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Uca history (sam c.)


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Uca history (sam c.)

  1. 1. “Campus Culture” in the words of a Student (in 1918): “On entering the building I found the corridor thronging with young men and women filled with life and enthusiasm, many of them were former students and felt much as if they had returned to their homes, some old boy say me enter and saw that I was a new fellow, He at once introduced himself and introduced me to many of the students, and each seemed to vie with the other in making me feel at home among them.” Why Conway? There were 5 cities with proposals: Fort Smith, Benton, Russellville, Quitman & Conway. Conway winning proposal offered $51,753 with the choice of 3 tracks of land; the largest track being 80 acres. In addition Conway was chosen for its moral tone of the community being of Higher Order. The Sale of Intoxicants was prohibited, efforts of citizens to drive away immoral and depraved habits was very successful. Leading denominations were had churches in Conway. Students attending the Normal were required to attend church services.