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Word of mouth marketing with tiki'mee


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Word of mouth marketing with tiki'mee

  1. 1. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business DeveloperWord of mouth marketing with Tiki’meeThis original solution was submitted to the $10,000 Innocentive Challenge #9933293 « Changefrom Curative to Preventive Products : How to Promote Word of Mouth Recommendations? »and has been awarded the 1st prize by the seeker out of 300+ submissionsHow to generate engagement and effective word of mouth recommendations around a specific medication?We are taking the case of a medicine that prevent heartburn (PPI). We present a solution based on Tiki’meethat uses a combination of innovative social media technologies to encourage word of mouthrecommendations. The main driver of WOM recommendation here is ENGAGEMENT. The idea is to enableusers to connect, share, search, ask or tell, about a particular health issue and the solutions that exist to dealwith it.The solution presented here is based on a selection of tools and techniques in customer relationshipmanagement in order to elicit, collect, edit and share WOM recommendations. Tiki’mee is a Saas platformthat can host several web services and info on theThe prototype of the solution is available here ( document is a guide to use Tiki’mee to create an effective community around your product and establishvaluable relationships with the relevant stakeholders.Reaching users and influencersHere is a diagram showing how the solution is driving the user community to engage and communicate aboutthe PPI medication.
  2. 2. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business DeveloperThe solution involves creating the medicine’s own web interface. It works as a mini site providing users withinformation and engagement opportunities.Users access the Tiki’mee via a QR code. The QR code is printed on the medicine’s box and/or on any otherrelevant support. People access the Tiki’mee PPI interface by scanning the QR code on the box with theirsmartphone. An average scanning rate is around 2% - 3%.The Tiki’mee works as an interface between the medicine and all the stakeholders that have an interest in it.Not only does it push information, but it also allows the public at large to get in touch with the manufacturersand access critical information about the drug and the health related issues. They will engage in discussionsby asking questions, completing satisfaction forms or leaving a feedback either in writing or by video.An other important channel is the email signature. A simple clickable email signature that leads to the Tiki’meeis editable in just 3 clicks. It is very easy to include a personalized signature in all outbound corporate emails.The click through rate on such a signature is 20% for the first visit and 2% - 3% on average thereafter.
  3. 3. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business DeveloperThe Tiki’mee is referenced on Google with the specific keywords that you choose. Try “innocentive PPI” inGoogle, our Tiki’mee page probably comes up first.The solution itselfAll these channels and links lead to the product’s dedicated interface. Go to: and start navigating to see the prototype that we have put togetherusing Tiki’mee.Tiki’mee makes it very easy to edit the content that visitors will see. It allows a narrow targeting of a qualifiedaudience, and provides a simple navigating experience completely focused on an issue, a product, acompany, or a person.Our solution allows visitors to:- See video testimonials of other people who advocate the product- Ask questions about the medicine- Search for more information on heartburn and PPI solutions- Interact through social media with the manufacturer- Provide the manufacturer with feedback- Record and send a testimonial video to the manufacturer- Understand how the medicine is prescribed, how it is insured and where to find it- Order it directly (regulations permitting)The content determines how much engagement will be generated. And the rules are just the same as on anyother social media. Here is a description of the selected content composing the “Innocentive PPI” Tiki’mee.VideoGenieIn their own words: “VideoGenie make it easy for brands to create dynamic, viral campaigns and user-generated content. Our video recording technology and analytics give marketers a turnkey solution to initiate,control, track and optimize customer-to-potential customer video content. Whether in the form of a product
  4. 4. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business Developerreview, a contest or an interactive ad campaign, customers can easily create and share short-form videoswith their friends or the public at large.”Users see what others say about your product. Here, I have used a “LA Fitness” existing page asdemonstration. They are encouraged to record their own video directly from the interface. VideoGenie allowsyou to control this user generated content and publish it exactly how you wish.MyFeelbackIt is very quick and easy to design feedback and satisfaction forms with MyFeelback. Once completed, alldata collected can be managed and analyzed. People are much more comfortable with low level engagementat first. So it makes sense to ask for quick and easy answers or comments. Once they have completed a lowlevel engagement, they are more likely to increase the intensity of their engagement later.Plain and simple informationTaking a medicine may require a prescription but even if not, there is a lot of information that is essential forthe patient. Dosage, content, symptoms, secondary effects, etc.Health forumsProvide access to quality and relevant content, and your audience will engage and value the experience. Anycontent that is directly connected to the issue in which your audience is interested in adds value to yourinteraction with them.Social media presenceSocial media such as Facebook, G+ or Twitter help your audience connect with the content and people thatinterest them. The more you are able to create and nurture meaningful relationships with your audience, themore spontaneous word of mouth recommendations will be.Health insuranceThis page does not exist yet since we are not familiar with the US health care system but still thought it couldbe interesting to enable your users to :- search for a physician to get advice or help- get information about how this medicine is covered by their insurance- see the nearest point of sale for this medicine- get all required information about the medicine (composition, doses, etc)How to generate WOM?Here are the best rules from experts for word of mouth recommendations. The Tiki’mee solution preciselyfollows all of these rules:• Simplicity. Making it simple to give a feedback, testimonials and recommendations.• Mobility. Customers can post their feedback and testimonials via their mobile devices.• Incentives. Specific incentives can be introduced in the solution, to provide customers with an offer oropportunity of value upon providing a qualified feedback.• Depth. Encourage customers to investigate and take specific interest in heartburn, what it is, what to doabout it, etc. When time is invested, WOM is 100% more likely.• Online sales. “There is a high correlation between the share of online sales of a given category and thedegree to which consumers seek advice from other consumers online.” (McKinsey iConsumer servey 2011)• Social. Using your product as an entry to relevant web social media, forums and relevant discussionsbetween users, physicians, experts. Engaging users on social media increases WOM.• Ask for it.
