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Twenty one pilots analysis


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Twenty one pilots analysis

  1. 1. Andrew Goodwin's music video theory-
  2. 2. This music video has quite a sad, depressing feel to it which is know to be the common feeling in the indie/alternative genre as they always seem to be sad or rebelling against something. There are also manyTattoos which is also a common characteristic of this genre.
  3. 3. ‘You're lovin' on the psychopath sitting next to you You're lovin' on the murderer sitting next to you’ Many of the visuals in this music video match the lyrics of the song. Even though the song itself may not make much sense they seem to represent the visuals in the music video. From the visuals we get an understanding of what is going on and we start to understand the lyrics as well. Because of this, the audience gets a full understanding of the message the artists are trying to portray.The visuals clearly show that there are some unstable people, but the singer seem to be quite normal compared to them. This reinforces Strauss’s Binary opposite of insane v the sane. ‘All my friends are heathens take it slow, Wait for them to ask yoou who you know, Please don't make any sudden moves, You don't know the half of the abuse;’
  4. 4. Within the music video the edits match the music.There is a certain noise that is contrapuntal to a certain edit.
  5. 5. There are many close ups of the singer of the band as he is seen as the front man. He is the performer in this music video and therefore signifies that he is the on that is recognised by audience. However, we also get medium shots of the drummer as he performs in certain scenes throughout the music video.
  6. 6. The only woman seen in this music video is shown in sexual and seductive light when she is talking to the prison guard and is performing in the cage. In all the scenes we see this woman see is either tied up or locked in a cage connoting that she is the Princess in Propp’s theory. Strauss’s Binary opposites can also be applied to this as she is seen as a weak vulnerable woman v the strong man with the protective clothing.
  7. 7. Within this music video there are references toThe suicide squad film and Sia’s elastic heart music video. This would advertise both the film and other music video. As there are two different references this music video complies with Goodwin’s theory about there being intertextual references.
  8. 8. This music video is Narrative with some performance, there is a story line but see band performing at some points .This music video would comply with Todorov's narrative theory. Even though still performance sticks to the theory as the performance is seen as part of the narrative.
  9. 9. This music video received positive audience feedback, promoting the band further and encouraging the audience to go and watch more the bands music videos. When people watch this music video and see the feedback this may widen the fan base of the band resulting in them becoming more popular and making more money.