Analysis Of Magazine Covers


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Analysis Of Magazine Covers

  1. 1. Genre: Hip-Hop/ R&B/Grime
  2. 2. Wretch 32 A trait noticed in most grime and R&B magazine and album covers is that the male looks away from the camera, usually depicting a side on profile which gives off a careless demeanour about the artist To promote the album further there is a list of other well known famous artist that it features which promotes the artists success rate further Instant knowledge of where the audience is able to purchase the album from. The artist Wretch links the album title to his name the word ‘wretch’ forming a pun in his album heading. The city blocks in the background give off connotations of him being ahead of the rest of the city. Another common trait among grime and hip hop album covers and magazines.
  3. 3. Wale Magazine Advertisement As in most hip-hop and R&B adverts and album covers, the artist looks straight at the camera. We can see the artists clothing as well which also gives more insight into the genre of music The artists of the font name is in the style of shoelaces which links with the album cover which is also done this way To sell the album and the artist even more the advert names other successful well known artists that feature on the album
  4. 4. J. Cole After seeing this magazine cover we thought that it would be ideal for attracting our target audience. The metropolis scene behind the artist has connotations of him ruling the city in some aspects because of his positioning at the front centre of the image. The artist stands at the forefront on the magazine image emphasising his importance as an artist. The artist looks right at the camera which reinforces a connection with the reader (target audience). This particular magazine isn't advertising the artists album but the artist itself which is why there is no information about his album. Instead by his name are the words ‘the future’ suggesting his up and coming importance in the hip hop scene.
  5. 5. The fact that the artist is photographed positioned standing right on the arrow places emphasis on the characters stage name. also noticing that the words ‘the future’ are positioned after the arrow and artists name suggests that this musician is the future of hip hop. The background image of the city is in black and white compared to the image of the artist which has been digitally laid on top which is in colour. This suggests that the artist is the most important figure on the cover and further adds focus on him. As a new upcoming artist to the hip hop scene, J. Cole’s body position is key in creating the right body language and attitude to the viewer. His hands are in his pockets which have connotations of a laid back demeanour and his attire is smart yet casual which still perhaps connects him to city life and so his potential music listeners
  6. 6. Bobby Valentino The artists name is the main text on the entire magazine advert. It is in bold and is in a larger font size making it stand out and easy to read to the audience. The colour of the text could also link to his name ‘Valentino’ which has connotations of romance and passion. This could also link to his music which is often romantic and about love. As in most album and magazine covers the male artist has a somewhat side profile view The artists ethnicity also gives off connotations of the genre of music being sold also because he is wearing big dark shades that also suggest an R&B genre. Most R&B artists show the label they are signed with as this usually tells how successful they are the main labels being Def Jam Records, Cash Money Young Money Records and BadBoy Records. The magazine cover resembles the album cover which creates intertextuality between texts.