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  1. 1. TRUMP’S CARRIER DEAL Nicole Kim
  2. 2. Background • Carrier Corporation - furnace and air conditioner maker • Parent company – United Technology • In February, United Technologies announced the closure of a Carrier plant in Indianapolis and a factory in Huntington • Loss of 1,400 jobs in Indianapolis and 700 in Huntington • Wanted to relocate outside Monterrey, Mexico • Save $65m a year • Wages are cheaper there
  3. 3. Trump’s Message • Against globalization, trade deals, and outsourcing to Mexico • Promises to restore manufacturing, “put America first” • Threatens to impose stiff import tariff on goods made by American manufacturers that moved jobs offshore • Renegotiate NAFTA, free trade agreement between US, Mexico, and Canada
  4. 4. The Deal • Carrier will keep 1,100 jobs at the Indianapolis plant • Includes 300 positions never scheduled to leave • Still plans to send 1,300 jobs to Mexico and shutdown factory in Huntington • Indiana agreed to give company $7m in tax incentives over 10 years • Carrier will invest $16m in the state
  5. 5. Ethical Questions • Is it okay to give benefits to individual companies? • Did this create a bigger threat? • Bernie Sanders • Is it okay for businesses to make decisions that please politicians rather than customers and shareholders?
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