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  1. 1. EvaluationFoundation Portfolio EvaluationSlide 2- Question 1- ‘In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?’Slide 3- My front coverMy front cover uses forms and conventions of other music magazines, mymasthead fills the top of the magazine cover, this is similar to the musicmagazines which I researched ‘VIBE’ and ‘NME’. The font is big and bold; thismakes the reader become attracted to the magazine. The font which I used issimple but effective, this relates to the genre of my magazine being simple butfun dance pop. I used ‘VIBE’ magazine as my biggest influence because it is themore modern of the two. My main image is directly to the side of the page sothat the cover lines are easy to read and stand out, I have made my cover starlarge so that it attracts her fans and attracts the reader about the article whichwe feature. I have also used more magazine conventions by using my mainstory in larger fonts to attract the reader, but a challenge to the conventions ofother magazine is that my cover star is not looking directly into the camera, sonot direct contact. I have used another convention from ‘vibe’ magazine byhaving a banner across the top of my magazine cover, advertising other stuffwhich features in my magazine.Slide 4 – Answer to Question 1- Contents PageMy content page once again was influenced from vibe magazine, I used thesame conventions of vibe magazine by only having 1-2 images on my frontcover to be the main attention rather than lots of small photos, and I did thisbecause it attracts the most attention. I have developed the forms andconventions of the vibe contents page because on their contents page the listof what is being featured in the magazine is going down the right hand side ofthe magazine, which I have also done, however, on the vibe contents page thelist of stuff being featured was small and not made to attract attention, while Ihave made big and cover top to bottom of my contents page to attract thereaders more. I also used a similar convention of vibe by putting my 2 images
  2. 2. on the left hand side, however they only had one going down the left handside, I used more to try and attract the readers more.Slide 5 – Answer to Question 1- Double Page SpreadMy double page spread once again used vibe as the main influence, VIBE hadtheir main image on the right hand side of the double page, and this was theironly image. I have only done this as well so that it is the centre of attentionand would attract the audience. The article which vibe has written is not verylong and is more about the effects on the page; I have developed on their ideaby only having the artists name in big letters across the top of the page andwriting more for my article which would interest the audience more. I haveused another convention of their double page spread by taking quotes fromthe interview and putting them larger, I did this because this may influence areader to read the whole of the interview because the quotes were interestingto them.Slide 6- Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular socialgroups?My music magazine represents the younger audience ranging from 14-24, Ihave chosen this age group because the sort of genre of my magazine and theartists which I am featuring attract this age group, and therefore they will bemore attracted to my magazine. My magazine could also attract people of anolder audience if they listen to dance/pop but it is mainly aimed at the youngeraudience. The genre of my magazine is dance/pop so it will feature artists suchas example and rihanna, so fans of these artists would be interested in mymagazine. The house style which I chosen is bright and fun colours which Ihave done to try and attract the audience and representing my target audienceas being fun and laidback.Slide 7- Question 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute yourmedia product and why?Slide 8- These are the sort of magazines which IPC distribute, They dodistribute one music magazine called Uncut, this tells me that my musicmagazine could fit into their profiles, as they only have one so therefore they
  3. 3. may look for more recent and modern ones, which mine is, which tells me mymagazine could fit into their profiles if this was my only option.Slide 9- These are the sort of magazines which Bauer Media publish; theydistribute three Well known music magazine’s such as Q, Kerrang and Mojo.This shows me they have an interest in music magazines, which makes methink my modern dance pop Magazine will fit into their profiles the most out ofthese two production companies.Slide 10- Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?My media magazine’s target audience is age’s 14-24 people who likedance/pop music. The gender of my magazine is mixed and designed to attractboth male and females like vibe. I have done this using my house style colours,such as white, purple and yellow. It does attract more girly girls than what it tomales. In my target audience research I found that majority of girls preferreddance/pop music then boys would, which is why I chose the house stylecolours which I did. I also found that more people from my target audiencewere attracted to magazines by the content, which is why I tried to put asmuch information about the contents of my magazine on the front cover sothat my target audience was attracted. I also conducted a focus group andfound that my target audience would like my front cover, contents and doublepage spread should consist of, and I have put these on slides 8, 9, 10 and 11.This shows I have took interest in what my target audience want.Slide 11- Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?I had attracted my audience by including dance and pop bands in my magazine,I did this because I know that the target audience of my magazine listen to thisgenre of music, therefore the magazine is interesting to them and wouldencourage them to buy it if they are fans of the artists which are featured inmy magazine. I also tried to attract them by the house style which I used,white, purple and yellow, I chose the colours because they are bright and funwhich is the sort of audience I wanted to attract. I also attracted my audienceby using the rule of thirds, by doing this it makes my magazine look moreprofessional and interesting, making them want to see the article inside.Slide 12 – Question 6 - What have you learnt about technologies from theprocess of constructing this product?
  4. 4. Throughout the process of me designing and constructing my magazine I havelearnt about various technologies and programmes that aided me with makingmy magazine. This includes learning how to use a professional camera, usingflash, rule of thirds and how to zoom in and out so it makes my images lookmore professional. Photoshop was a new programme which I had to use tocreate my magazine; I used techniques such as cutting out an image. I alsoused E-blogger which was an entirely new programme for me to use. I alsoused slide share which is what I used to upload word documents to my blog, allof these technologies have been helpful when creating my magazine.Slide 13 – Question 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do youfeel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?During the starter task I learnt about how I would create a magazine, whiledoing this I had learnt how to use the basic skills of Photoshop to help meconstruct my magazine. Since making and creating my music magazine I haveprogressed in my knowledge of Photoshop and my skills to do more. I havealso gained knowledge in how to use a professional camera and benefit from itthe most I can to make it the most appealing to my audience. My knowledgeon design and layout has also improved since doing my preliminary task whencreating my music magazine since creating my Eccles college magazine; mymusic magazine is much more professional and more appealing to theaudience. Since making my Eccles college magazine and my music magazine Ifeel that my knowledge and skill of Photoshop has improved dramatically, as Ican cut images professionally which I did on my music magazine to make itmore professional and appealing them my Eccles college magazine. When Idesigned and created my Eccles college magazine I did not manipulate theimages, but I did do this in my music magazine, by doing this my musicmagazine is more appealing, eye catching and professional. Completing thepreliminary task was a positive thing because it let me have a trail run on howto create a magazine and let me know how difficult it would be to make asuccessful music magazine, this then made my final magazine as successful asit could be.