  5. 5. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business DeveloperHowever, it is not all to have this interface to interact with your audience, you need to create and nurturemeaningful and long lasting relationships. This is achieved through “community management”. This kind ofmarketing is producing “earned media” presence.Earned mediaWhat we are looking for is “earned media”, positive communication that is not paid for but spontaneouslyshared.Reach and share of voice of the earned media sources (the ones that will talk positively about the product) isnot as important as their RELEVANCE. No need to get Charlie Sheen (2.7 million followers) to tweet aboutresponsible drug use! For the message to have the right impact, it has to emanate from relevant, credible, orauthoritative source within our field of interest.Finding the right influencers is therefore one the main task of our WOM campaign. Fortunately, many toolsexist to help understand, define and reach those influencers. With Trackker, for example, it is possible tonarrowly define the topic and find those who matter the most, “from keywords to people”. As they say, URLsdon’t influence people, relevant people influence people.Community managementThe content of the Tiki’mee can be adapted and changed to reflect what is most important and what yourcommunity values most. By curating different but related content, Tiki’mee serves as a hub for people with asimilar condition or interest to get noticed, express themselves and also find a “community”. By connecting toeach other, people share insights, advice and personal experiences about heartburn and how to deal with thiscondition.The art of engaging with your stakeholders is really about the content that is produced. It would not pay off tohire a social media specialist to interact with the community without proper understanding and vision aboutwhat you want to achieve as an organization.This communication should be as direct as possible. The fewer the intermediaries, the better. It has to be agenuine communication between concerned individuals focused on relieving the health problem.What about the ROI?For the financial aspects, a rough estimate of the cost for one year could be about $20,000.A standard click through rate would be 2%. Depending on the level of exposure, the solution could triggerseveral thousands of clicks per month. A single feedback form completed by a targeted audience could beestimated $2 in value. Online sales generated from the Tiki’mee. The information provided to the customers.The WOM recommendations generated either in writing or even better in video format could each be worth$10. Discounting the click through ratios, a click could be estimated at $1. 20,000 clicks would suffice tomake the solution worthwhile.Still, it is difficult to make an assumption about how much revenue could be gained from using socialtechnology tools to get word of mouth recommendations. Here is a graph showing the benefits to be madefrom social technology solutions. From this you can calculate your total expenses in marketing and sales,multiply it by 19% to 29%, and get the potential value created.
  6. 6. Nicolas Zumino – Tiki’labs International Business DeveloperBibliography: books that have inspired me for this challengeEnchantment, by Guy KawazakiThis book is all about crating a product or service that is truly magical and that appeal to your stakeholders. Itwill help you demonstrate that you don’t just churn out drugs, but that essentially, you CARE about providinglong lasting relief to heartburn sufferers.The Tao of Twitter, by Mark W. SchaeferA powerful starter’s guide to using Twitter to get results while enjoying the journey. Practical advice intermeshedwith clever insights on how and why this social media can be so effective.The social economy: unlocking value and productivity through social technology, by McKinsey Global InstituteThis report provides insight about the potential gains to be reaped from the use of social technologies. Itdescribes a rapidly evolving environment in which social engagement play a vital role for businesses. It providesadvice on how best to harness value for each industry. If you haven’t yet, get it here( and readfrom p.59 – p.81Guide to influencer Marketing, by TraackrThis guide gives many hands on advice on how to define your target online conversations and start to reachand use the top influencers that are key to delivering your objectives. You can get this guide here(