How Can Duplication Help You Thrive in Affiliate Marketing


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Learn why duplication is so powerful and how to benefit from it. This presentation also includes a guide for using YouTube for affiliate marketing.

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How Can Duplication Help You Thrive in Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. GDI Weekly Webinar Thank you for viewing this presentationTopics: Duplication for TeamBuilding and a YouTube Lesson #gdiwebinars
  2. 2. Your Webinar QuestionsThe .ws domain extension is not known to all users worldwide. Do you know if there are websites with the ws. domain on the first page of Google? Does it take a lot more effort to achieve that? How can we in our talk with our prospects address the issue that it takes a lot more effort to get on the first pages of Google with the ws. this extension? .ws domains are indexed just like .com domains. There are many .ws domains that will come up on the first page of Google results, it just depends what you are searching for. As far as ways to talk to your prospects about .ws versus .com, check out our blog post on it here. If someone lives in a far away country and they cant use PayPal, do you send checks to this country? Any other options? Many questions regarding payment options are addressed in our Members Area FAQs or best handled by our great support team. If your country does not accept PayPal, we will make accommodations to ensure you get paid. Any questions regarding payments can be addressed by or by calling support at 760-602-3000. You can also check your Members Area under payment to see all of our options.
  3. 3. Your Webinar Questions What are the different options to receive the bonus payment from the company for having five new signups per week? Is there a difference in the methods of payments between the $100 weekly bonuses we receive and the payments we receive from the income produced by the existing downline? Bonuses are paid out through PayPal weekly where as regular income checks are mailed out monthly. This information can be found in your Members Area under In order to qualify for the weekly bonuses we need to pay $50 for $10 DVDs. Can we qualify for a chance at this bonus without paying for 10 DVDs? Yes. When you upgrade to Premium you will qualify for a chance at the bonus. What’s a good way to advertise on Twitter? Tweeting great blog posts, following and having conversations with other smart business people and sharing your link in your profile are just a few great ways to do this. For our full run down of how to get the most out of Twitter for network marketing, check out this post. I have tried to add my Aweber form into my website, but it is not working properly. Do your sites support it? This should work with our domains. Any issues you may be having may have to do with Aweber.
  4. 4. Marketing Lessons from the Big NamesCreate BuzzThe Super Bowl hasn’t even happened yet, but many people arealready placing bets on what will be the best commercial. This isbecause many companies have been working for the past month totease their products and leak commercials to create buzz leadingpeople to want to learn more. This is something you can do innetwork marketing too. Though you don’t have the budget for theseblockbuster commercials, you do have the internet, social media andyour own website right at your finger tips. Create buzz with shortemails about your new videos for GDI. Create buzz with videos onyour website inviting people to learn more about your business.Don’t wait until you’ve finished your site completely or edited yourvideo totally to tell people about it, share beforehand what peoplecan expect and keep them interested while you work behind thescenes.
  5. 5. Super Bowl Marketing Lessons Let People Know Where to Find You It’s impossible to see a commercial these days that doesn’t end with a website and their Facebook and Twitter account information. These companies want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more and stay engaged. Use this tactic with your business, make sure everyone who comes to you site, sees your video, or stumbles onto your Twitter knows exactly how to contact you and where to learn more. Invite Conversation Before the Big Game, you already know some of the commercials will be playing and who will be performing in between plays. This kind of information invites conversation. Conversation is another way to get people engaged, even those who don’t care about American football. Companies know that conversations are powerful and that word of mouth marketing can’t be beat. So share information and ask questions on your social media sites that will start conversation and get people talking about your business.
  6. 6. Clean Up Your Site!Avoid Competing Images and TextDecide what you want your site visitors to focus and make that thecenter of your page. If you want to share video or a blog post,make that the center or close to center of your page. Then add inthing like banners, contact information and other links in smallerareas on your page. When there is too much competing content andimages it’s easy for everything to get lost in the chaos.Take Advantage of PagesGDI’s SiteBuilder and our WordPress plugin make it easy for you tocreate and manage multiple pages. If you have a lot of informationto share and can easily group it, pages are the way to go to makefor a clean site. Pages can include testimonials, about, contact,videos and education. Multiple pages with great content also help toadd credibility to your web page.
  7. 7. Stick to a ThemeSiteBuilder and WordPress offer some greatthemes that are customizable while creating aconsistent look across your website. Choose atheme and stick to it across all of your pages.Themes are often designed to present a cleanand professional website look so you can skip theextra work and work on creating great content.WordPress and SiteBuilder also allow you tocustomize themes as needed to make sure yoursite needs are met and presented in the best waypossible, just don’t get carried away with toomany widgets!
  8. 8. Social Media Tools: YouTube What It’s Good For YouTube is great for conveying your brand and business without words. YouTube can also literally show the face of your business to give potential team members an authentic feel and see who is behind your team. YouTube videos do not have to have a huge production. To share the message of your business opportunity simply share your story. Why did you join GDI? What success have you found? Answer these questions in your video. How It’s Unique NO WORDS! Blogs and articles are great, but some people just don’t have the time or desire to read, read, read! Since YouTube is an open platform, you also don’t have to be a professional director or editor for your work to fit in. Anything on YouTube has the potential of going viral because video is easy to share and quickly watch. Not many blog posts go wild. YouTube videos are also extremely easy to embed into just about anything including your GDI site. Ways to Use It Use YouTube to give your business opportunity a human face. Film and edit short videos offering education and marketing tips. You can even members of your downline to share their own in video form and share it on your website and YouTube page. You can share these video success stories on YouTube and Facebook and anywhere you can embed video. People are more apt to watch a quick video than read a lengthy blog post, so give YouTube a try.
  9. 9. Duplication and Team BuildingDuplication is a great system to build your team quickly. You may bewondering what duplication is and ways to use it other than teambuilding, you can find our first post on it here. Duplication is simply away of creating a system of marketing, education and networkingthat can be easily repeated to add members to your downline, andallow them to use this same system to add members to theirdownline. Building an educated team is the best use of theduplication system.
  10. 10. Duplicate Your SystemCreate Your Own SystemThis may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. As you already know, GDIprovides you all the tools you need to market and does much of thework for you, but it’s up to you to put in the extra work and effort toensure your business succeeds. This may be creating videos, offeringhelp to members outside of your team and just acting asa thought leader in network marketing. Try all of these steps tobuild your credibility, but to also convert friends and prospects to teammembers. Once you have found a system that works to build yourdownline, simplify it.Share Your SystemOnce you have simplified your system, create a document or even awebsite that shares how you have succeeded. Share this document orwebsite with your team members, allowing them to capitalize on yoursuccess and build their downline, in turn helping you. Their downlinewill learn the tricks of the trade and before you know it, you’repracticing duplication and your downline is growing thanks to yoursystem and your team.
  11. 11. is Your IDN Headquarters!