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TuneIn presentation @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018


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TuneIn presentation @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018
A look at TuneIn’s core benefits – one directory multiple platforms. Devices, reach, models, developments.
A review of the drivers and appetite for subscription models in Europe.
By Miles Palmer, representative of TuneIn for Europe.

The program of The European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018 is coorganized by Nicolas Moulard (Actuonda) and Xavier Filliol (Les Editions de l'Octet) in collaboration with Phiippe Chapot (Editions HF).

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TuneIn presentation @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018

  1. 1. Radio 1920 - 2018
  2. 2. Pivotal moments
  3. 3. TuneIn’s Reach 60 MillionG L O B A L M O N T H LY A C T I V E L I S T E N E R S 19 MillionU S M O N T H LY A C T I V E L I S T E N E R S 2.4 HoursD A I LY A V E R A G E L I S T E N I N G T I M E SOURCE: INTERNAL METRICS, SEPTEMBER 2015
  4. 4. Audio IP Benefits and disadvantages Benefits… • 1:1 so can target advertising • Pause, rewind, download • Access to vast range of content • New business models become possible (subscription, pay per listen) Disadvantages… • Cost of transmission proportional to listeners • Limited by access to the internet So does the audience care about transmission path? Yes… • If it is an extra cost • If it means more complication • If I have to buy an other device No… • If no perceived extra cost • Robust • Simple • Same device to do multiple applications.
  5. 5. MOBILE… 150,000 mobile downloads per day CONSUMER ELECTRONICS… available in over 200 branded products with millions of devices sold world-wide AUTOMOTIVE… TuneIn brings streaming radio to cars, quadrupling the number of official partner integrations in the past year to 50 models TuneIn Is Everywhere
  6. 6. • Streaming is fastest growing sector in Audio driven by Music which is transforming devices as well as habits. Spotify announced reaching 70m Subscribers in 2017 an increase of over 20m in one year. • Universal Media Group could see $2 billion in streaming revenue in 2018 • 2017 UK music sales growth 9.6% to £1.2Bn, Streaming up 42% • Consumer Technology Association found consumer spending on both video and audio on-demand streaming in North America is valued at $19.5 billion in revenue • At least 19% of the German-speaking population uses a streaming service at least weekly • Streaming delivered about half of India’s 2016 music revenue Audio Businesses • Sirius XM announced that it has exceeded its 2017 subscriber guidance. The satellite radio company ended the year with about 27.5 million self-pay subscribers, adding an estimated 1.56 million self-pay subscribers in 2017. • Sirius XM predicting revenue of about $5.7 billion and adjusted EBITDA of approximately $2.15 billion.
  7. 7. • Live radio has a 90% reach. • 50% of UK adults, downloaded radio apps. • Live radio largest share of listening hours but Just 50% for ages 15-24. • On-demand music has 28% audio share 15-24 year-olds. • 6.1 million adults use a podcast in an average week. Reach is highest, 20%, for the 25-34 age bracket. • 67% of listeners tune in on their smartphones. The largest group 35- 54 age group • Smartphones are led by on-demand listening at 37%, followed by digital tracks at 24% and live radio at 22%. UK Research from RAJAR • laptops and desktops, live radio is the top category at 35%, followed by on- demand at 30% and digital tracks at 21%. • Live radio had 53% of voice-activated speaker listening, while on-demand music services had 46%.
  8. 8. For subscription audio to work there needs to be Valuable Benefits Such benefits that have worked in the past are: • Unique content (Sports – TuneIn relationship with NFL, extensive library of music) • Coverage (Sirius/XM providing national channels now internet) • Removal of irritating content (ad free channels) Subscription Radio Partnership Highlight: TuneIn & NFL
  9. 9. Commercial-Free Stations Create a commercial-free version of your station. Your fans can upgrade to TuneIn Premium to hear all of your content- commercial free! Locked Premium Content is visible but not available for listening Ads along bottom screen for Non-Premium Members Locked Icon to indicate content is unavailable for Non- Premium Members Premium Stations available to Premium Listeners Add Free content for Premium Members L O C K E D U S E R P R E M I U M U S E R
  10. 10. Germany • TuneIn growth continuous with big jumps at Christmas due to the drive in the CE market • 2017 saw strong growth for New devices particularly Amazon Echo • TuneIn launches New functionality around podcasts so that users can download for off line listening • In tweet player for live steams
  11. 11. • Major players investing in audio – Amazon, Google and Apple. • Consumer Technology Association projected 2018 smart speakers sales of 43.6 million units, up 60% from 2017. Revenue for the segment is expected to grow 93% to $3.8 billion • British firm Canalys recently published its own assessment of the smart speaker market. On a global scale, it projected that smart speaker sales would reach 56.3 million shipments • Smart speakers are also leading a boost in overall smart home products, which are expected to see 40.8 million units sold (up 41%) for revenue of $4.5 billion. Smart Speakers • 16% of American adults, about 39-million people, now own a smart speaker. Smart speaker adoption is growing at the pace of smartphones several years ago.
  12. 12. • comScore estimates 50% of all search will be via voice tech by 2020. Smart Speakers behaviours
  13. 13. What does a Partnership with TuneIn Mean? • Distribute your content across hundreds of connected devices including mobile and automotive. • Potential revenue streams through ad supported and premium listenership • Access to our analytics tool, track your content listening • Increase your followers and engage directly with your audience. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION BROADCASTER TOOLS MONETIZATION FOLLOWING AUDIENCE
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