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Coursework Outline

  1. 1. Objectives and overview of course content
  2. 2. Desired Outcome Librarians will have the skill set to serve as an instructional designer in their building, collaborating with teachers to transform and improve instructional practices.
  3. 3. Coursework Objectives Implement instructional design principles to:  Analyze learner and learning environment needs  Design and develop instructionally sound learning opportunities  Implement effective instructional plans into daily practice  Evaluate lesson and student data to determine instructional effectiveness  Identify and evaluate Technology Based Instructional tools  Gain basic understanding of the various co-teaching and collaboration models
  4. 4. There are 7 modules in the coursework  Instructional Design Overview  Analyze  Design  Develop  Implement & Evaluate  Technology Based Instruction  Co-Teaching/Collaboration
  5. 5. Instructional Design Overview  Provides a general outline of the instructional design process  Links to a recorded webinar  Links to additional resources  Includes Pre & Post Activities
  6. 6. A.D.D.I.E. Modules  Provides specific information about instructional design principles and techniques  Links to a recorded webinar  Includes Pre & Post Activities
  7. 7. Technology Based Instruction  Learn the various types of Technology Based Instruction  Provides guidelines for best practices in design and presenting content  Links to additional resources  Includes Pre & Post Activities
  8. 8. Co-Teaching/Collaboration  Learn various co-teaching models  Links to additional Co-Teaching resources  Links to information on collaboration models  Includes Pre & Post Activities
  9. 9. Things to keep in mind…  You will not see all of the course work at once. It has “adaptive release” rules applied to it, so as you complete the activities the module content will be released.  The coursework is designed to provide job embedded professional development. It would be best if you could partner with a teacher and work through the coursework collaborating with him/her to complete the associated assignments.