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Semi-Integrated Solution


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Semi-Integrated Solution

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Semi-Integrated Solution

  1. 1. Groovv Payment Solution Semi-Integrated
  2. 2. The EMV mandate requires that businesses accept EMV chip card payments or face liability for counterfeit credit card fraud. Businesses that accept payments with either a standalone payment terminal or via a payment device integrated with a software application must upgrade, or face liability and miss out on new payment types.
  3. 3. Traditional integrated solutions are a challenge for software developers LEGEND EMV Scope PCI PA-DSS Scope PCI DSS Scope Point of Sale Environment Merchant Back Office Transaction Processing Groovv Terminal POS Software Internal Server Gateway, Switch or Acquirer
  4. 4. Simplify EMV migration and PCI scope with our Groovv Semi-Integrated solution Traditional integrated solutions are a challenge for software developers In a traditional integrated environment, a physical connection is maintained between the software or POS app and the payment terminal. This model requires sensitive cardholder data to be transmitted to the software or POS app and merchant back-office systems before reaching the payment gateway. Because payment data is transmitted to the software or POS app, EMV and PCI requirements are “in scope” for the developer.
  5. 5. The Groovv semi-integrated solution secures and streamlines data transmission LEGEND EMV Scope PCI DSS Scope Authorization Path Response Path Groovv Terminal POS Software Internal Server Gateway, Switch or Acquirer Merchant Back Office Transaction ProcessingPoint of Sale Environment
  6. 6. The Groovv semi-integrated solution secures and streamlines data transmission Groovv has developed an innovative solution that routes sensitive cardholder data directly to the payment gateway and non-sensitive customer information to the POS and merchant back office. Sensitive card data is encrypted and routed directly to the payment host or gateway, thereby keeping EMV and PCI “out of scope.” The semi-integrated environment ensures that all of these systems work together seamlessly, while isolating, securing, and streamlining the path of sensitive cardholder data.
  7. 7. Three benefits in a single solution Remove compliance burden Easy-integration API Support new ways to pay
  8. 8. Time to rethink the traditional payment architecture Not only does the mandate create a change for the businesses that accept payments, but it also has significant implications for software and app developers that provide point of sale solutions. Integrating a compliant EMV payment device with a software application can be a long and expensive undertaking due to stringent EMV and PCI requirements.
  9. 9. Groovv reduces the compliance burden for software developers While it’s no small task to understand and comply with all these requirements and new ways to pay, the Groovv semi-integrated API solution can lighten the load. Groovv moves EMV and PCI compliance out of scope for software applications by encrypting sensitive cardholder data at the terminal, so it is never transmitted to the software or app. This ensures that the POS receives only the non-sensitive data it needs to do its job.
  10. 10. It’s easy for software developers to integrate Groovv API Groovv API is easy to implement, which means that software developers can spend less time worrying about the nuts and bolts of processing payments and more time on game-changing, business-growing software features.
  11. 11. The Groovv semi-integrated solution environment: • Removes the need for software to go through the costly and time-consuming EMV certification process • Removes the need for the software developer to comply with PCI data breach and other enhanced security standards
  12. 12. Questions? Please call Groovv Care at (855) 839-7277 or Visit -academy/
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