Assignment 8 wednesday copy


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Assignment 8 wednesday copy

  1. 1. By Nicole Lewis
  2. 2.  They are getting on the plane. Hoping for a safe journey and relaxing.
  3. 3.  Thetimer ends and the snakes start to travel around the plane, but nobody knows yet.
  4. 4.  Thepilot ends up finding a snake around his controls. He then shows the stewardess and the FBI. The snakes start cutting through the wires on the plane, which drops the oxygen mask, making even more snakes come out.
  5. 5.  The FBI agent calls the other agent to find a lot of anti-venom for everyone on the plane. They start building a barrier to stop the snake from moving anymore.
  6. 6.  Atthe end, once all the snakes are gone, the FBI agent and the witness go surfing.
  7. 7. Film Opposite 1 Opposite 2 ExplanationThe Breakfast • They are oppositesClub by the way they dress. • Bender dresses like a rebel, pilling clothes on then wearing leather gloves. • Brian dresses like • John Bender, who goes by • Brian Johnson is nothing like how every parent Bender is the rebellious one. Bender. He is the nerd of the wants their child to • He gets into trouble all the time group. look. Plain jumper, and ends up having even more • He likes to keep himself to normal jeans, socks detention because of his actions himself and lacks self- and trainers. in the movie. confidence and does not have • He comes from a broken home any social skills. where his father often abuses • He is very intelligent but is him, but puts on a tough image pressured by his father to be for school. so. • He gets angry quickly and seeks attention.
  8. 8. Film Opposite 1 Opposite 2 ExplanationSpiderman • They are opposites because once Peter found out that he had spider powers, he used them for good, but when The Lizard got his power, he used it to take over the world. • Spiderman is the • The Lizard is the hero of the film. villain in the film. • He saves the day • He gets obsessed after he was the with power and one to give „The loses control. Lizard‟ power in the first place.
  9. 9. Film Opposite 1 Opposite 2 ExplanationThe Unborn • Casey wants to get rid of the family curse, while Matty wants • Casey stats to see • He wants to be everyone “Matty”. She finds born again. dead. out he‟s her twin • He‟s evil. brother that dead • He wants Casey in the womb. dead and is part • No one believes of the family her because her curse. mother died of a mental disability, so they think she‟s mental too.
  10. 10. Film Opposite 1 Opposite 2 ExplanationiRobot • They are opposites because as a detective, Del Spooner‟s job is to protect everyone from danger, but then again, so are the robots. • Instead of following their rules the create their own to take over the • The detective Del Spooner holds • The robots live by 3 laws. world. a grudge on the robots because • A robot must never harm he says they are heartless as a human being or, through they saved him from drowning inaction, allow any harm instead of a 12 year old girl. to come to a human. • A robot must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law. • A robot must protect its own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.
  11. 11. Film Opposite 1 Opposite 2 ExplanationSnakes On A Plane • They are opposites because while agent Neville Flynn plans to save people from the snake bites, the business man throws a woman‟s Chihuahua at a snake to save himself. • He later gets eaten whole by a snake. • He‟s an FBI agent and is on • A snobby business man, the plane bringing a murder that is already angry at witness to LA. the airline for having to move from first class to coach, because of the FBI.
  12. 12.  Narratives set up as puzzles to be solved.So Undercover.Everything is hidden until the end, where thereis a huge plot twist.
  13. 13.  Actions and behaviour that leads the audience to expect certain consequences. Horror films: House at the End of the Street. Check to see if the killer is actually dead. Killer is not dead. Other injured person has to save the one in help.
  14. 14.  Connotative meanings of characters, objects and location. Bright, daylight Dark, old clothes. background. Scary, evil contacts. Light, natural make-up. Clear, emptyCold, blue lighting. space.
  15. 15.  Symbolic features often signify oppositions and antitheses.  St. Trinians.Trustafarian Chavs Geek Emo Posh Totty
  16. 16.  Outside of text and knowledge we commonly share to bring understanding of the meaning in the text. Often references to things in popular culture and historical events. Disturbia. Camcorder and TV to show what‟s on it. Swimming Pool.
  17. 17.  Ona quest/search to restore the disequilibrium. The Amazing Spiderman/Peter Parker
  18. 18.  Opposes the hero. Cause of disruption and often a threat to the safety of the heroine. The Lizard.
  19. 19.  Starts the hero on it‟s way, usually to restore the equilibrium. Uncle Ben. Even though he is dead. Peter would have never become the hero if he wasn‟t fighting for Uncle Ben.
  20. 20.  Helps the hero by giving them a „magic‟ tool, to help them on his journey. Could be advice, a skill or an object. N/A
  21. 21.  Assists/helps the hero in resorting the equilibrium. Could be the sidekick. OfficerGeorge Stacy. Once he finds out that SpiderMan is trying to save the town, he helps SpiderMan by creating a distraction.
  22. 22.  Oftenreferred to as the Princess. Is threatened by the villain and needs rescuing by the hero. Often in love. Gwen Stacy.
  23. 23.  Startsoff on the heros side then turns against them. Dr. Curt Connors. All he wanted was to cured illnesses, but once he found a cure for himself, he let it go to his head.
  24. 24.  The world the characters live in. Mean Girls. Where the characters live in a high school world.
  25. 25.  Exposes many information. Cast Away After getting washed away onto an island, Chuck must find his way by himself, back home.
  26. 26.  Only giving the audience minimal information. Contagion. It is a film about a deadly disease going around and nobody knows where it came from or how to cure it. The audience only finds out at the end where the disease came from.