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Video Analysis

  1. 1. Bobby Valentino – Turn The Page Here we the viewer can see that bobby v has been out with other women. This is portrayed through a still shot of a blog page scrolling down showing images of bobby v with other women. THE PLAYA Shows quick 2 second still shot of girl throwing glass against a wall..symbolizing anger
  2. 2. As the name of the song is ‘turn the page’ the director cleverly uses animation scenes in black and white like this to portray some of the narrative. With a flicjing technique as though the viewer is constantly turning the page of a book. Close up of hands playing on the piano..showing a live performance of the singer.
  3. 3. From the moment the audience sees even some of the police vechilce there is a hint of what is to come next. It is shown in a medium long shot..taking in the house and an array of people in the right hand corner. Crane shot of singer at different angle than before.
  4. 4. The close up of the ring in his hand portrays the seriousness of their relationship and what could’ve been. There is an added glint to the stone which reflects how expensive and special the ring is. Shows singer on a bike as there have been many shots of this throughout the video, now chasing to get to the girl who is about to leave. This adds a layer to the video and creates depth and meaning.
  5. 5. Showing a medium shot of him singing whilst on the bike. From this high view shot we can see the bus stop sign with the girl sitting on the bench portraying that she is about to leave to go somewhere, her luggage beside her.
  6. 6. We can see thebus pulling up into the parking area giving the impression to the audience that the girl is going to get on it.
  7. 7. We can see bobby v’s motorbike pull up just as shes about to leave through a medium long shot They make up here…then the camera tracks the bus showing the doors open but the girl not getting on. Marques Houston – Favourtie Girl Initial medium long shot sets the scene, of busy city life.
  8. 8. Woman leaning on frame reminds the viewer of the famous scene in an insight into the mood or storyline of the video through this simple medium shot. Close up shot of the singer, moves from full frontal face shot to just lips.
  9. 9. Crane shot placing girl in initial setting seen previously Simple gestures such as this reflect the couples relationship, its obviously a sign of affection
  10. 10. Shows marques Houston with a doubled effect in grey scale The couple are shown wearing the same colour clothing which is the main focus of the scenes
  11. 11. The title of the song is called favourite girl and the fact that they are wearing the same colours symbolizes how different they are. It can also be linked to the idea that everyone has a favourite colour. In contrast when the woman is not in the frame and the singer is alone, the camera is in greyscale..symbolizing how dull his life is without her.
  12. 12. Notice how when their colour clothing changes so does the colour of the sky relflecting the vastness of their love. Colour is used as a motif here.