From Ceilometer to Telemetry: not so alarming!


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Presentation of Ceilometer (OpenStack Telemetry) new features in OpenStack Havana and a look at the features coming in IceHouse. Joint presentation done with Julien Danjou at the OpenStack In Action 4 (Dec 5th 2013)

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From Ceilometer to Telemetry: not so alarming!

  1. 1. From Ceilometer to Telemetry Not so alarming! A Julien Danjou & Nick Barcet presentation for OpenStack in action! 4 on the 5th December 2013
  2. 2. Speakers Nick Barcet VP Products @ eNovance Co-founded the Ceilometer project at the Folsom summit and led the project through incubation Julien Danjou Ceilometer Lead Dev @ eNovance Has been a core Ceilometer contributor from the outset, taking over the PTL reins for Havana
  3. 3. State of the project ● Officially named OpenStack Telemetry ● Havana is the first integrated release ● Community growth ○ Grizzly: 30 contributors, 267 commits ○ Havana: 57 contributors, 434 commits
  4. 4. What was done during the Havana cycle?
  5. 5. UDP transport ● Faster, stateless ● Lighter (msgpack encoding) but… ● No delivery guaranteed ● Not signed ▶ Use case: gathering metrics for alarms
  6. 6. Improved API ● Group samples by fields when requesting statistics (?groupby[]=user_id) ● Limit the number of items returned (?limit=42) ● Provides links to other resources in the API
  7. 7. Send your own samples Users or operators can send samples ➔ Leverage the statistics ➔ Usable for alarming POST /v2/meters/mymeter [{ "counter_type": "gauge", "counter_unit": "megabyte", "counter_volume": 142.0, "user_id": "efd87807-12d2-4b38-9c705f5c2ac427ff", "project_id": "35b17138-b364-4e6a-a1318f3099c5be68", "resource_id": "bd9431c1-8d69-4ad3-803a8d4a6b89fd36", "resource_metadata": { "name1": "value1", "name2": "value2" }, "source": "mypaasplatform", "timestamp": "2013-09-10T20:34:13.711330" }]
  8. 8. New storage backends
  9. 9. Database TTL Previously: No way to purge data. Ceilometer produces a lot of data (gigabytes per day) Now: ceilometer-expirer will drop data older than the configured time-to-live delay
  10. 10. Hyper-V ➔ Disk, network and CPU usage
  11. 11. New meters ● API endpoints ○ Meters the requests made to API server (Neutron, Glance, Nova, Swift, etc) ● Neutron bandwidth ○ Meter the bandwidth consumed by each project ○ Traffic labeled as configured by operator (based on source/destination)
  12. 12. Neutron Traffic Labels Internet label: Ext label: Compute VM VM label: Object VM Swift Swift Swift
  13. 13. Alarms Regularly watch for meters statistics values and triggers actions based on threshold crossings.
  14. 14. Alarms architecture Ceilometer API R P C H T T P Ceilometer alarm evaluator Webhook, SMS, e-mail… B u s Trigger Trigger Ceilometer Ceilometer alarm notifier Ceilometer alarm notifier alarm notifier
  15. 15. Alarm types ● Threshold alarms Triggered once a value crosses a threshold “Call a Webhook as soon as CPU usage goes above 80%” ● Combination alarms Triggered once all alarms in that alarm are triggered “Call a Webhook as soon as alarm “foo” and alarm “bar” are triggered”
  16. 16. Alarms API POST /v2/alarms GET /v2/alarms/foobar PUT /v2/alarms/foobar { "alarm_actions": [ "http://site:8000/alarm"], "insufficient_data_actions": ["http://site:8000/nodata"], "ok_actions": ["http://site:8000/ok"], "comparison_operator": "gt", "description": "An alarm", "evaluation_periods": 2, "matching_metadata": {"key_name": "key_value"}, "meter_name": "storage.objects", "name": "SwiftObjectAlarm", "period": 240, "statistic": "avg", "threshold": 200.0 } DELETE /v2/alarms/foobar
  17. 17. Heat & auto-scaling API service Heat Engine injects user metadata triggers alarm my_stack Instance Alarm evaluator monitors instances Compute Agent Ceilometer creates alarms
  18. 18. Heat & auto-scaling API Heat Engine Alarms injects user metadata my_stack Instance Instance Instance scales out stack Compute Ceilometer alarming
  19. 19. Heat & auto-scaling API Heat Engine Alarms injects user metadata my_stack Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance scales out stack Compute Ceilometer alarming
  20. 20. Events storage (Almost) all OpenStack components send notifications on events: let’s store them. ➔ Useful to be able to re-generate samples ➔ Useful to generate new sample we did not think about ➔ Allow to have a double-entry accounting ➔ Audit ability Not yet complete, to be continued in Icehouse
  21. 21. Exciting ideas for Icehouse we’re going to hack on.
  22. 22. General improvements ● Split the collector in two logical pieces ● Rely on notification for samples rather than RPC ● Bring SQLAlchemy and MongoDB driver almost on parity ● Support for hardware polling ● Support Ironic
  23. 23. API improvements ● Complex filtering and query DSL x OR y AND z ● /v2/samples (a.k.a. /v2/meter without the meter) ● Return rate rather than absolute value ● More statistics functions (rate of change, moving-window averages…) ● Bulk requests
  24. 24. Alarming Exclude low sample counts ● Allow time constrained alarms ●
  25. 25. Distributed polling Leveraging Tooz and Taskflow to distribute tasks among workers (agents). ★ Ability to distribute the polling ★ Replace alarm evaluator custom distributor
  26. 26. OpenStack Telemetry Ceilometer #openstack-ceilometer @ Freenode The end.
  27. 27. Backup slides
  28. 28. Heat & auto-scaling my_stack Instance API service Meter store queries stats reports samples Compute Agent provides alarm rules Alarm evaluator Ceilometer Heat Engine