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February print issue


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Updated Feb print issue

Published in: Education
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February print issue

  1. 1. FebruaryprintIssue
  2. 2. Assignments Online Assignments will be due on Wednesdays This week post January Content Current Events Every Friday What will be this week’s focus?
  3. 3. BusinessAds Due by February 28 Forms are on the wall. Determine if you’ll do a business ad or 2 extra event shoots by Thurs., Jan 7
  4. 4. Reflection on2015 Strengths/Weaknesses of the News Magazine? Ideas for 2016? Suggestions? Survey of content?
  5. 5. DeadlinesforPrint(TBD) Topics due on Thursday, Jan. 7 Rough Drafts due on Thursday, Jan. 14 Event Shoots due on Tuesday, Jan. 12 Final Copies due on Thursday, Jan. 21 Layout due on Monday, Jan. 29