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Alex cross tracking task final


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Alex cross tracking task final

  1. 1. A homicide detective, will push his limits in order to catch aserial killer whom of which specializes in torture and pain. Withhis love and life being threatened will Alex Cross be successful?
  2. 2.  Alex cross has been classified as certificate 15, which limits the target audience to an older range of people. This is important as it reveals to the audience the film will consist of violence and strong language which are key codes and conventions for any crime or action film due to it helping suspense and a sense of realism to be created.
  3. 3. Source:
  4. 4.  Alex cross is set to be realised throughout the autumn and winter, this is a typical time to release a film of the crime genre due to the atmosphere being accurate as the film itself has a dark tone to it thus the season will reflect that. Also, in the US Alex Cross is realised before Halloween which is the time for thrillers to be realised, therefore the date for Alex Cross is suitable and will result in a better atmosphere for viewing. Also as the film is aimed at people aged 15 and over by releasing the film at this time means students will have spare time due to it being in the holidays. This is also during the awards season which will mean it will bring in a lot of viewers.
  5. 5. Foreign marketingnot only spreadsout the costsevenly but itmeans that thedifferentdistributors knowhow to appeal tothe differenceaudiences aroundthe world.
  6. 6. Why is it important?This is a good starting point for the film to be backed up with awell know production company as it broadens the audience asfans of the companies films are more likely to hear about thefilm resulting in ratings to expand. By having a decentproduction company also helps to create a ‘buzz’ as the morepopular a company is the easier the product is to market and berecognised which results in the news on the film being spreadmore quickly and effectively if it portrays enough potential.However this company isn’t the most successful and afterresearching the company I found some information to beinteresting which will affect the film.I found the fact the company are popular with teens that enjoyfilms of the romance genre interesting as it appears to be setback for Alex Cross. The production company also doesn’tappear to have success with the genre of this film therefore Ithink It is risky for this company to be producing the film as theylack knowledge of the genre and the specific audience suitablefor the genre. Because of this flaw this film could be yet anotherflop to add the company’s list, and the film probably won’treceive a very positive reputation and a buzz is unlikely to be
  7. 7.  The fact the director is more known for being a producer rather than a director suggests he isn’t very qualified or suited to the role of a director and Reveals, the directing throughout the film could be poor thus resulting in bad acting for example causing the film to have a downfall and not be as successful as it could be. Most films directed by Rob Cohen are rather well known, or successful (regarding a few) which could affect have a positive outcome of the film, especially considering Cohen is a veteran director. Cohen’s most successful film being ‘The mummy – tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ which is part of a franchise which was an advantage for Cohen as he would already have original fans wanting to see the film, this made a total of 401,128,639 $ grosses which is rather successful. Cohen again has the advantage of having a pre-sold audience due to Alex Cross being both a film franchise and originally a novel series, this will help the films viewings be higher which will emphasis the success of the film .
  8. 8. “Cohen directed directed thecritical and commercialflop Stealth”I think this is of importance asan audience are likely to havehigher expectations forCohen’s films due to his failurein directing stealth, whichmeans Cohen will need toprove himself successful in hisupcoming films to achieve astatus as a successful director.
  9. 9. Producers - This was confirmedBill Block on Patterson’sPaul Hanson website and also thatJames Patterson the film will be basedSteve Bowen on the book cross. IRandal Emmett found thisLeopoldo Gout interesting as Patterson wrote theScreenplay Alex cross bookMarc Moss series thus he knowsKerry Williamson of all the elements needed in order toCinematography make the film’s storyRicardo Della Rosa successful
  10. 10. Tyler Perry as Dr. Alex CrossMatthew Fox as PicassoEdward Burns as Tommy KaneRachel Nichols as Monica AsheCicely Tyson as Nana MamaCarmen Ejogo as Maria CrossGiancarlo Esposito as Daramus HolidayJohn C. McGinley as Richard BrookwellJean Reno as Leon MercierIngo Rademacher as Officer Sacks
  11. 11. Tyler Perry is taking the lead role for the film asthe protagonist ‘Alex cross’ originally played byMorgan Freeman. The fact Morgan Freeman,isnt staring in this film suggests the film isn’tgoing to meet the standards of the others due tothe impact the actor had on the previous films asa whole. Fans of the previous films may alsoconsider not viewing the film as it isn’t the samewithout the original actor. The fact theprotagonist is being played by Tyler Perry, anactor known for comedy, might be a setback forthe film as he having to adapt to a completelynew genre of film. I think Tyler Perry is a badchoice for the main role due to him not havingthe expertise to meet the standards of MorganFreeman.
