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Sharing One Planet


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Sharing One Planet

  1. 1. Sharing one Planet ? What ? Why ? Who ? When ? Where ? CARE – CHRC – 18th January 2008 How ?1 Name of chairman
  2. 2. Current Global Landscape Can we agree on key assumptions ?? Today most of the processes for a “better living together on ourplanet” are significantly fragmented and poorly connected ? Thereare lots of initiatives working in isolation and very often generatingcounter-productive efforts ?? In those times of multidimensional challenges - technical,economical, political, cultural & spiritual -, to ensure that focus ismaintained on improving the state of the world and making it morehuman, while preserving the diversity of cultures, it requires, morethan ever, strong alignment and empowerment of all keystakeholders ? CARE – CHRC – 18th January 2008? Indeed, there are direct links with the Millennium DevelopmentGoals from the United Nations and worldwide leaderships ? 2 Name of chairman
  3. 3. Understanding what may be the key objectives ? Develop Monitor ? Evaluate Plan CARE – CHRC – 18th January 20083 Name of chairman
  4. 4. Any similarity with what we call “basic” Business ? People Products Systems Develop Risk Monitor Value Evaluate Creation ? Data Opportunities Plan CARE – CHRC – 18th January 2008 Standards Strategy4 Name of chairman
  5. 5. Is this anything special or more complex ? Awareness Ownership Data Develop RiskManagement Control Monitor Focus ? Evaluate Data Plan RootEvaluation Causes Regulations Stakeholder CARE – CHRC – 18th January 2008 Standards Dialogue5 Name of chairman
  6. 6. Any benefit in developing systematic approaches; mapping, alignment & empowerment ? Advertisers Teachers Promoters ResearchSystemsSolutions Improvement Individuals Teams Regulations Local Collective Authorities Bodies intelligence ?Rating Surveillance PrivateAgents Bodies United Sector Civil CARE – CHRC – 18th January 2008 Nations Society6 Name of chairman
  7. 7. Sharing one planet Next steps ? CARE – CHRC – 18th January 20087 Name of chairman