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Video Analysis

  1. 1. Bobby Valentino – Turn the Page From the opening of the video, we see close up shots of the singer and his girl in different settings. There is a medium long shot of the girl opening a laptop and frowning. The shot then quickly changes to an over the shoulder shot portraying the singer in a picture on a blog page with another woman. This conveyed through a still shot of a blog page scrolling down showing images of bobby v with other women. The Couple are sitting on a bed, which has sexual references yet her back is turned to him signifying hurt and anger. There is a quick 2 second still shot of girl throwing glass against a wall which symbolizes her anger and distress. This is a common trait in films and music videos and is an easy way to set an atmosphere.
  2. 2. As the name of the song is ‘turn the page’ the director cleverly uses animation scenes in black and white like this to portray some of the narrative. With a flicking technique as though the viewer is constantly turning the page of a book. Close up of hands playing on the piano..showing a live performance of the singer which is often shown at different angles throughout the music video including a crane shot and various close up and medium shots of the singer.
  3. 3. From the moment the audience sees only a section of the police vehicle there is a hint of what is to come next. It is shown through a medium long shot, taking in the house and an array of people in the right hand corner suggesting a commotion of some sort. The close up of the ring in his hand portrays the seriousness of their relationship and what could’ve been. There is an added glint to the stone which reflects how expensive and special the ring is.
  4. 4. Shows singer on a bike as there have been many shots of this throughout the video, now chasing to get to the girl who is about to leave. This adds a layer to the video and creates depth and meaning from the beginning of the music video. Throughout the song the camera continuously cuts to these shots of he artist on a bike riding at different shots (tracking shot, medium long shot, close up etc), instantly the viewer wants to know where he will stop which is revealed at then end of the video thus keeping the audience watching. Showing a medium shot of him singing whilst on the bike in a cartoon style effect linking it back to the title of the song ‘Turn The Page’, as a new page is turned it signifies movement and time change within the narrative story.
  5. 5. From a high angle shot we can see a bus stop sign with the girl sitting on the bench portraying that she is about to leave to go somewhere, her luggage beside her. We can then see the bus pulling up into the parking area giving the impression to the audience that the girl is going to get on it. We can see the singers motorbike pull up outside the bus station just as the girl is about to leave through a medium long shot
  6. 6. They make up here, their positioning within the frame significant so the viewer is still able to the bus. The camera then uses a tracking shot of the bus showing the doors open but the girl not getting on. This is a typical happy ending within this genre of music.