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Anwendungsbeispiele verschiedener SAP-Alfresco Umgebungen - Volker Bläsig, CEO, pernexas


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Anwendungsbeispiele verschiedener SAP-Alfresco Umgebungen - Volker Bläsig, CEO, pernexas:

- Leica Geosystems, Schweiz – Konsolidierung von Dokumenten-Silos
- Islamic Development Bank, Saudi-Arabien – Migration von OpenText
- TheRejectShop, Australien - Zentralisierte Rechnungseingangsprüfung

Alfresco Day München 2016 - 14. Juni 2016 - #AlfrescoDayMunich -

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Anwendungsbeispiele verschiedener SAP-Alfresco Umgebungen - Volker Bläsig, CEO, pernexas

  1. 1. SAP & Alfresco – Solutions for your business Volker Blaesig, CIO, pernexas GmbH
  2. 2. connexas: Link SAP with Alfresco & Activiti SAP-Activiti-Alfresco
  3. 3. SAP certification SAP&Alfresco
  4. 4. Highlights SAP&Alfresco Seamless integrated in SAP Pricing as OTL or Subscription Stay in your known environment Solutions – Invoice processing Employee folder … Support of many SAP areas (ERP, CRM, SRM, HCM, …) Metadata replication – find SAP data in Alfresco
  5. 5. SAP HANA & Alfresco
  6. 6. Collaboration across departments and systems Challenge • Where is my content? • How can I reduce content repositories? • How can I connect to SAP? • How do I get my cost controlled? – Process – Infrastructure Solution • Alfresco as central repository - switch off old systems, 20 mio. documents have been migrated • Single source of truth – one search in Alfresco • Connect to SAP via connexas – High user acceptance by direct access to documents from within SAP – Up to 10.000 new documents per day, 90% related to SAP • Project work enhanced – 500 sites for collaboration • Alfresco hybrid – share also with externalresources SAP&Alfresco
  7. 7. Invoice processing Challenge • 335 retail stores across Australia • Decentralized invoice processing • Long run times (send mail up to one week) • Where is the invoice? • Processing cost very high per invoice Solution • Decentralized scanning collects documents across Australia • Alfresco & SAP connected via connexas • Electronic/automated workflow for invoices • No documents get lost, a single source of truth • Reduce document collection/preparation time from one week to less than 1 hour • Reduced the amount of time spent for document related tasks • High user acceptance as the access to invoices is much easier from within all stores in SAP and Alfresco SAP&Alfresco
  8. 8. Migrating SAP-DMS environment to SAP-Alfresco Challenge • Existing environment not supporting the IDB requirements • Complex infrastructure • Many systems to integrate • External access Solution • Integrate Alfresco / connexas • Migrate existing SAP scenarios to Alfresco • Integrate to SAP ESS • End user has same experience like before in existing scenarios • Enable local specific requirements SAP&Alfresco
  9. 9. Alfresco-SAP Integration overview at IDB SAP&Alfresco Old DMS
  10. 10. Migration SAP related documents @ IDB SAP&Alfresco Adopt TOA… Existing DMS Content/ Metadata
  11. 11. Implemented scenarios • SAP HR: – Employee photo – Personal data – Certificates • SAP MM: – Purchase requisition – Purchase order – Goods receipt • SAP FI – Invoice – Budget workbench SAP&Alfresco
  12. 12. Lessons learned • Match your Alfresco landscape with your SAP landscape • Provide the same SLA to Alfresco than your SAP system • Communication and trust between your SAP & Alfresco teams is key • The implementation partner makes the difference SAP&Alfresco
  13. 13. We are already there: SAP&Alfresco Users successfully joining Alfresco with SAP (customers and partners)
  14. 14. connexas Sources • Product Web Page: • Free Trial: • YouTube channel (videos about connexas): • Alfresco Partner pernexas • Alfresco AddOns: • SAP Certificate (search for connexas or Alfresco): rch=alfresco&recordid=6576&tab=certifications • SAP Store: (search for connexas or Alfresco) SAP&Alfresco
  15. 15. Volker Blaesig @Blaesig @pernexas