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Brief ismir intro + Spotify usecase @ Webinar Radio 2.0 MediaDATA Ismir2018


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Brief ismir intro + Spotify usecase
By Eric Humpfrey / Secretary of ISMIR & Machine Learning Engineering Manager at Spotify

Radio 2.0 Webinar Series #MediaData
28 septembre 2018 @ Vivendi
En partenariat avec Deezer, RCS, INA, Médiamétrie, Audion, Singlespot, VR Connection, La Lettre Pro de la Radio, Broadcast Associés

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Brief ismir intro + Spotify usecase @ Webinar Radio 2.0 MediaDATA Ismir2018

  1. 1. The International Society for Music Information Retrieval A brief introduction @ejhumphrey / 2018.09.28
  2. 2. About The International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) is a non-profit organization seeking to advance the access, organization, and understanding of music information. We are interdisciplinary by design – music theory, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, library science, electrical engineering, machine learning, etc
  3. 3. The Society’s Board President: Emilia Gómez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain President-elect: Meinard Müller, International Audio Laboratories Secretary: Eric J. Humphrey, Spotify, USA Treasurer: Bob Sturm, KTH, Sweden Member-at-large: Geoffroy Peeters, IRCAM, France Member-at-large: Blair Kaneshiro, Smule, USA Member-at-large: Douglas Turnbull, Ithaca College Student member: Iris Yuping Ren, Utrecht U., Netherlands
  4. 4. Objectives Foster the exchange of ideas between and among members whose activities, though diverse, stem from a common interest in MIR Stimulate research, development, and improvement in teaching in all branches of MIR Encourage publication and distribution of theoretical, empirical, and applied studies Cooperate with representatives of other organizations and disciplines toward the furtherance of MIR Support and encourage diversity in membership and the disciplines involved as a fundamental aspect of the society
  5. 5. Conference Impact
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  11. 11.
  12. 12. ISMIR2019 - Delft
  13. 13. ISMIR2020 - Montreal
  14. 14. Common Use Cases Understand music content and listener preferences to recommend music for discovery and enjoyment at scale Music transcription and visualization for education and gaming Intelligent technology for musicians and novices to express themselves and share it with the world
  15. 15. Some Current Challenges Music audio recordings are more heavily subject to copyright and redistribution limitations Music is an intelligent human behavior and it's experience is highly subjective Funding for music information research is hard to come by in academia
  16. 16. Future Directions and Opportunities Music is fundamentally human and an exciting topic area for the study of artificial intelligence The emphasis on music is an attractive opportunity for early education and inclusion in a computer science field Creative MIR is a newer avenue for reducing barriers to music making and personal expression
  17. 17. merci! @ejhumphrey