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Digital Strategy Project/ Mecca Cosmetica Digital engagement plan


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My student presentation on a content strategy for digital content plan to increase visits to Mecca Cosmetica online store at Christmas.

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Digital Strategy Project/ Mecca Cosmetica Digital engagement plan

  1. 1. Digital Engagment Plan The Mecca Cosmetica Christmas campaign Final project for Communications Council Australia November 2012 Designed and written by Nicole Dongara
  2. 2. CAMPAIGN BRIEF Mecca Cosmetica is a boutique beauty store offering cosmetic brands curated from all over the globe. The brief is to make Mecca Cosmetica online store one of the top three destinations for Christmas gifts in the beauty category. To be successful the campaign will increase online traffic by thirty percent, and drive online shoppers in-store to increase in-store shopping by two thousand persons per week. — $800,000 for media, creative and production — $60,000 for PR
  3. 3. § Research insights
  4. 4. How can we choose media outlets that will recruit the right women to Mecca site?
  5. 5. SELECT MEDIA BY BEHAVIOURAL TARGETING In the beauty category, behaviours and attitudes towards cosmetics are so wide ranging that reaching women who may be enticed by Mecca Cosmetica’s advertising is best done by behaviourial targeting. Certainly, targeting by demographic can be effective to achieve awareness and reach, but contextual and behavioural media mapping will ensure that the beauty products advertised are relevant to what each woman desires to purchase.
  6. 6. TARGET THE POWEFUL PEACOCKS, SEDUCTIVE FOXES, AND SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES Research conducted globally by JWT in 2012, showed that there are five segments that can be defined by their involvement in the beauty category. Two of the segments, ‘Graceful Swans’ and ‘The Comfortable Cats ‘ do not invest financially or emotionally in make up or personal care products. So, for the campaign, we can target three core types of women, and for each of these archetypes, the strategy is to buy relevant media and show relevant products in context where beauty is most meaningful. −Powerful Peacocks associate beauty with career success and power −Seductive Foxes associate beauty with romantic and sexual prowess −Social Butterflies love the beauty conversation. They enjoy sharing tips with their friends, being inspired by beautiful women, and the feeling that comes with looking beautiful 
  7. 7. What content strategy uniquely fits Mecca brand purpose and will drive visitors to the Mecca website?
  8. 8. The brand positioning ‘The Best in Global Beauty’ proved compelling in research interviews. Most women responded that they would definitely shop at a store where the best in beauty products from around the globe were on offer. However, no one associated Mecca Cosmetica with the best in global beauty. This content strategy for this Christmas campaign, would be to create a content plan that provides knowledge of trendy beauty products from around the most fashionable and up and coming cities around the world. CONTENT TAILORED TO ‘GLOBAL BEAUTY’ PROPOSITION
  9. 9. Beauty products are a non-negotiable part of spending, but with smaller barriers to more frequent innovation in the category there are more brands and products to choose from them every before. To distinguish Mecca we must provide content that is on trend or trendsetting. There is a thirst for personal knowledge so we do not have to limit the amount of content if we can provide sophisticated global perspective in a uplifting and personal way. EDIT AND REFINE CONTENT TO ONLY WHAT IS TRENDING
  10. 10. § Digital Campaign
  11. 11. The objective of the digital campaign is to spread ‘The Best in Global Beauty’ proposition and create a sense of privilege and style for Mecca Cosmetica shoppers over the Christmas period.
  12. 12. Mecca goes above and beyond offering beauty products, its mission is to uncover the best kept secrets from the fashion capitals of the world. During this campaign the message is simple, “Go global for presents” During the campaign a Mecca shopper will be able to scout beauty secrets from around the world and enjoy the privilege to shop like a trendsetter. CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN MESSAGE
  13. 13. OWNED AND SOCIAL ACTIVITY DURING THE GO GLOBAL GIFTS CAMPAIGN —Re-skin Mecca Cosmetic website and build out a trendspotter section —Allow visitors to connect directly with stylists in any city and discover their beauty and cosmetic secrets —Build out the e-commerce section of the website to feature products by location to add exotic appeal —Facebook should become a hub of independent, going against the grain, influencers in the fashion world —Promote posts of user-generated content on Facebook and Twitter —Instagram should focus on how women around the world use the upscale products — Once there is sufficent content, banners (in media outlets recommended) should have a simple message ‘Find Christmas presents from around the world at Mecca Cosmetica’ KPI −Increase online visits by 30% percent
  14. 14. Mecca are giving three lucky winners the chance at a beauty and makeup travel experience to New York, Tokyo, or Paris. To win consumers become a Beauty Loop member and share their love for beauty on Mecca Australia Facebook page. Mecca will select finalists that have the most followers. Once on tour, the ambassadors will upload content of their journey. This content will be shared with Mecca fans and friends of Mecca fans to encourage more people to like the Mecca page. Objective −Attract new customers −Drive consideration for the Mecca brand KPI −Increase Mecca Australia Facebook fans by 20% −Increase online visits by 30% percent GO GLOBAL CONSUMER PROMOTION
  15. 15. In the lead up to Christmas, when members purchase more than $100, they receive a $20 gift voucher.* The program will encourage additional basket value, and increase loyalty members. Objective −Conversion to purchase −Customer retention KPI −Increase in online revenue by 30% −Increase in site visits from 60,000 to 80,000 *Utilize purchasing behaviour research to set dollar amount for promotion. REWARD WITH PURCHASE TO INCREASE LOYALTY
  16. 16. To reinforce the brand positioning, “the best in global beauty”, Mecca will host Global Trend Sessions in marquee stores. Girls and their friends, or Mums and their daughters can go in-store to be greeted by a personal make up stylist and discover trends of the city of their choice, with expert advice on the products best for their skin, their hair, their nails, every inch of beautiful. To be part of the experience you must be registered as a Beauty Loop member. After the event, visitors will receive a “thank you for coming in to experience Mecca Tokyo, here are some of the products that look on amazing on you...” The eDM has clear links for the consumer to click through and purchase online. Objective −Brand awareness and brand equity −Customer retention KPI −In-store visits attributed to digital GLOBAL BEAUTY SESSIONS IN-STORE
  17. 17. -De Increase reach of campaign/promotion Banners, Pre-roll, Promoted videos, Paid search Recruit Mecca trendspotters Vogue advertorial, PR, Banners, Facebook promoted posts Award gift with purchase Social, EDM In-store event In-store, point of sale, EDM Mecca Australia Facebook page Mecca Australia e-commerce site Oct Nov Nov-Dec Jan 1
  18. 18. CRO Multivariate testing of user experience of website to iden- tify barriers to conversion for purchase  MEASUREMENT & ANALYSIS An iterative cycle of listening, and revising Intelligence Collection, organisation and analysis of data from to devel- op customer retention strategies Attribution UTM tagging for banners to deter- mine return on investment from media sources 2. Multivariate testing for banners to improve effectiveness of creative # direct browser visits, #new visits, # repeat visits, #referral vis- its, % bounce rate landing page, #isubmissions # unique browsers, # page likes, $ transaction, #transactions from paid search, #email clicks