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Starting a Girls ministry packet PDF


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This is a packet for information about starting a girls ministry.

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Starting a Girls ministry packet PDF

  1. 1. Beginning a Girls’ Ministry
  2. 2. Dear Ministry Leaders, So you want to start a girl's ministry! We are so excited for you as you begin this new venture. God has a specific plan and design for girl’s and girl's ministries. There are many resources to help you through this process. We encourage you to develop a ministry tailored to meet the unique needs of each girl in your church. Our desire is to provide what you need to minister effectively. In this packet you will find the following resources: *A list of resources that would be helpful in beginning a ministry specifically to women. *A short step by step of how to begin the dreaming process. *SMM has additional resources available online, check it out at *Women of Grace offers face teams an opportunity for face-to-face conversation between Women of Grace USA and local church leadership. The goal is to come alongside local leadership to encourage and equip them in ministering to women. As well as to create awareness of the ministry of Women of Grace USA and the many resources available to encourage women to grow in Christ and be actively engaged in God’s mission. You can request a face team specifically to find out more about girls’ ministry.
  3. 3. Girls’ Ministry Resource List Women Mentoring Women: Ways to Start, Maintain, and Expand a Biblical Women's Ministry by Vickie Kraft and Gwynn Johnson, Moody Publishers, ISBN-13: 978-0802448897 This book is a resource that every women thinking of starting a Women’s Ministry will want to have. It includes ways to start, maintain and expand a Biblical women’s ministry. One of the pieces that makes this book ideal is a 4 page worksheet to help guide you from the initial stages to the evaluation stage. The discussion on the Biblical role of women lays a foundation for spiritual development which is accompanied by creative ways to connect to women of all ages. The Team That Jesus Built: How to Develop, Equip and Commission a Women’s Ministry Team by Janet Thompson, New Hope Publishers, ISBN-13: 978-1596693005 This is a tool for those who have a vision to begin a women’s ministry by utilizing the gifts of the team members. The author developed content from lessons learned by the ministry team of Saddleback church. This provides a framework for developing, equipping, and commissioning a Women’s Ministry team. Thompson uses Jesus and his team of disciples to provide readers with step-by-step examples and practical applications for team development. The content can help you re-start and rejuvenate an existing ministry, as well, help you develop and encourage team members to step up for an ongoing, growing ministry. This is also a great tool for women who are in the first stages of building a team and planning to start a Women’s Ministry. Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women by Susan Hunt, Crossway, ISBN-13: 978-1433503139 This is a book that out the foundations for biblical discipleship. Hunt uses personal experience and stories combined with scriptural truth to help in the understanding of biblical mentoring. She points out that often the missing element in many ministries and discipleship groups is the interpersonal aspect. This is a must have book for anyone looking into mentoring or discipleship of any age group. Growing Godly Women: A Christian Woman's Guide to Mentoring Teenage Girls by Donna Green, New Hope Publishers, ISBN-13: 978-1563097447 This book is ideal if you are thinking of working with teenage girls in any capacity. It is filled with information and personal stories to help you understand the role of a mentor in a teenage girl’s life. You will learn about being a mentor, about what makes teen girls tick and how to connect them to Christ through relationship. While mentoring can seem to be a scary thing, this book is a resource that will help as you navigate the newness of mentoring.
  4. 4. Ten Steps to Launching a Girl’s Ministry The Team that Jesus Built by Janet Thompson is a great book to begin building a team for any ministry. One of the keys to do is read through the gospel of Mark to observe how Jesus led His team of disciples. Step 1. Gather a Prayer Group Set up a specific time and place to invite those interested in praying about this opportunity. Include the pastor’s wife in this stage. Prepare a sample survey to determine the interest women have for such a ministry. Step 2. Invite your Pastor to Participate Seek the pastor’s wisdom and approval for the vision. You can speak with the youth pastor, children’s pastor or women’s ministry director as you seek to begin a girls’ ministry. Step 3. Evaluate Your Audience Take a look at the girls in your life, church and realm of influence to decide who your audience is. What are the ages of the girls you want to reach? When will you meet with them and what will you do? What books and resources are available to you to help you as you minister to girls? Step 4. Evaluate what you Need to Begin In your assessment, decide what team members you need. Who can help accomplish the goals based on your evaluation of your audience? Who could fill those positions? Your pastor may help. Step 5. Set Up the Team Start with a few committed women. Discuss with the team you want to accomplish with your girls, how will you help them to become fully formed disciples? How will the foundation be laid? How will you begin the year? Will there be social event such as a kick-off? Who could design a brochure to present upcoming events? Keep details in prayer as progress in planning. Step 6. You are Ready to Launch Begin your girls’ ministry based on your above evaluation and your team members input!
  5. 5. Face Teams What is a Face Team? A Face Team is an opportunity for face-to-face conversation between Women of Grace USA and local church leadership. Each team is composed of 2-4 representatives of WGUSA. The format varies depending on the needs and desires of the local church. What is the Purpose? The purpose is two-fold. First, we want to come alongside local leadership to encourage and equip them in ministering to women. Women’s ministry comes in various shapes and sizes. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, we assist leadership in exploring the unique composition of their church, in identifying the needs of their women, and in discerning God’s design for their ministry to women. Second, we want to create awareness of the ministry of Women of Grace USA and the many resources available to encourage women to grow in Christ and be actively engaged in God’s mission. We want to see a partnership develop between WGUSA and women in the local church. How is this accomplished? Although each team looks a little bit different, there are usually two parts to the Face Team visit. The first is focused on the host church and addresses its ministry needs. The second is targeted to surrounding churches and presents the ministry of WGUSA (usually in a luncheon format hosted by WGUSA). Teams usually come for a weekend, Friday – Sunday. Friday evening we encourage dialogue among interested women of the church, their pastors/elders and the WGUSA team members. We are happy to facilitate this conversation. Saturday WGUSA hosts a luncheon for women’s ministry leaders from area churches. We work with the host church to provide lunch and present the ministry of WGUSA through an interactive, multimedia presentation designed to facilitate connections between ladies, churches and WGUSA. Saturday evening is allotted for the local church to plan an event for their women. This can be an informal gathering or a more formal event. We’re available to interact with attendees and serve as a resource, but encourage local leadership to plan and promote the event. Sunday morning, time permitting, we attend the worship service and are available to present WGUSA to the entire church body. How do we host a Face Team? Contact WGUSA and request a team. We will then explore the possibilities of a team and make arrangements a