  12. 12. Matthew Fox is taking the role of theinfamous antagonist Picasso. Fox is mostcommonly known for played the characterJack in the TV series lost, a helpful and kindhearted character however this role isoppositional to what he is known for. I believeFox was chosen for his villainous appearanceand talented acting( this is clearly identifiedthrough the number of awards in which hewon or was nominated for, for Lost.)However if he is unsuitable for the role of avillain the film could result in having badcasting thus making the outcome disastrous.
  13. 13. Tyler Perry received $5m upfront for hisperformance. ‘Tyler Perry is the highest paidman in Hollywood’ With this being truechoosing Perry for the main role is a riskydecision due to the cost of having him star inthe film. Mathew Fox’s pay is currently unknownhowever, Perry and Fox were the top paidactors followed by Rachel Nichols. Source:
  14. 14. Clouds, show uncertainty and Action | Crime | Mystery objectives being unclearCity as the location, adds to which representsaction genre due it being a case.(portrays mystery andstereotypical setting. crime genre)Viewing of a weapon Dark figure, adds towhich is key iconography mystery genre due hisfor any film of the action identity being unknown.genre, revels there will beviolence and death Black connotesBlue used for title, darkness and deathconnotes loneliness and which is an expectedgives a sense of one of occurrence for thethe characters film, this adds to thepersonalities whilst crime and actionrevealing a theme.. element of the film
  15. 15. Product placement throughout Alex cross was mainlythrough the cars as all vehicles in the movie are GMvehicles such as Cadillac CTS and a red Chevy Camaro.This makes an audience want to purchase these vehiclesas their talents are being shown off.Skype, a social network, is another product placementas it is used in Alex Cross for the characters to discuss thecase thus resulting in a popularity increase for thenetwork.
  16. 16. With the release of Alex cross the film is being promotedthrough the book it is based upon, this works to lure in thetarget audience as they are in for a chance to win tickets ratherthan pay. The creation of a competition is always good forselling any film due to the satisfaction of winning.
  17. 17. By making reference toPerry’s diet for Alex crossmakes the appeal formen to see this filmstronger, especiallyconsidering thepopularity on menshealth magazine. Menwould want to see AlexCross more to see just ifthis diet works as seeinghim in visual motionform would be moreaccurate than a photo.
  18. 18. The total estimated film budget is £35,00,000however The finance production cost is unknown.Below are estimated figures based on films with asimilar budget.Writer $300,000Director $2,000,000Producers $2,000,000Cast $9,000,000Above the line expenses $285,000(etc)=$13,585,000 EST
  19. 19.  Alex Cross didn’t succeed at box office due to the film only making $25,215,000 which doesn’t even cover the budget for the film thus the film hasn’t got any money back and is in fact loosing money.
  20. 20.  Distributed in lots of cinema’s allows lots of people to see it worldwide, means if a buzz is sent out a large profit will be made due to the audience having easy access to film.
  21. 21. Alex cross was a flop at the films opening weekend due to itearning only $11.75 million which is substantially lowconsidering the budget of the film was 35 million. Alex cross alsocame in at number five in the box office chart.Opening Weekend:$11,396,768 (USA) (21 October 2012) (2339 Screens)Gross:$24,603,042 (USA) (11 November 2012)The fact the films earnings is already low is interesting as italready clear the film is going to be a flop in cinema’s andprobably will not recover through DVD either due to thenegative reviews the film has received.
  22. 22. “ Instead of typical red carpet, ablack carpet graced the grounds”
  23. 23.  These are critic’s opinions on Alex cross which I found on http://www.cbsnews. com all of these reviews are negative. I find this interesting as it is promoting the film to be a failure already, as not a single critic appears to of complimented the film in any form
  24. 24.
  25. 25.  In an article I read that Idris Elba was originally going to star as Alex cross, however was replaced by Tyler Perry. I personally think Elba would be more suitable for the role considering his past roles in films of the same genre such as prom night and obsessed. Elba would of also received a smaller pay which would work on behalf of the films profit, rather than Tyler Perry who is currently over rated as a comedy star.
  26. 26.  This is the website for the movie which is very limited on the information provided and consists of mainly the trailer and synopsis to try and sell the plot to an audience. Although the film is based on the books this still works as a form of synergy as if people have an interest in the film they are likely to want to purchase the book so by advertising this on the website creates an opportunity for the book sales to be increased.
  27. 27.  The fact each poster consists of the actors faces reveals they are what is being sold to the audience as appose to the creativeness of the story line for example. The fact the film was in the top 10 worse film posters of all time portrays this technique is doing nothing but creating bad reputation for the film which lacks creativity and a unique selling point.
