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Fusion in action


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A presentation on combining research, professional practice and teaching using e-learning and presentation tools.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Fusion in action

  1. 1. Fusion in Action A blended learning approach, combining research, professional practice and teaching
  2. 2. A bit about my research project Fusion aspects My blended learning unit Designing your own blended learning units Agenda
  3. 3. Deliverables • Short films • Report/booklet • White paper • Journal publication • Workshops • Launch event • Independent evaluation Click on the image to read about the project
  4. 4. “ ” Fusion is the combination of inspirational teaching, world-class research and the latest thinking in the professions which creates a continuous and fruitful exchange of knowledge that stimulates new ideas, learning and thought leadership. (Bournemouth University, 2014) What is Fusion?
  5. 5. “ ” [Carnival Futures engaged] cultural organisations and other stakeholders in planning for the future of the Notting Hill Carnival […] working closely with Carnival Village and other organisations within the carnival community to engage stakeholders in the process of scenario planning, and to consider how their external relationships and internal capabilities might need to be adapted as Carnival grows in scale and reach. (King‟s College London, 2014) Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020 incorporated many fusion aspects but was not fusion funded
  6. 6. Journal publication Research report Short films White paper Launch event Independent evaluation Workshops
  7. 7. The Carnival Futures Case Study (1) Represented a fantastic opportunity to enhance the educational aspects of this project and provide added value to BU students.
  8. 8. The Carnival Futures Case Study (2) Xerte objects • Learning objectives • Videos • Readings Standard myBu objects • Follow-up activities • Lecture slides Videos • Prezi • Echo 360 • Popcorn maker A mix of tools made for an interactive and attractive blended unit.
  9. 9. “ ” I know sometimes people are quick to say what's wrong but not as fast to give praise, so I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed watching the videos and reading the assigned chapters. While I was advancing through the material all I could think of was „I wish other units had been like this, I would've learn so much more!‟ Student Feedback (1) - Daphne Oliveras Carletti, M.Sc. Events Management Student
  10. 10. “ ” Thank you so much for teaching us. I really enjoyed your class. I've learned a lot from you and these live events [carnival futures case study videos]. And thank you so much for helping us so many things - Yusi Long, M.Sc. Events Management Student Student Feedback (2)
  11. 11. Student Challenges Semantic (understanding written instructions) Psychological (uncomfortable critiquing a teacher) Organisational (navigation difficulties)
  12. 12. Lessons Learned • Do a longer student orientation • Offer a linear layout • Ensure reinforcement of approach during seminars with follow-up tasks • Do more staff training
  13. 13. Tools to Make Your Own Unit Popcorn makerXerte Prezi
  14. 14. Xerte Click on the image to view an example “… open-source tools for elearning developers and content authors producing interactive learning materials [… and …] over 75 templates for presentation and interactivity … " (The University of Nottingham, 2014) The output files are html 5 so compatible with mobile systems and the design capability is particularly suitable for display on mobile systems of varying sizes.
  15. 15. 1. Tutorials from: 2. Step-by-step guides at: 46&Itemid=717&lang=en 3. Try-it-out in the JISC sandpit area: To get started with Xerte is as easy as 1-2-3
  16. 16. Popcorn Maker Click on the image to view an example A video web-mash up tool from Mozilla to add links to websites, academic articles, reports, and Google maps To get started, go to:
  17. 17. Prezi Is a cloud-based presentation tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas, to get started with prezi go to:
  18. 18. Thanks for viewing, please e-mail Nicole and Alex with your questions. Nicole Ferdinand Alex Ott