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SuiteWorld16: Mega Volume - How TubeMogul Leverages NetSuite


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TubeMogul handles over one trillion ad auctions per month. This session will showcase the successful integration that helped TubeMogul improve its order, fulfillment, and payment workflow of every one of those auctions. You'll be given the complete breakdown on the end-to-end workflow, as well as the technical and organizational implementation challenges overcome in handling this tremendous volume.

Published in: Engineering
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SuiteWorld16: Mega Volume - How TubeMogul Leverages NetSuite

  1. 1. Mega Volume: How TubeMogul Leverages NetSuite May 18th , 2016 Nicolas Brousse | Sr. Director Of Operations Engineering |
  2. 2. TubeMogul will be talking about its own products and/or services, which it makes available directly to customers. The statements and opinions contained herein are those of TubeMogul and not of NetSuite. NetSuite has not verified any statements or claims herein and assumes no responsibility for such statements or claims. Cautionary Note
  3. 3. Who are we? ● Enterprise software company for digital branding ● Over 12.6 Trillion Ad Auctions filtered in 2015 ● Over 3 Billion Ad Impressions served on linear TV via our PTV solution ● Bid processed in less than 50 ms ● Bid served in less than 80 ms (include network round trip) ● 5 PB of monthly video traffic served
  4. 4. Platform Direct (PD) allows you to continuously run campaigns through a self-serve model Platform Services (PS) allows you to specify campaign objectives and have our team execute on your behalf Tow Offerings
  5. 5. High Level Technical Overview
  6. 6. Where does it fit in?
  7. 7. ● Java (a lot!) ● MySQL ● Memcached, Couchbase ● Aerospike, Vertica, Druid ● Kafka ● Storm ● Zookeeper, Exhibitor ● Hadoop, HBase, Hive ● Terracotta ● ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana ● Varnish ● PHP, Python, Ruby, Go... ● Apache httpd ● Nagios, Sensu ● Ganglia, Graphite, Grafana Technology Hoarders ● Puppet ● HAproxy ● OpenStack ● Git and Gerrit ● Gor ● ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ ● OpenLDAP ● Redis ● Blackbox ● Jenkins, Sonar ● RunDeck ● Tomcat, Jetty, Netty ● Qubole ● Snowflake ● AWS DynamoDB, EC2, S3, SWF...
  8. 8. Introduce and scale out a global solution to automate the tracking and billing of all platform campaigns to enable our teams to focus on revenue, growing the business, and allow our accounting teams to forecast accurately. NetSuite Business Purpose
  9. 9. Business Workflow Data is automatically loaded into Netsuite. Accounting to handle all invoices seamlessly!
  10. 10. Business Workflow (simplified) 1. Create new accounts/campaigns/vendors/IOs in the platform 2. Export hourly the above data to NetSuite via custom API’s and Amazon SWF. 3. Accounting approve new accounts and IOs 4. Campaigns run and daily costs/fees/stats are ingested with Amazon SWF. Third party data are ingested weekly. 5. End of month, accounting verifies the data and cuts invoices
  11. 11. Upaya developed a RESTlet API in Javascript using SuiteTalk and SuiteScript to Customize NetSuite to our needs. Custom Integration with NetSuite
  12. 12. • Customer API • Campaign API • Vendor API • Timestamp API • Count API • Employee API • Re-roll API • IO and package API • Platform delivery data ingestion API • TPAS API • TubeMogul Media Delivery API NetSuite API Coverage
  13. 13. Daily Exports with Amazon SWF
  14. 14. Partner Reports / SWF Netsuite
  15. 15. Amazon SWF Export Jobs 1. NetsuiteDBTableExport exports data from database, includes Accounts, Campaigns, and Service Providers 2. NetsuiteManagedPackageExport exports platform fees for "managed" campaigns 3. NetsuiteRollupExport exports platform cost/fees for PD and cost for PS 4. NetsuiteTpasExport exports third-party ad server data
  16. 16. End Of Month: What to look for?
  17. 17. Nicolas Brousse @orieg