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Marketing For Grime Music Video’S


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Marketing For Grime Music Video’S

  1. 1. Marketing For Grime Music Video’s<br />
  2. 2. The History of Grime <br /><ul><li>Grime is a genre of urban music which first ignited in East London in the early 2000’s
  3. 3. It has influences from a combination of different genres including Hip- Hop, UK Garage and Dancehall.
  4. 4. All grime artists were forced to become known with in the genre underground before making a commercial success by appearing on pirate radio stations.
  5. 5. To be known as ‘the best’ in the genre it is your bars that listeners rate the most.
  6. 6. Dizzie Rascal, TinchyStryder and Wiley were among the first artists to bring Grime to a mainstream audience with their group ‘Roll Deep’ </li></li></ul><li>..Continued<br />However despite this, Grime is still considered a sub genre of music and so is still mainly referred to as ‘underground’ meaning that it doesn’t get the same publicity and fan base as commercial music does.<br />This results in artists having to rely on the independent sale of their mixtapes and MC battling DVD’s to make money<br />
  7. 7. Commercial Grime <br />The last three years has seen an increase in commercial grime in the charts. First starting with artists such as Dizzie Rascal and Chipmunk who came away from rapping about gangs and violence. They realised that this was not making them money and so slowed the tempo of their beats and what they were rapping about. <br />And so today we notice that within commercial grime songs, artists are talking about love and break ups, something which is easy for an audience to connect with on a deeper meaning.<br />
  8. 8. Underground Grime <br /><ul><li>Underground Grime music is a lot more violent, the lyrics connecting with gang culture and lifestyles.
  9. 9. Whilst some artists such as Scorcher and Black the Ripper are still making music videos for this underground music, their videos have been banned from TV for promoting gang culture and violence.
  10. 10. Another difference between underground and mainstream grime is that Underground Grime music is of a much more higher tempo, consisting of around 140 beats per minute so the rapper is able to flow to the beat.</li>