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Media magazine essay

  1. 1. Media Essay Nicole TongeMasthead Cover lines Centre image BarcodeThis magazines front cover seems to be clearly aimed at a mix of audiences due to the fact thecolours being used are very bright and the font seems more formal, but the main image and story isof a recent and popular artist among the younger audience. The house style of this magazine is verysimple colours, such as white black and blue, the blue is extremely bright and stands out most whichattracts the reader, the masthead and artists names are what is in mainly in blue, this suggests thatthis is what the editor wanted to make the audience look at that first so they know who and what isfeatured in the magazine, also the background colour of this magazine is yellow which is once againan extremely bright colour which contrasts the bright blue, which shows it’s been done to make itstand out even more. The main and only image is of lady gaga who is a very popular pop singer overthe last couple of years, the image is extremely big which makes it stand out even more, the imagecould be very controversial as the artist is wearing a see through outfit with only her zip and handscovering her body, the artist is staring directly into the camera which means she is connecting withthe audience making them feel involved in the image, this would make the image stand out evenmore as this would attract the audience. The masthead of this magazine is almost hidden under allthe commotion of the colours and cover lines, the masthead is once again in the bright blue largefont which is what helps to attract the audience, the artists head in the image is covering part of themasthead which means it must be a well known magazine to be able to get away with it and peopleto still know what the magazine is. The lead articles title is going straight across the page and takingmost of the attention as it is even bigger than the magazines masthead, this leading article is in thebright blue as well which means it’s been made to attract attention. Majority of the other cover linesare either in black or white which means it isn’t supposed to attract much attention as the otherstories, only the other artists name are in the bright blue made to attract fans of them to see it andthen buy the magazine.
  2. 2. Media Essay Nicole Tonge BannerMasthead Cover Lines Promotion offer Main image Barcode This magazine seems to be clearly aimed at a younger audience due to the simplistic font and the rapper on the cover who is mainly extremely popular amongst the younger generation; also they have used slang on the front cover which shows it’s also more for the younger generation. The house style has only used simple colours such as white black and red, all these colours link together on the magazine front cover and make it look tidy and presentable without too many colours going on which makes it look more simple and modern. The font colours blend into the main image as they use the same colours, the main image is the most large thing on the magazine front cover and stands out the most as the artist is wearing a bright red jacket and black sunglasses and hat, this shows us this image has been made to be the main attention and set off the ‘vibe’ for the rest of the magazine, as it seems the image is leading everything else, the artist is showing more of his body than his face, which could represent that is where they want the audience to look first and attract the most attention, the artist is not looking at the audience which doesn’t invite them into the magazine, it can make them feel disconnected from the situation. The masthead is in an extremely large font going straight across the page and is the biggest thing on page other than the image; the image is once again going partially over the masthead which shows the magazine must be extremely popular for people to still be aware about what it is. The masthead is in a white colour representing innocence about it, the background is grey which means they blend in nice together so still making the artist the most attracting part of the magazine also the title ‘vibe; is a feeling which can be created using good music so this relates to the music featured in the magazine. There is no clear main article in this magazine only short cover lines around the outside of the main image, all these cover lines are in either black or white so once again nothing is attracting more attention than the main image, only the promotions and advertisements are what is used in red. Mainly all the artists featured in the magazine are in the black with the story about them underneath in white, this can be used to attract some audience members, but still the central image in the red coat is still the main focus of the magazine front cover with everything just blending in together around the outside.
  3. 3. Media Essay Nicole TongeBoth these magazine front covers attract two different audiences and present themselves in twototal different ways, ‘NME’ is more bright using larger more colourful fonts which makes themagazine come across as more attractive and inviting while the ‘vibe’ is much more modern usinglarge blocked fonts in the simple colours, which what could attract the younger audience because itcomes across as more modern and recent while the ‘NME’ is more of a older style with more poshstyle fonts being used. Both of these magazines front covers have one central main image whichattracts the most attention and both of these images are big and colourful, and both of them areshowing body parts which could suggest sexualisation is a trend in the music media industry, while in‘NME’ the artist is looking directly into the camera connecting with the audience making them feelinvolved in the magazine while in the ‘vibe’ the main artist is looking away from the camera andcovering most of his face, this could make the audience feel disconnected from the magazine oreven make them feel uncomfortable. Both of these magazines have cover lines around the artists oneither side of them, this shows the magazine is about both these artists and it will change aroundthem, also they have both put the barcode along the bottom of the front cover, this could bebecause this is where people tend to look last when they look at a magazine, so by doing this the lastthing they will see is the price, which means they could of already liked the look of the magazine anddecide to buy it before they even get to the bottom of the magazine. Also the same thing thesemagazines have done is highlight the artists names they have used on the front cover in a differentcolour this could have been done so they attract some attention by their fans, But not been done ina large font so they don’t stand out too much. So overall both the magazines tend to feature thesame things and both set out their magazine in similar ways this is because people tend to read in acertain way from left to right, so magazines tend to include things in certain ways, the maindifference between the magazines is the font and colours they use, this is what can distinguish thedifferent style and genre’s of magazines and attract certain readers, also using certain ways ofspeaking, this is what can relate to the audience, such as in ‘vibe’ they tend to use slang as it is a
  4. 4. Media Essay Nicole Tongemodern rap magazine, but overall both of these magazines are different but include the samefeatures.