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Episode Guide- Facebook Live Tutorial [Chiropractors and Local Business Owners]


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In this Guide from's #TechTuesday, Nicole Cowley gives a visual and video tutorial and huge WHY for business owners on how to use the platform for massive reach to their target niche audience.

With Facebook opening their Live Streaming to Pages, Groups and Events, we are seeing a shift to basically online reality!

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Episode Guide- Facebook Live Tutorial [Chiropractors and Local Business Owners]

  1. 1. Introducing #FbLive To your Personal, Business, Event and Group Pages ● Go Live, Educate, Create Awareness and Become a Known Health care Expert and Resource Locally through incorporating Live Streaming into your Overall Marketing Plan Decrease the amount of time, energy and effort it takes for your audience to Know, Like and Trust You
  2. 2. Accessing Facebook Live You Go Live the same way you would publish a post. Click the Publish button in your personal page, business page, event or in a Group and then locate the icons that allow you to add things to your posts, such as an image (or Live Video!) ● If you do not see the Live Icon from your Facebook App, you will need to download the Facebook Pages Manager App and you should have access from there Your Facebook Live Icon Click Publish Post Pages Icon
  3. 3. Don’t worry, you aren’t Live Yet Top Left- X- Change your mind, click here to cancel now :) Top Right- arrows- Change the Direction of your Camera Ensure Using Correct Profile- Photo, Image Give your Live Video a Title- Creative, Short, What your Video is About Privacy- You can’t change privacy here, or at all in your Business Page. You can in your personal when publishing the post.
  4. 4. Set-Up Portrait or Landscape- Use a Smartphone Tripod Stand See Accessories to Increase your Broadcasting Quality on Next Slide If you have good lightening, no outside noise you don’t need anything besides your Smartphone Device and Strong Internet Signal (Wifi or 4G) Note: Put Phone on “Do Not Disturb” or “Airplane Mode” before Going Live
  5. 5. Accessories Tripod- This tripod for my phone was the first thing I purchased to increase the quality of my Live Video Streams. You actually don’t NEED anything to Go Live outside of your phone and Facebook; however, to get the highest quality, a stand is highly recommended Microphone- This is necessary if you are going Live especially at any of your talks where you will be further away from your phone or unable to connect headphones. I listed two options here because it, again depends on how you will use Live Video. Camtasia- This is one of the easiest video editing software to use. If you want to edit your Live Video and Re-Purpose them for Ultimate Reach and Power- 100% Get Camtasia.
  6. 6. 3, 2, 1 Live Once you hit, Go Live, you will see a 3,2,1 countdown before it starts recording TIP- Start by saying Hello to Anyone Watching on Replay and State What You Will Be Talking About in the Live Stream- Don’t Wait for People to Jump On Time- You have to stay live for at least 4 seconds and can go as long as 90 minutes in the app. *** While Yes, the longer you stay live, the more people will see. You also want to keep in mind, people are busy and there will be lots of competition for the space coming very soon. The more relevant and compelling the information, the more likely you are to create a long term, buying audience rather than just a higher viewership
  7. 7. Tools- In a Broadcast TOOLS Live Icon Timer Counter (not shown) *# Live Viewers Arrows- Flip Camera Comments You will see comments appear in the comment box giving you ability to interact Live with your Audience. TIP- Landscape with Camera Hole on your Right will give you best ability to engage with comments and not look away from your audience TIP2- Look into the Camera Hole when facing you as much as possible so speak and connect with the viewers.
  8. 8. Finishing Broadcast Click Red Finish to End Broadcast Facebook will load the video, Give you Option to Save to Camera Roll and Upload a Higher Quality and then take you to the Live Post Drop Down Arrow on Top Right Edit Post- Add/Change Title and Text Edit Privacy- Options include Public, Only You, All Fans or Friends, Smart Lists, and additional options from Personal to select only certain people and exclude any friends Delete- Delete the Video and Post Forever Save Video- Add to saved videos
  9. 9. Facebook Live Tips 1. Put phone on Do Not Disturb (IPhone) or Airplane Mode (Android) 2. Promote your Live Broadcast BEFORE- use graphics, in office communication, Health Secrets TV, and your Social Media Platforms to Market similar to an actual Live Event. 3. Ensure low outside noise and proper lighting 4. Look at the Camera Hole to connect with Viewers 5. Say Hello By Name, Choose any Questions or Comments to Respond to, Thank Everyone for Watching, Ask them to Share the Live Video with their Network, Ask them to Take Action and Take a Next Step in Correlation with your Topic (always have a call to action but don’t always make that cta a sales pitch) 6. Schedule regularly timed Facebook Live Broadcasts and Announce so Viewers know when to catch you next 7. Save your live video to your camera roll and connect with me to build ultimate power and reach repurposing the content
  10. 10. Follow Nicole Cowley Founder of Free Resources for Everything Tech and Social in Chiropractic Technology Solution Specialist for Top Rated Chiropractic EMR Software for Practice Based Research
  11. 11. Re-Purposed Live Edit Video of……. #FBLive MICDROP For Small Business Owners and their Reach on Facebook
  12. 12. Thank you for checking out my information. Please Share this with a fellow DC, Student or Business Owner that you think would get value out of Live Video. Don’t forget you can schedule a 30 Minute Free Consultation on