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History of rock and roll


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History of rock and roll

  1. 1. Nicolás Parra Ballesteros
  2. 2.  Origins Development Rock and roll nowadays Summary Questions
  3. 3.  1930s Inmigration Races Young people need something different Jazz and blues Electric guitar
  4. 4.  Pure Rock and Roll Adolescents Guitar, double bass and drum set Artists Other styles
  5. 5.  Beatles rock Instruments revolution Styles
  6. 6.  Funk Punk Distortions Experimentation with styles
  7. 7.  Trash metal Start the marketing of music. Hip Hop
  8. 8.  Lot of marketing Grunge Kurt Cobain Electronic music Re-beatlemania
  9. 9.  Not good Old bands All is done  mix
  10. 10.  Inmigration in the USA Development along the XX century Not good rock nowadays.
  11. 11.  When was the electric guitar invented a) 1910 b) 1950 c) 1931Which was the most important band on the 60s a) The Beatles b) Rage against the machine c) Primus
  12. 12.  Who invented the grunge? a) 2pac b) Kurt Cobain c) John lenonWhat are bands doing today? a) Dancing b) Mixing c) Inventing new instruments