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Taming the Metaverse. Advanced UX / UI Standards for AR Games.AWE NITE SF Meetup August 13, 2019


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Pick up any smart phone and gestures to operate it are nearly universal. Put on a set of smart glasses or play a mobile AR game and they are hobbled by out dated UX/UI standards that interfere with the new opportunities on the emerging AR platforms for spacial computing. In contrast to the UX/UI guidelines for WIMP interfaces; precious little has been written about best practices for AR. With screenless information, spatial computing, floating menus, mid air gestures, restyled 3DOF and 6DOF controllers, new graphics, audio, and haptics AR offers novel interaction patterns that demand new interface language and standards. Come join us for a dive into the emerging UX / UI standards for AR and spatial computing with inspiring examples from Leap Motion, North, mixed reality, Magic Leap, as well as some from XEO's own laboratory and latest experiments.

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Taming the Metaverse. Advanced UX / UI Standards for AR Games.AWE NITE SF Meetup August 13, 2019

  1. 1. XEODesignNicole Lazzaro Advanced AR UX Standards for Games AWE NITE SF August 13, 2019 @NicoleLazzaro
  2. 2. Thought Leader How Emotion Drives Tech Engagement Advanced the art of game design 1st iPhone game @NicoleLazzaro Interaction Design Language Inspired Millions of Developers “Every designer should learn to read this language.” Will Wright, Designer of The Sims The 4 Keys to Fun Globally Recognized Expert on Emotion and Play 26 Years
  3. 3. XEODesign© 2019 XEODesign, Inc. 4 Keys to Fun Add Life to The Sims Emotion framework for NPC AI Sims 2 on Sold 13M+ units 2007 Second best selling PC game of all time (the original Sims #1) Hands Free AR/VR UI to Eyefluence Eyetracking UI AR/VR UI design for a productivity operating system purchased by Google 2016 Wonder to Myst Riven, Myst Online, Myst V Player experience design Feedback and localization. Riven 4.5M units 4 years. Feel The Force Unleashed Player experience design (+12 other titles) 1.5M first week 7M copies fastest selling
  4. 4. XEODesign© 2019 XEODesign, Inc. XR Clients XEODesign’s strong track record raises the bar with leading XR organizations. From consulting to HTC Vive Focus launch partners our proven innovation methods deliver next gen experiences for AR and VR.
  5. 5. 4 Keys Changing the Face of Technology, Enterprise, Games, and Politics Samantha Bee Gamify Midterms The Future of Work Singapore TV
  6. 6. XEODesign© 2019 XEODesign, Inc.
  7. 7. BOSE AR
  8. 8. UX Standards for AR Games 1. White Space 2. Emotion & Fun 3. Audio 4. Haptics 5. Gestures 4 Keys to Fun Free download
  9. 9. Avoiding Hyper-Reality Nightmare: Keiichi Matsuda
  10. 10. White Space
  11. 11. Additive Light
  12. 12. Need Context to Shine Through
  13. 13. Emotion & Fun2
  14. 14. XEODesign© 2018 XEODesign, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary HardFun CoreLoopChallenges. EasyFunMicroloop ExploreBubbleWrap PeopleFun ShareExperiences SeriousFunMetaGame ImpactUser’sLifeOutside OfGame 4KeystoFunApplied
  15. 15. XEODesign© 2019 XEODesign, Inc. 4 Keys to Fun Emotion Engine
  16. 16. Loss of Agency Can Lead to Depression
  17. 17. Audio 3
  18. 18. AR Audio Ø Position Direction Distance Traditional AR
  19. 19. Unscramble the Oracle BOSE AR Game Jam July 26, 2019
  20. 20. AR Simple Player Actions
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. Unscramble the Oracle AR Game Audio 1.Position is the power (and challenge) 2.Flexible Layout of Real World (or AI) 3.Button and interaction (audio highlights) David B Fox Nicole Lazzaro Patrick O’Shaughnessey Wonkubus Wonk (Michael Crabbs)
  23. 23. Haptics 4
  24. 24. PBR for Haptics
  25. 25. PBR for Haptics
  26. 26. Gestures 5
  27. 27. Gestures Discrete, Motion, and 3D. But Want Fluidity
  28. 28. Effortless Exploration and Novelty [EF]
  29. 29. Finger Spells Aladdin’s Cave
  30. 30. UX Standards for AR Games 1. White Space 2. Emotion & Fun 3. Audio 4. Haptics 5. Gestures 4 Keys to Fun Free download
  31. 31. XEODesign© 2019 XEODesign, Inc. For More XR Standards and Slides Drop off Biz Card or Tweet @NicoleLazzaro @NicoleLazzaro 510-658-8077Free Download Follow the White Rabbit