Media A2


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Media A2

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Theory<br />Scorcher – Dark Knight<br />
  2. 2. Notions of Looking<br />There are many shots within the video where the artist looks directly at the screen which enables the reader to feel part of the crowd when watching the video. The cartoon style effect in the background enhances the artists ‘realness’ and gives connotations of authenticity. <br />The majority of the shots are close ups of the artist looking directly at the screen perhaps this is so the audience can connect with the lyrics of the song and the emotional impact they have upon the artist. <br />
  3. 3. Intertextuality <br />Scorcher’s Dark Knight video resembles that of the 2005 film Sin City. Notice that both texts are in black and white and have the same cartoon type them. The resemblance is enhanced also from the minimal use of the colour red which places emphasis on the red dress (in Sin City) and the artist in the music video as he is the only person on screen. <br />The multiple screen boxes create intertextuality with one another and reinforce the importance of the artist. Creating three separate images of the artist makes him the centre of attention so the viewers eyes are always on him. <br />
  4. 4. Genre Characteristics <br />Apart from the stereotype in which the artist has his hood up and is rapping to the camera, with the majority of his facial features hidden, this particular video does not conform to most grime music videos in the UK industry. There are no females dressed promoting promiscuity, Scorcher is the only person featured in the entire video which gives strong connotations that he is the most significant person and that all concentration should be on himself. However the video has been shot in black and white which is now an ever popular trait among grime videos as UK video’s are known not to be of the same high quality and definition in comparison to the UK. <br />
  5. 5. Lyrics and Visuals <br />“Check the flow though, check the flow though” as this line is said Scorcher proceeds to do various hand movements to show what he is saying lyrically which further enhances the audiences understanding of the words and their meaning. <br />“I feel like batman on the roof” this line connects with the video visually because of the white skyscrapers in the background, signifying the artist as a higher supernatural being.<br />