  28. 28. All advertisements have Tyler Perry appearance present which means the actor is being sold to the audience rather than the actual film, which will create an immediate appeal to Tyler Perry fans and since he is currently Hollywoods top paid actor it means his appearance should send out a buzz.The fact the film has two advertisements on the same websitemeans it is unavoidable for an audience, however I think thisshows the films desperation to get noticed as twoadvertisements aren’t needed in the same place. In mainadvertising for the film is currently online which shows the filmdesires as much attention as possible.
  29. 29. Advertising on Facebook allows audience to easily interact withfilm and share it easily to friends, which is a simple way for a buzz tostart however the low number of shares emphasises the lack ofinterest the target audience has for the film.
  30. 30. This reveals the acting in the film is rather decent and thefailure of the film is caused by the director which was myhypothesis as to why the film wouldn’t be successful as hewasn’t fit for the genre of the film.
  31. 31. By having an advertisement online opens the film up to a wideraudience due the to internet being so highly used, this is anessential spot for the film as it could be it’s last chance to attractattention and earn more money.
  32. 32. I personally find this interviewinteresting due to it being spontaneouswhich allows the actors personality tocome through and almost forces honestanswers as time to think is limited. Thisinterview made me want to see the filmmore due to it touching upon questionsthat I myself was asking. In the interviewPatterson, author of the Alex Crossnovels, quotes ‘I think this is better thankiss the girls and along came a spider’this is interesting as critics don’t seem toagree however this convinces theaudience that the film possibly isn’t asbad as it is being made out to beespecially if the creator of the booksthinks it is the best film yet.
  33. 33.  Since all the actors are American it is expected that the film will do better in America. With Tyler Perry being African American and playing the protagonist in the film allows the film to open up to an African American audience Although the film is an action film which stereotypically doesn’t appeal to women the character Monica, played by Rachel Nichols, defeats this as she is portrayed as strong which allow the film to also be appealing to women.
  34. 34.  The creation of a game for Alex Cross was done so the audience could have more interactive elements of the film and also allows teenagers to be targeted as games are commonly associated with that age group. The variety of games also allows an audience with different traits to have an interest in the film.
  35. 35. AverageI personally thought Alex Cross was a poor edition tothe Alex cross films, especially considering I myselfam not a fan of prequels as the destiny of thecharacter is already known. Firstly although Perry’sacting was very admirable there was no way he wasable to meet the standards of Morgan Freeman,perhaps if the film was an entirely new productionrather than part of a franchise I would see moreenjoyment in it. I also didn’t like how the characterAlex Cross was portrayed, as he acted violent andaggressive which didn’t fit the characters profile as inprevious films he is seen to be relaxed and intellectual
  36. 36. I found the film to be extremely predictable through minordetails such as the ring, which stuck in my mind through outthe remains of the film thus I knew it would have somethingto do with the twist which is always present in Alex Crossfilms. As a result of this the film ended up being lessimpactful than it was intended, I blame bad directing forthis. The twist at the end of the film defiantly didn’t meet myexpectations as it was expected where as in along came aspider for example it was more abrupt. A death in the film is also foreshadowed badly, through thedialogue, ‘it’s unlucky to toast with water’, and through themusic heightening when the character exists, this results inthe death being less dramatic.
  37. 37. - I personally liked how the themes of family and friendship came through the film strongly as it allowed the film to have an emotional effect.- I also liked the special effects in the film, the explosions were very dramatic and emphasised the action genre well.- The acting from Yara Shanhidi was very emotive which I personally liked as it allowed sympathy to be created for the character.- - I think Matthew Fox made an impressive villain and his acting didn’t go unrecognised, and I think he successfully managed to anger the audience at least he was one of the key aspects of this film which was a positive.
  38. 38. After watching Alex Cross it is clear to see what typeof audience to film will strongly appear to. Due tothe protagonist being African American andintelligent it is clear that the film will appear toAfrican American’s as the negative stereotypes ofblack people aren’t being portrayed. I personallythink The film is not highly recommended forfemales simply due to them being portrayed as weakdue to three deaths in the film consisting of femalecharacters.
  39. 39. Very good |||Good ||||Average ||||Poor |||Very poor
  40. 40.  From the feedback I was given from questioning people about the film I learned that Alex Cross was mainly enjoyed or at least worth watching once. These results go to show that maybe critics were to hard on the film as the general viewers didn’t think it was a complete failure however someone commented the film ‘wasn’t the same without Morgan Freeman’ and that ‘the sequel wont be a good idea.’ which portrays if it is decided that a sequel will be made the film wont be as lucky this time. People also though that the film was one of the best action films they have seen all year, which shows the critics opinions obviously didn’t effect the viewers.