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Five main tactics for the radio business to deploy and develop in 2018 by egta @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018


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Five main tactics for the radio business to deploy and develop in 2018 by Egta @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018

By Yuri Lobourets, Director Radio at EGTA

The program of The European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018 is coorganized by Nicolas Moulard (Actuonda) and Xavier Filliol (Les Editions de l'Octet) in collaboration with Phiippe Chapot (Editions HF).

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Five main tactics for the radio business to deploy and develop in 2018 by egta @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2018

  1. 1. FIVE MAIN TACTICS FOR THE RADIO BUSINESS TO DEPLOY AND DEVELOP IN 2018 An overview of best practices from Europe and the U.S. Yuri Loburets, Director Radio
  2. 2. The knowledge and best practices reference centre 43 143 41 75 1200
  3. 3. Speaking about radio…
  4. 4. Same challenges and changes • Transformation of radio as a medium • Changed distribution landscape • Audience acquisition and retention • Competition for advertising investments
  5. 5. “2018 is the year we become less about prediction and more about creating reality.” - Jay Green, Cadence13
  6. 6. Make the most from broadcast radio
  7. 7. Making radio easier and nicer to buy Automation and programmatic for radio (Jelli, Adremes, J-ET) • Clients expect automation and self service • Reduce transaction costs on both sides • Leverage data and consumer insights • Improve efficiency and ROI • Real-time optimisation and reporting • Monetisation of a broader spectrum of inventory
  8. 8. Presentation and client service Open Square by Rai Pubblicità • New marketing and booking tool • Give clients an option to chose how to interact with your sales team • New generation of CRM
  9. 9. New categories of clients + KPI based approach
  10. 10. Where do we go beyond broadcast?
  11. 11. How Silicon Valley Reengineered Media Source:Tow Center for Digital Journalism report, March 2017
  12. 12. Filter and prioritise platforms
  13. 13. Questions to ask yourselves • Is there an audience? • Is it a “radio” audience? • Will it grow? • Do we have an idea what to do there? • Do we know how to monetise it?
  14. 14. “Skittles” analysis • Analogue broadcast • Digital broadcast • Web • Desktop application • iOS apps • Android apps • CarPlay • Android Auto • Smartwatches • Smartspeakers • YouTube • TuneIn • Podcasts • Video streams • Hybrid radio • Social media • Soundcloud • TV • Messengers Inspired by presentation of Ivan Kolpakov, Is there an audience? Is it “a radio” audience? Will it grow? Do we have an idea what to do there? Do we know how to monetise it?
  15. 15. Karnaval Media (Turkey)
  16. 16. Karnaval Media (Turkey)
  17. 17. Develop non-linear products for new platforms
  18. 18. Source: “Music Consumption: The Overall Landscape 2017”, AudienceNet/LOOP Listening to music radio brands (AM/FM) online accounts for 2%-4% TSL across all demographics.
  19. 19. (Smart) Radio for smartphones
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Non-linear radio Fresh stats from Ruediger Landgraf, PD KRONEHIT, Austria • 168.000 installs since mid 2017 • 35% of logged-in listeners • Logged-in listeners listen 44% longer than non logged-in • Average skip-rate is 15% • Over 1 million audio spots played (via Adswizz)
  22. 22. (Smart) Radio for smartpeakers
  23. 23. Smartspeakers are booming • The fastest growing electronic device category ever – 129% in 2017 • Almost 40 million Americans have smart speakers at home • 45% of them plan to purchase another speaker • 69% of owners have encouraged their friends to get a speaker Sources: Smart Audio Report, Edison Research 2017, eMarketer, Juniper Research
  24. 24.
  25. 25. The U.S. case – recommendations for radio • Develop own app/skill for smart speaker and promote it • Simulcast won’t work – radio product for smart speakers has to be interactive, personalized and with on-demand capabilities • Educate your audience about smart speakers, integrate speakers in on- air shows scripts and use its interactive capabilities to engage audience (polls, quizzes, etc.) • Try and experiment with the interactivity component for storytelling • Deploy interactive and personalized advertising (InstreamaticAI, A Million Ads etc.)
  26. 26. Non-broadcast platforms require a non-broadcast approach for audio advertising
  27. 27. The challenge of mobile ads • Ads have not been optimised for mobile • Format borrowed from desktop • Planning borrowed from broadcast • Obstructive • Not native to user experience • Limited attention (scrolling) • Fat Thumbs • Not visible • Not clickable • Negative experience
  28. 28. Pandora’s approach to advertising • Who – data-supported insights about the audience of a given message and how it resonates with the target audience of a product. • When – what is the right time to start a conversation, not to interrupt or intrude, rather than hammering listeners with commercials when they are not actually receptive. • How – what is the best format to deliver a message and how to personalise it.
  29. 29. Data driven Source: “Making Data work for radio”, 2017 egta
  30. 30. Speaks to you
  31. 31. Contextual Intelligent Ad delivery: • Fundamental ad timing • Context aware
  32. 32. Reward based advertising for audio Opt-in advertising: • Provide tangible value to listener • Beneficial for listener, advertiser and publisher • Engaging • Positive feedback • High CPA
  33. 33. Interactive audio ads • Voice is the new click • Interactive audio ads allow consumers to respond directly to advertised offers when listening to audio content on their mobile device
  34. 34. And some other tactics to discover in 2018…
  35. 35. What else can radio do • New approach to B2B and B2C marketing • Leverage your loyal audience and reach – events, partnerships • Use online data to inform your programming decisions • Prove that radio advertising works – do ROI research • New business model - subscription based audio • Cooperate with other radios - look beyond traditional competition
  36. 36. Thank you! Yuri Loburets Director Radio at egta
  37. 37. @Kantar_Media KantarMediaGlobal company/kantar-media @KantarMedia +KantarMedia A propos de Kantar Media Kantar Media est l’acteur majeur des données et analyses médias. Partout dans le monde nous apportons à nos clients la "media data" nécessaire à la prise de décisions éclairées dans tous les domaines de la mesure, du suivi et des stratégies médias. Rattaché au groupe Kantar, la branche de WPP dédiée au management de données, Kantar Media propose les informations les plus complètes et précises sur la consommation des médias, leur performance et la valeur médiatique. Retrouvez tous nos insights sur © Kantar Media