Influencer Marketing is The Eldorado of Social Media Marketing


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I delivered this presentation on June 13th at my keynote speech at the BDigital Congress in Barcelona. It covers the key aspects of influencer marketing. What are the foundations of influencer marketing ? What is influence and can it be measured ? What does it mean for brands and why should it be a key element of your digital marketing strategies ? What are the 4 main challenges for a successful execution ? I also outline the two main trends that will define the future of influence marketing

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Influencer Marketing is The Eldorado of Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluencerMarketing:The El Doradoof Social MediaMarketingBDigital Global CongressBarcelona, June 14th, 2013
  2. 2. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsHola!From @traackr @nicochabsTraackr is the leading influencer marketing platform.We help brands and agencies identify influencers andmanage their influencer strategies.
  3. 3. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsNow in Spanish
  4. 4. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluencerMarketing :From Big Datato ActionableInformation
  5. 5. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsIt’s about findingthe people inthe noise
  6. 6. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsWho are thekey sources ofinformation?
  7. 7. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsWho are thepeople with themost impact?
  9. 9. Traackr@traackr@nicochabs3% of peoplegenerate 90% ofthe impactKey fact I
  10. 10. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsAnd they are uniqueto the context theyoperate in3% HYBRID CARS3% HEALTH3% CLOUD COMPUTING
  11. 11. Traackr@traackr@nicochabs“Influencer marketing isabout generating positiveimpact towards your targetthrough the social capitalof selected individuals”
  12. 12. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsBut whatis actuallyinfluence?“You have been influenced when you think something youwouldn’t otherwise have thought or do something youwouldn’t otherwise have done.”P. SheldrakeThe business of influence
  13. 13. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsLet us think about acouple of questionsWhich movie did you last see at the cinema?Why are you attending this conference?Who did you vote for at the last election?
  14. 14. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsCan you tell whoinfluenced you?Which movie did you last see at the cinema?Why are you attending this conference?Who did you vote for at the last election?
  15. 15. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluence iscomplexWhich car started it ?(Courtesy P. Sheldrake)
  16. 16. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsCan you reallymeasure it ?Which car started it ?(Courtesy P. Sheldrake)
  17. 17. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsBeforeit happens?This is what marketers are asking for!
  18. 18. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsIn fact, the best we cando is measure who is inthe best position to exertan influence on a specificaudience.
  19. 19. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluence can’t bemeasured by onevanity score
  20. 20. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe 3 pillars ofinfluence set agood foundation
  21. 21. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe 3 pillarsof influenceapplied todigital marketingen espanol
  22. 22. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluencerMarketingis AdvocacyMarketing
  23. 23. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsWho do you trustfor purchasingdecisions?
  24. 24. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsInfluencermarketing hasalways existed
  25. 25. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsBut it’s takingnew shapeas a mass media
  26. 26. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsAnd in the handsof key experts
  27. 27. Traackr@traackr@nicochabs2 key moments in thecustomer journey whereinfluence is strategic
  28. 28. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe POMEWhat is the POME for your market?
  29. 29. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe ZMOT
  30. 30. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe 4Challengesof InfluencerMarketing
  31. 31. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsDefine yourcommunityNurture yourexisting clientsMaximizeyour salesDevelopyour brandYour SuperfansMy brand, My brand,My brand, My brandSector influencersMy product, My usage,My competition...My target audienceTheir area of interest,their community1
  32. 32. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsDefine yourcommunity1
  33. 33. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsFind the rightpeople for youIs he the right personfor you ?2
  34. 34. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsFind the rightpeople for youWhich one is drivingmore impact ?Scoble : 40 000 followersFalls : 35 000 followers2
  35. 35. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsUnderstandwho they are2
  36. 36. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsUnderstandhow they connect2
  37. 37. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsUnderstandwhere they are2
  38. 38. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsBuild mutuallybeneficialrelationships Build long termrelationshipsCreate engagingcontent3
  39. 39. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsCo-createcontentViki Chowney ofour Engagers’series talks aboutco-creation3
  40. 40. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsRememberyour objectiveTurn the potential of your influencers intoreal, positive influence3
  41. 41. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsMeasureThe big ROI question?4
  42. 42. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsMeasureThe big ROI question?Same as any marketing activity4
  43. 43. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsA framework tomeasurementActivity Output OutcomePaid MediaOwned MediaInfluencer MediaDistributionVisitorsSocio demographicsSEO rankFansTransfomation ratePopularityRelevanceAdvocacyClickthroughImpressionsViewsTrafficSharesLikesShare of voiceAdvocacy indexLeadsSalesAwarenessReputationConsideration4
  44. 44. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsMeasurewhat matters4
  45. 45. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsThe Futureof InfluencerMarketing
  46. 46. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsIntegrate InfluencerMarketing in yourdigital plansTraditionalMediaOnline Advertisinig MediaOwned media and SearchSocial Media MarketingInfluencer Marketing- 3%+17%+10%+30%+300%TraditionalMediaOnline Advertisinig MediaOwned media and SearchSocial Media MarketingInfluencer Marketing- 3%+17%+10%+30%+300%
  47. 47. Traackr@traackr@nicochabsLeverage techto focus yourresources
  48. 48. Traackr@traackr@nicochabs¡