This talk covers the OKR framework for strategic alignment, testing marketing approaches and taking data offline and into daily conversations.

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Joining the dots: Data and Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. @TechMarktr Joining the Dots Data-Driven Marketing Meetup Wednesday 23rd March 2016
  2. 2. @TechMarktr Nicole Williams Marketing Manager - SilverStripe Podcaster and blogger - @TechMarktr
  3. 3. @TechMarktr Joining the Dots Using data to create buy-in, greater collaboration and strategic alignment
  4. 4. @TechMarktr Joining the dots Our Team
  5. 5. @TechMarktr Joining the dots Team 2 T3 Our Team Team 3 Team 4
  6. 6. @TechMarktr Joining the dots Team 2 T3 Our Team Team 3 Team 4 Our Mission
  7. 7. @TechMarktr Data is not knowledge
  8. 8. @TechMarktr Accessible & meaningful
  9. 9. @TechMarktr OKR Framework
  10. 10. @TechMarktr OKRs: Objectives and Key Results ● Pioneered by Intel ● Used by Google, Linkedin, Zynga ● Quarterly goals linked to 1- 5 year plans “[OKRs] are a tool for motivating and aligning people to work together. They increase transparency, accountability and empowerment." ~ Angus Davis, CEO, Swipely
  11. 11. @TechMarktr OKRs: Objectives and Key Results ● Company sets overall OKRs ● Each team decides their own OKRs, ownership and creativity encouraged ● Transparent, public across company ● Teams share common company OKRs ● Measureable and impact focused
  12. 12. @TechMarktr Example: Phoenix Football Club Make the Nix the most loved sports team in NZ ● Quarter 1: ○ Objective: Increase engagement from local community ○ Key Result: Increase ticket sales by 30% ○ Key Result: Increase annual membership sales by 25% ○ Key Result: Increase fan satisfaction to 6.8 NPS
  13. 13. @TechMarktr Why has this helped? ● Knowing the most important things to track ● Connects day-to-day with bigger picture ● Provides common goals across teams
  14. 14. @TechMarktr 1. Within our team
  15. 15. @TechMarktr
  16. 16. @TechMarktr Why are we doing this? What will change if we are successful?
  17. 17. @TechMarktr SilverStripe OKRs Displace WordPress in the UK/Europe ● Objective: UK open source interest is accelerating ○ Key Result: X newcomers have completed 6-8 hours of SilverStripe learning ○ Key Result: X partners have been signed up ○ Key Result: X new UK based sites are profiled on our showcase section
  18. 18. No clear start point No expectation of outcome 25% Conversion
  19. 19. Spelled out what lessons would provide Created a 1-hour series 75% Conversion
  20. 20. Low-fi wins.
  21. 21. @TechMarktr 2. Between teams Product Marketing Sales
  22. 22. @TechMarktr Marketing = Helping others succeed
  23. 23. @TechMarktr It’s not just about warm fuzzies
  24. 24. @TechMarktr Post-it sales wall
  25. 25. @TechMarktr 3. Getting buy-in
  26. 26. @TechMarktr Your audience isn’t always outside your company
  27. 27. @TechMarktr Joining the dots Sales Product Our Mission Marketing OKRs
  28. 28. US Fortune 1,000 companies 34 marketing directors at board executive level That’s 3.4%
  29. 29. Weekly podcast and blog Twitter: @EnvyCollect / @TechMarktr