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Branch oclc publishers_panel_final

  1. 1. Nicole Branch Librarian for Research and DigitizationPaul J. Cushing Library, Holy Names University
  2. 2. All Search is Local Holy Names University: A small local academic institution WorldCat Local: HNU’s local search engine Maximizing Discovery: HNU library wish list
  3. 3. Holy Names University Located in Oakland, California 1,300 enrolled students Degrees: Graduate, adult degree completion, traditional undergraduate Programs: Nursing, Business, Education, Psychology, Liberal Arts, Religion/Spirituality Social justice focus
  4. 4. Students & Faculty Diverse student body First generation college students (more than 50%), working adults, international students Dedicated to teaching Professional degree orientation Strong ties to the local community
  5. 5. Student and Faculty ResearchSkills Reliant on Google (students) Used to traditional ILS/card catalogs (faculty) Local public high schools do not have strong library cultures Beginning-level information search skills Very budget conscious
  6. 6. Library Transformation Leadership Staffing Services Technology
  7. 7. Instruction  Approximately 70 research workshops between August 2011-June 2012  Most instruction sessions are 75 minutes long  Attended by over 1,000 students in 2011- 2012 (duplicated and unduplicated)  Important for faculty awareness
  8. 8. Research Help Spring semester 2012  Librarians responded to 585 inquiries at the research help desk  402 of these inquiries were “research” question (i.e. not technology, directional or circulation)
  9. 9. Library Services Collection management E-Theses E-Learning Liaison program Environment Events
  10. 10. Materials Budget HNU Materials Budget Print e-Resrouces
  11. 11. Materials Budget Print budget static for the past decade 8% increase in e-resources budget annually
  12. 12. WorldCat Local at HNU Launched in September 2011  ILS implemented in 2004  Circulating online July 2009  OCLC December 2009  WorldCat Resource Sharing (ILL) and OCLC Navigator July 2010  Resolving a cataloging backlog
  13. 13. Usage Impact Comparing spring 2011 usage to spring 2012: ○ Examined 29 individual databases (articles, video/music, eBooks, reference) ○ 14 databases declined in usage ○ 15 databases increased in usage
  14. 14. Usage Trends ○ Overall usage increased by over 32% ○ Individual database decreases ranged from just under 9% to around 97% ○ Individual database increases ranged from 25% to 1596% ○ 8 individual databases increased in the range of 100-300%
  15. 15. Circulation Trends Spring 2011 Total Checkouts: 2,553 Spring 2012 Total Checkouts: 3,394 Increase of 33%
  16. 16. Implications for Selection Usage  Usage is the local “mayor”  Analyze library and non-library factors impacting usage Visibility  Makes visible materials that are desired (even if they are not currently available)  Requests rule
  17. 17. HNU WorldCat Wish List Enriched data MARC records Records management Central indexing
  18. 18. Enriched Data Users expect an enriched search experience  Abstracts  Table of Contents  Jackets and cover art  “Enriched” doesn’t generally include advanced search for users
  19. 19. Google & SearchExpectation#1 Websites based on traffic rank. Image courtesy of
  20. 20. Familiar Search Experience
  21. 21. Information Evaluation Abstracts, table of contents, related subjects
  22. 22. Visual Display ofInformation Configuration makes it easy to present “nice” eBooks
  23. 23. Database/FormatAwareness Ability to distinguish between different databases and types of formats
  24. 24. Preparing Lifelong Scholars Academic alternative to Google Developing new “familiars” Support skills that cut across platforms and institutions
  25. 25. MARC Records Give us records Let them be of high quality No need to manipulate records in-house Good records-- including abstracts (500/520)-- are crucial for discovery
  26. 26. eBook Records Don’t treat eBook records as an afterthought- they reign eBook discovery  Records and the interface for downloading Clash of the ISBNs  When not unique, records conflict
  27. 27. Quality Assurance Have a quality assurance plan in place  If you aren’t sure, ask your users  Search the AUTOCAT mailing list for your company name and look for grumbling
  28. 28. Record Management Complete and comprehensive sets of records Easy way to load/reload Clear distinctions for what is new or updated Adding and changing proxy server prefix (global edit) Dynamic and universal changes (no wait time) Intuitive admin pages
  29. 29. Central Indexing Impacts visibility Supports understanding of database content Can dramatically impact usage
  30. 30. The Case of MAS Ultra Centrally indexed Not demonstrated through instruction Generally not a targeted recommendation during research help
  31. 31. MAS Ultra UsageComparison Spring 2011 usage (full text): 55 Spring 2012 usage: 933 Increase of 1596%
  32. 32. Closing WorldCat Local makes searching local Users expect centralized and enriched search experiences Don’t neglect records Make discovery easy with central indexing and easily manageable records