Establish Credibility, Promote Longevity in Affiliate Marketing


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Need to know how to establish yourself online? Looking for long term team members for your affiliate program? This slide show offers great advice for both as well as some bonus SEO tips!

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Establish Credibility, Promote Longevity in Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. GDI Weekly Webinar Welcome to the bi-weekly GDI webinarBuilding SEO with Simple Tricks, Creating and Keep Your Team and Site Tips #gdiwebinars
  2. 2. GDI Collateral Material GDI DVDs: VistaPrint Specials:
  3. 3. Creating Credibility as a New Affiliate Q: In the beginning, how do people overcome the problem of not having yet ‘made it’ using this program? I have no credibility yet for this program and can’t answer some basic questions. How do I address this? A: It’s important that once you join with GDI you take the time to learn exactly how GDI works and how you can be successful. The best way to do this is to reach out to your upline. The GDI affiliate program works so that every new affiliate has a sponsor, or upline, above them. Ideally this person has been with GDI a good amount longer than you and has had some success. This is who you should reach out first with your questions about GDI and establishing credibility. Your upline should be able to offer you their tips for success and help you to duplicate it. This will help you to answer the basic questions people are asking you. If you are unsure who your upline is and how to contact them head to Members Area> Upline for this information.
  4. 4. Creating Credibility Secondly, you can use your upline to establish credibility. Share why you signed up with them, their successes and how you are an important part of the team. Many GDI members make their own videos, blog posts and tutorials, see if you upline has these and ask if you can share them. You can also work to build your own credibility with videos. Simply share what you know. Maybe you’re still learning with GDI, but are a WordPress expert, share that information in a video. Any valuable information you can share via video will help to establish credibility and create a level of comfort for people considering GDI. Lastly, if you have questions or are unsure of how to do certain things with GDI, like use the Inviter of get started with SiteBuilder, check out our Tutorials section in the Members Area. Simply login at and navigate Members Area>Tutorials. These videos work to show you step by step how to get started with GDI and many of it’s tools.
  5. 5. Commenting for SEOGoogle now takes into account social interactions when it comes tosearches and page rank. These social interactions can be anythingfrom tweets to comments on a blog. This is good news for anyonehoping to increase their search engine optimization (SEO).Comment on Other BlogsCommenting on other blogs has always helped to spread your siteand name around in hopes someone will click your comment. Nowwith Google encouraging social sharing when it comes to searchresults, your comments also help to bump you and your site up insearch results.To reap this benefit, comment on blogs and sites often and try tocomment on many different sites, but be sure to be relevant andreally try to engage in conversation. Spam-like comments and linkblasts are usually filtered or removed by blog owners, so be sure tostay on topic. After you comment, share on Twitter that you’vecommented to drive people back to it and increase hits and SEO foryourself.
  6. 6. Guest Posts to Build Your Team and SEO Guest Posts Guest posts are simply when you share a post on a blog or site that is not your own. They increase SEO by sharing you, your site and your contributions over multiple sites. They also create backlinks. Be sure to post under your name and list your website to ensure these posts will help your SEO. How do you get chance to get post? Take advantage of those comments you leave on blogs, if you follow a blog often and interact in the comments they may be open to you sharing a post on their site. You can also set up a guest post system within your team to help everyone benefit from the increase SEO.
  7. 7. Build Your Downline EffectivelyEach downline member that joins with your team is a chance foreveryone to make money thanks to GDI’s pay outs. However, yourjob isn’t done once someone signs up with you; in fact this is wherethe real work begins. A key to success in GDI is the longevity ofyour team members. One way to achieve this is by working to buildthe right team step by step. Here are a few things to focus on whenyou get a new team member.CommunicationWhether it’s a random sign up or someone you’ve been talking tofor weeks, communication is very important in the beginning. Thiswill not only help your new team member get ramped up and readyto go with GDI, but also give you a feel for their level of interestand commitment. This early communication can help you identifysomeone who might need a little more help and guidance orsomeone who is ready to go on their own.
  8. 8. Build Your Downline Effectively Education People are going to have questions when they first start with GDI and it’s important for you to address them before they can even ask them. Have education materials ready for new team members like videos, blog posts and emails that address beginner questions. This will help your new team member get started fast and start building income for everyone. Goals Set personal goals and team goals and be sure they are well known and attainable. Check in with your team often to see their progress and decide if you need to set new goals or even scale them down so they are more attainable. Goals help team members create plans and follow through, a key to success.
  9. 9. Longevity Helps to Build Income for Life Longevity means long life. In network marketing it refers to the long life of your team members. Team members who stay with you for a long time help you to Build Income for Life. While increasing sign ups and building your downline is important, it is equally important to keep those already on your team involved and successful. In many cases it is easier to keep someone on your team rather than to find a new sign up for your team. Your long lasting team members will also have a better understanding of GDI and a larger network. Here a three ways to work towards that long life with your team members. Keep Lines of Communication Open Getting new sign ups can be hard work, but this is no reason to ignore your current downline members. Be sure current members know how to contact you. When you get a new email address or phone number, keep them in the loop with this information. If you haven’t heard from a team member in a while and they seem inactive, it’s up to you to reach out to them. It is just as important to occasionally reach out to team members as it is for them to be able to contact you.
  10. 10. Work Towards LongevityGet InventiveThe world of network marketing is always changing, so its importantto change accordingly. If you and your team members have beenwith GDI for a long period of time, it’s important not to get into a rut.Doing the same things over and over again for marketing will get youthe same results, if not diminishing results. To get bigger returns foryou and your team, get inventive with marketing and team buildingstrategies. Sharing these ideas with your team will keep themengaged and active.Work TogetherWorking together combines the first two tips. What better way to getcreative and keep in contact with your team members than workingtogether. Your downline should feel like they are a part of a team,not just a cog in a wheel. Working together keeps them interested inGDI and their team and helps to give them more power over theirsuccess, success that will help to keep them on board.
  11. 11. Create Your Site Your .ws domain is a great opportunity to showcase your business and yourself by building your own website. Building your website doesn’t have to be hard and we offer two options to help you along. Try SiteBuilder If your .ws site is your first ever website, try using our SiteBuilder. The SiteBuilder has some very easy to use templates to get you started. SiteBuilder templates allow you to personalize them in a number of ways allowing you to add photos, contact forms and more. For a basic website or your very first site, SiteBuilder is the perfect choice. Try WordPress To be able to make an even more personalized website, try our WordPress offering. WordPress requires just a bit more website knowledge than SiteBuilder, but offers a ton of options. The benefits of our WordPress offering definitely make up for taking your time to learn a little more about creating a website. With WordPress you can use link your site with social media accounts, add plug-ins and widgets and have access to some great customizable themes. We have even more videos than the one below on WordPress.
  12. 12. GDI Tutorial Videos Use tutorial videos to learn new skills or share with your team! Have a suggestion for the tutorials? We want to hear from you!
  13. 13. is Your IDN Headquarters!
  14. 14. We will see you at the next webinar. Tuesday, March 27th at 1pm PST! Remember to post questions, feedback and ideas on our social networking sites:Facebook: @gdicorporateBlog: www.gdiaffiliateblog.wsLEARN ABOUT IDNS at