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Multicast Media audio transcription for radio @ Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018 b


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MASTERCLASS MULTICAST MEDIA : Audio Transcription for Radio : getting discovered in a world of digital giants
By Robert Förster, founder and CEO of Multicast Media

Multicast Media is the media processing company and believes in the great future of audio.
With them radio stations are prepared for the mixture of Live- and OnDemand-Content.
With the innovative Speech-to-Text-technology as a basis Multicast Media wants the radio stations to visualize and enrich their unique content and place it automatically to all channels and platform their listeners are. With Multicast Media innovations media companies are best prepared to convert audio into multimedia experience, to communicate multichannel and multiplatform, to create new revenue models and to raise their market situation.

The program of The European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018 is coorganized by Nicolas Moulard (Actuonda) and Xavier Filliol (Les Editions de l'Octet) in collaboration with Phiippe Chapot (Editions HF).

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Multicast Media audio transcription for radio @ Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018 b

  1. 1. Multicast Media GmbH
  2. 2. Multicast Media GmbH MULTICAST MEDIA The AudioTransforming Company • visualizer of audio • connector to multiple channels & platforms • Pro of Speech2Text & Text2Speech • innovator for higher range and new revenue models
  3. 3. Multicast Media GmbH THE PLANS OF THE BIG PLAYERS AMAZON SPOTIFY APPLE GOOGLE brands will be more and more part of the whole social environment of the users
  4. 4. Multicast Media GmbH MULTICAST MEDIA MULTICHANNEL FOR RADIO STATIONS • be there where your target audience is • know more about your audience
  5. 5. Multicast Media GmbH FUTURE-ORIENTED SOLUTIONS DIGITAL / MULTICHANNEL / ONDEMAND • AudioTranscription • Podsnacks / Snippets • Audio-Library • Augmented Radio • New Revenue Models
  6. 6. Multicast Media GmbH convert speech-to- text of audios and videos every single word is tagged transcription-rate: 85 - 97 % spotlight search by keywords, phrases and whole sentences automated translation in more than 30 languages INNOVATIVE AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION drag’n drop videos, pictures or websites speaker recognition with sample-rate- analyzation automated categorizing for machine learning audio libraries
  7. 7. Multicast Media GmbH NATURAL LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING & PROCESSING • automatic Keyword- processing • categorize content • automatic contextual linking Your unique content for your unique target groups
  8. 8. Multicast Media GmbH MULTIMEDIA RADIO TEXT - AUDIO - VIDEO 1. create content 2. automatic transforming with Text2Speech 3. drag’n drop pictures & videos 4. publish to multiple platforms
  9. 9. Multicast Media GmbH THE AUDIOGRAM • automatic generated social media post • automatic picture search by keywords • automatic subtitling
  10. 10. Multicast Media GmbH SNIPPETS / TEASER / PODSNACKS STT & TTS Word- Tagging CMS
  11. 11. Multicast Media GmbH THE DIGITAL AUDIO LIBRARY content is marked automatically in playout system Ad-/ Regio- Server convert STT & TTS Word- Tagging • transcription audio files • audio data management • analytics keywords & sample-rate
  12. 12. Multicast Media GmbH NEW REVENUE MODELS NEXT LEVEL TARGETING / DATA-MANAGEMENT • programmatic advertising • context linking • subscription for advanced services • distributed to different target groups • geolocation, demographic, sinus-milieus • pushed to all platforms and channels automatically
  13. 13. Multicast Media GmbH Robert Förster +49 331 867 507 - 11 @multicastmedia @multicast_media @multicastmedia
  14. 14. Baromètre de l’Audio Digital 2017 @Kantar_Media KantarMediaGlobal company/kantar-media @KantarMedia +KantarMedia A propos de Kantar Media Kantar Media est l’acteur majeur des données et analyses médias. Partout dans le monde nous apportons à nos clients la "media data" nécessaire à la prise de décisions éclairées dans tous les domaines de la mesure, du suivi et des stratégies médias. Rattaché au groupe Kantar, la branche de WPP dédiée au management de données, Kantar Media propose les informations les plus complètes et précises sur la consommation des médias, leur performance et la valeur médiatique. Retrouvez tous nos insights sur © Kantar Media