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Rhythm and poetry


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A power point about an up coming magazine

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Rhythm and poetry

  1. 1. Rhythm and Poetry R A P Nicola Brazier
  2. 2. Genre • Rapping is "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics” • RAP stands for ‘’Rhythm and poetry’’ • Rapping can be delivered over a beat or without accompaniment. • Stylistically, rap occupies a gray area between speech, prose, poetry, and singing
  3. 3. Monthly price • I would like for my magazine to cost £ 4.00
  4. 4. Audience • I am not aiming to a certain audience or age • Most likely teenagers would buy the magazine • People that mainly enjoy RAP music • Ages between: 16-22
  5. 5. Audience profile likes and dislikes • Likes: information about artists, new artists, concerts, promotions of new products, fashion tips, celebrity outfits. • Dislikes: Non RAP information
  6. 6. Name • The name of magazine is Rhythm and poetry that stand for RAP. • The name of the magazine suits the genre and what the magazine will be about.
  7. 7. House style font colours • The main colours of my magazine will be: • Khaki • Black • Cream, Green
  8. 8. Images • New artists • Concerts • About the music industry • Promotions of new products • Celebrities • Outfits • Fashion
  9. 9. Double page spreads • In my double page I will talk about my new artist, that has just come into the RAP industry and her first concert.
  10. 10. Inducements • I will offer a monthly RAP Cd with the new RAP songs from the previous month
  11. 11. USP unique selling point • My magazine will differ from other magazines because I will mainly write about the new artist I am promoting. And how she wants to change the music industry.