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Nicole Hudson and Heather Dopson at Digital Crossroads- Personal Branding and LinkedIn Lead Generation


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Sales & Marketing Alignment: The Romantic Comedy of Lead Generation

The Crazy, Stupid, Love of lead funnels! This cautionary tale against falling into the trap of believing the illusion that sales and marketing can’t work together to be successful. Fight through the clichés and learn how to improve the partnerships between sales, marketing and the real stars of the show; the prospects, qualified leads and customers.

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Nicole Hudson and Heather Dopson at Digital Crossroads- Personal Branding and LinkedIn Lead Generation

  1. 1. Personal Branding & LinkedIn Social Selling GROW YOUR BRAND, INFLUENCE AND PIPELINE
  2. 2. Please Join Our Network Nicole Hudson @NicoleHudsonCo Heather Dopson @heatherdopson
  3. 3. TWEET Us Your Questions Nicole Hudson @NicoleHudsonCo Heather Dopson @heatherdopson
  4. 4. Personal Branding @HeatherDopson@NicoleHudsonCo
  5. 5. Personal Branding Image Credit: Rebrandly @HeatherDopson@NicoleHudsonCo
  6. 6. The Customer Buys You First @HeatherDopson@NicoleHudsonCo
  7. 7. Market and Sell to the Modern Buyer Buyers Tap Social Media for Content @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  8. 8. LinkedIn is not a resume site @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  9. 9. @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  10. 10.  Social selling leverages your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships. @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  11. 11. Optimizing LinkedIn Establish a professional presence on LinkedIn witha complete profileCreate a professional brand Prospect efficientlywithpowerful search and research capabilitiesFind the right people Discover and share valuable information to initiate or maintain a relationshipEngage with insights Expand your network toreach prospects and those who can introduce you to prospects Build strong relationships
  12. 12. Ideal LinkedIn Profile
  13. 13. The Art of a LinkedIn Invite @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  14. 14. Recommendations Establish Credibility
  15. 15. Endorsements are Evolving
  16. 16. Take Advantage of Groups and Your Community
  17. 17. Pulse: Publishing a Post
  18. 18. Posting and Distributing Pulse Content @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  19. 19. More Creative Ways to Generate Leads – Organic and Paid @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  20. 20. The Paid Stuff @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  21. 21. Introduce Yourself – The new “ ask for the referral” “If you feel comfortable enough with the relationship to make a connection with someone on LinkedIn, feel free to go through his contacts. Copy and paste a short list of names you’d like to be introduced to, and message him asking if he would be willing to make a quick introduction for you to each of them. Include a blurb the person can use to do so. It’s a quick way to get warm intros.” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  22. 22. Participate in Discussions “There are targeted discussion groups on LinkedIn for almost every niche imaginable. These are typically full of people looking for support and answers. Give your expert knowledge freely, and start relationships in these groups — you’ll quickly become a go-to source and will generate new leads for your business.” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  23. 23. Boolean Search “A Boolean search on Google is an amazing way to source leads based on keywords in LinkedIn. In the Google search bar, simply type in your string, which could be something like: site: AND (“keyword 1” OR “keyword 2″) AND (Seattle OR Tacoma). Hit search, and all the people on LinkedIn that match those conditions will show up. ” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  24. 24. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere “One tactic I used a lot, especially when reaching out to other startups, was to compliment their business. I would say that I thought there were interesting ways for us to work together. It sounds stupidly simple, but it’s extremely effective. I’ve closed hundreds of deals reaching out cold via LinkedIn with this technique or slight variations.” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  25. 25. Research Profiles Views or The Stalker List “LinkedIn has a feature that shows you people who visited your profile. I’d contact those people, if they’re a connection, by sending a message that says, “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” If they’re not a connection, then do a bit more research on them, and send a note saying, “Hi, I noticed you recently visited my profile.” Someone who spent time on your profile is likely a lead worth reaching out to. ” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  26. 26. Ask Questions “Ask questions to the people you’re connected to. Most people connect with great professionals but don’t keep in touch with them. Use your status updates to engage the people that are connected to you so you can stay top of mind. Post about industry trends, motivational quotes and general business questions. You’ll be surprised by how many people start talking” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  27. 27. Stay Active “I think LinkedIn Today is a great tool to find newsworthy content to share with your target market. Staying active on LinkedIn with at least a weekly post will keep you top of mind with your network. That passive awareness becomes important when you reach out for an introduction or when someone in your network has a need for your specialty” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  28. 28. Publish Press Articles, Blog Posts and Post On LinkedIn Influencer Platform @HeatherDopson@NicoleHudsonCo “We promote our guest contributions on LinkedIn and engage with prospective clients by asking for feedback on the content. If you utilize LinkedIn to educate leads, you’ll provide more value and ultimately form stronger relationships. ”
  29. 29. Collect Leads “LinkedIn Ads actually has an optional feature called Lead Collection. This feature allows advertisers to collect leads directly through their LinkedIn ad campaigns. Members who click on your ad are taken to your landing page with a button to request you to contact them. It’s incredibly easy for the user, and it’s easy for you to build up a nice lead gen list. ” @NicoleHudsonCo @HeatherDopson
  30. 30. LinkedIn Company Page: Inbound Lead Solutions Those “ OTHER “ Networks Twitter: @GetInboundLeads Facebook – Inbound Lead Solutions Blog: Slide Share: Inbound Lead Solutions You Tube: Inbound Lead Solutions