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Storage device & media


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Storage device & media

  1. 1. Storage Device & Media By Nicole Lewis
  2. 2. Magnetic Devices – Floppy Disk and Drives HOW DOES IT WORK?When inserted into a drive, themagnetic tape is spun around WHAT IS IT USED FOR?rapidly, much like a CD. A floppy disk drive used inWhile spinning, the read/write computers for data transfer,head of the disk stops at the storage and backup of smallempty track on the disk. The amounts of data, as well ascomputer, before sending any installation of programs andinformation to the disk, quickly driver updates.checks for things like system A floppy disk drive accessesstability and whether or not the data recorded on small,necessary space is free on the removable diskettesdisk. such as floppy disks.
  3. 3. Magnetic Devices – Floppy Disk and Drives Advantages DisadvantagesIt is really cheap. Easily destroyed by dust and dirt or magnetic fields. (If you put the disk next to anything magnetic, it could wipe everything off.The data is write protected. Write Accessing data would be very prevents the data from beingeasily destroyed.It was easy to transfer data from one Storage capacity was limited to only 1.44computer to the next. MB. (Cannot have full length songs or have pictures taken on digital cameras today.
  4. 4. Magnetic Devices – Hard DrivesHOW DOES IT WORK? WHAT IS IT USED FOR? The hard drive is what a computer uses to store all of its data and programs.
  5. 5. Magnetic Devices – Hard Drives Advantages DisadvantagesStores and retrieves data much faster Hard disks eventually fail which stopsthan a floppy disk or CD-ROM. the computer from working.Usually comes inside of the computer The disk is fixed inside the computer andalready for you. cannot easily be transferred to another computer.Large storage capacity. A crash could lead to the lose of everything on that hard drive.
  6. 6. Optical Drives – CD ROM HOW DOES IT WORK?Data is recorded onto a CD ina clockwise spiral from the WHAT IS IT USED FOR?centre. Its recorded and read in It is used too store music,a series of lands and pits. Any games, programs, installationland that the laser hits is CDs, multimedia applications,reflected to the read head and is video and images.recorded as a 1 or a 0. They arecounted in groups of 14 andthen converted into standard 8-digit data.
  7. 7. Optical Drives – CD ROM Advantages DisadvantagesIt is easily transportable and is The data can also be easily destroyedcompatible with any other PC or laptop . simply by breaking or cutting the CD.The data can also be easily destroyed Once created the data cannot besimply by breaking or cutting the CD. changed or updated.It can be protected so that the data It can easily be lost or stolen.wont be erased by accident.
  8. 8. Optical Drives – CD-R HOW DOES IT WORK?A CD-R disc needs to allow thedrive to write data onto the WHAT IS IT USED FOR?disc. For a CD-R disk to work, To store recorded data.there must be a way for a laser Music, voice records. create a non-reflective areaon the disc. A CD-R disctherefore has an extra layer thatthe laser can modify.
  9. 9. Optical Drives – CD-R Advantages DisadvantagesThey are cheap and fast. Can only record on it once.Is suitable for applications that requires Can only store up to around 700mb of‘burning of data’. data.
  10. 10. Optical Drives – CD-RW HOW DOES IT WORK?A clear dye layer covers the CDsmirror. A write laser heats up WHAT IS IT USED FOR?the dye layer enough to make it Allows data, such as music,opaque. The read laser in a CD voice records etc., to be storedplayer senses the difference on the disk over and over again.between clear dye and opaquedye the same way it sensesbumps -- it picks up on thedifference in reflectivity.
  11. 11. Optical Drives – CD-RW Advantages DisadvantagesCan read discs made by different CD-R CD-RW’s media can be written/erasedand CD-RW devices. over and over.CD-RW’s media can be written/erased CD-RW drives are slower than CD-Rover and over. drives.CD-RW devices can write to both CD-R Most players don’t work with CD-RW’s.and CD-RW media.
  12. 12. Optical Drives – DVD HOW DOES IT WORK?A laser is used to read and storedata onto the disk. WHAT IS IT USED FOR? Storing multimedia files such as MP3, digital images and video clips.
  13. 13. Optical Drives – DVD Advantages DisadvantagesThey are cheap and fast. Easily destroyed/damaged.DVD drives can read CD’s. DVD’s do not work in CD drives.The sound and picture quality is Cannot put data on it more than once.amazing.
  14. 14. Optical Drives – DVD ROM HOW DOES IT WORK?DVD-ROMs has an optical path,a drive head which holds the WHAT IS IT USED FOR?laser, a lens and devices called For the distribution of moviesphotodiodes, which read the where you can only read datalight bouncing from the DVDs off of the disk. It can also bepits. used to read the data off of a CD.
  15. 15. Optical Drives – DVD ROM Advantages DisadvantagesCannot steal because you need to right Can be easily to read the data on the DVD ROM.Can hold up to 700MB of data which is It cannot put data more than once.74 minutes of audio.
  16. 16. Optical Drives – DVD + RWHOW DOES IT WORK? WHAT IS IT USED FOR? To write and read data from a DVD. They are also able to be written to and not just read from.
  17. 17. Optical Drives – DVD + RW Advantages DisadvantagesIt is about 4.7 GB. They can be expensive.It is rewritable. Many players can not read DVD RW’s.N/A Because they are rewritable, the data can easily be deleted.
  18. 18. Magnetic Tape HOW DOES IT WORK?A plastic film tape is coated withan iron oxide coating. That tape WHAT IS IT USED FOR?is passed by and in contact with To store the data such sound,a recording head, that consists video and recordings, on aof a metal core with wire plastic magnetic coated tapewindings on it. which is stored on a reel.
  19. 19. Magnetic Tape Advantages DisadvantagesCan be set up to work over night or Takes ages for the data to be found onthrough the weekend. the tape. Could be quite slow.Really, really cheap. The data can be corrupted if place next to anything magnetic.Can store large amounts. Up to Needs a special type of equipment to1Terabyte. record and read the data.
  20. 20. Flash/Pen Drives HOW DOES IT WORK?A flash drive consists of a PCBthat is, a printed circuit board. It WHAT IS IT USED FOR?is covered in a plastic or rubber To store data such acasing, which makes it sturdy. photographs and music. Can beOnce plugged in, a flash drive used for internal storage onenters the emulation mode tablet computers that have nowhich means it emulates a hard room for the normal hard thereafter.
  21. 21. Flash/Pen Drives Advantages DisadvantagesLight weight. So small it is easily misplaced or stolen without knowing.Has a large capacity storage. Fast access.Can be used as a backup. Do not have a high transfer rate as magnetic hard disk drives.Flash memory is non-volatile. A virus can be easily passed from one computer to the next.
  22. 22. Memory Card Drives & Memory CardsHOW DOES IT WORK? WHAT IS IT USED FOR? Store photographs and other data, usually on digital cameras.
  23. 23. Memory Card Drives & Memory Cards Advantages DisadvantagesMany computers and printers have Cannot be attached or read on thedrives that will read the data on computer without proper hardware.different sized memory cards.It’s small. It can sometimes run slow.Can be used in digital cameras, mobile Can be quite expensive.phones and MP3 players.