Curriculum Vitae       Personal information    First name(s) / Surname(s)         Nicola Carmine Salerno                  ...
the disposal of firms, to dedicate it to finance pension funds; (4) participation to the works of the                     ...
covered     Economics; Final result: ‘110/110’; Title of the dissertation: “Estimation of fiscal facilities granted to    ...
Other information   Recently, I used regional data to compute regional per-capita profile of health care expenditure by se...
“Measures to reduce early retirement", in ‘Rapporto sulle Riforme Economiche’, pp. 53-62, Ministry of          Treasury, R...
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Cv Nicola Carmine Salerno 2012


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Cv Nicola Carmine Salerno 2012

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Personal information First name(s) / Surname(s) Nicola Carmine Salerno Address Via San Remo, 3 00182 Rome (Rome) Telephone(s) +393479023927 Mobile +393479023927 E-mail(s), Nationality Italian Date of birth 16 September 1970 Gender Male Desired employment / Welfare Economics (health and pension systems), Regulation, Occupational field Law&Economics, Impact Evaluation of Public Policies Work experience Dates 9/2003 - present Occupation or position held Senior EconomistMain activities and responsibilities I have been working in CeRM since 2003, focusing on pensions, health care and welfare systems. I developed several analyses on the Italian pension system, also in an international comparative perspective. By the methodological point of view, my contributions ever try to combine the normative and institutional approach with rigorous quantifications and simulations over the mid-long run. An other salient feature of my job regards the connections of pensions with the other parts of the welfare system, and in particular health care provisions for the elderly and long-term cares. Moreover, several works have been focused on the trade-off between adequacy of pensions and the sustainability of public finances. Combining these two goals requires to extend the analyses to labour market reforms and to the development of the multipillar pension system. Almost all works are available at the institutional website Name and address of employer Cerm - Competitiveness, Regulation, Markets Via Salaria, 3, 00182 Rome (Italy) Type of business or sector Research Institution Dates 9/2001 – 9/2003 Occupation or position held Economist at Italian Power Exchange Operator (GMEMain activities and responsibilities I entered Gme ( when it had been just started in 2001. I contributed to the writing of the first framework of rules on the basis of which operators could sell/buy energy and power on the virtual market managed by Gme. It was a very interesting experience, with the application and concretization of a lot a microeconomic theory. Name and address of employer GME Via M. Pilsudsky, 5, Rome (Italy) Type of business or sector Private Industrial Sector Dates 7/1999 – 2/2001 Occupation or position held Economist ISAE – Institute for Studies and Economic AnalysesMain activities and responsibilities Researcher in the Area "Microeconomics and Public Finance" ( Among my duties: (1) welfare state reforms monitoring; (2) impact evaluation of the reform of the fiscal treatment of the Italian private pension pillars (2000); (3) impact evaluation of the subtraction of the severance pay to 1
  2. 2. the disposal of firms, to dedicate it to finance pension funds; (4) participation to the works of the Bertlesmanns network on European welfare systems; (5) application of the UNDP indicators of poverty / welfare to Italian Regions and Cities; (6) participation to the debate that accompanied the first adoption in Italy of an indicator of economic and social conditions (Ise), to filter the access to social provisions financed by the public. Name and address of employer ISAE - Institute for Studies and Economic Analyses Piazza dellIndipendenza, 4, 00185 Rome (Italy) Type of business or sector Economic analyses - National Administration/Government Dates 11/2000 - 06/2004 Occupation or position held Assistant in the Italian Treasury Department Main activities and responsibilities I gave assistance in the designing and assessing of structural reforms regarding the Italian pension system and the Italian labour market. During this period, I have also participated, as assistant, to the works of the Ageing Working Group of EPC-ECOFIN. I have also contributed to the first Joint Report on Pensions among the so called "European open coordination method on pensions and welfare". My chapter contained a simulation of the tax rate on the prolongation of work, "implicit" in the Italian pension rules. I was in charge of discussing the Pension Report presented by Austria, during the final meeting held in Bruxelles Name and address of employer Italian Treasury Via XX Settembre, 00185 Rome (Italy) Type of business or sector National Administrtation/Government Dates 1/98 – 7/99 Occupation or position held Employed in the Equity Capital Market Main activities and responsibilities Employed in the Equity Capital Market Division of Mediobanca S.p.A. - Milan (financial consultancy mainly to pension funds). My main duty was consultancy to private pension funds about the normative/regulatory framework that Covip (the Italian Authority on Pension Funds) was, in that period, starting to construct. Beside this main duty, I was also involved, as assistant, in all the Initial Public Offerings that Mediobanca managed in that period (Telecom and Bnl were the biggest two). Name and address of employer Mediobanca S.p.A. Piazzetta E. Cuccia,1, Milan (Italy) Type of business or sector Private Financial Sector Education and training Dates 1995 - 1998 Title of qualification awarded Phd in EconomicsPrincipal subjects / occupational skills Economic Policy, Public Finance (focusing on welfare system) covered Final dissertation: “Comparison between the macroeconomic performances of a Capitalisation Pension System and a Pay-as-you-go Pension System in a context of endogenous growth due to Human Capital Accumulation”. Tutors: Prof. F. Hahn (Cambridge University), Prof. G. Costa (University of Pisa). The thesis was awarded by the SIE (Italian Economic Association). Name and type of organisation University od Siena (University) providing education and training (Italy) Dates 1996 - 1997 Title of qualification awarded Masters Decree in EconomicsPrincipal subjects / occupational skills Economics and Public Finance. Final dissertation: “A comparison between the macroeconomic covered performances of a Private and a Public Pension System”. Tutors: Prof. De la Croix (Université Catholique de Louvain), Prof. P. Pestieau (Université de Liege). Name and type of organisation Université Catholique de Louvain providing education and training Louvain (Belgium) Dates 1989 - 1994 Title of qualification awarded Degree in EconomicsPrincipal subjects / occupational skills Degree in Economics at the “L. Bocconi” University of Milan. Specialisation: Financial and Monetary 2
  3. 3. covered Economics; Final result: ‘110/110’; Title of the dissertation: “Estimation of fiscal facilities granted to Italian Pension Funds”; Tutor Prof. Prof. R. Artoni (Department of Public Economics and Finance). Name and type of organisation University Bocconiproviding education and training (Italy) Personal skills and competences Mother tongue(s) Italian Other language(s) Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user B2 Independent user French B1 Independent user B1 Independent user B1 Independent user B1 Independent user B1 Independent user (*) Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level Skills and competences I dedicated to welfare system large parts of my academic studies. The undergraduate thesis in "Bocconi" University regarded an estimation of fiscal facilities granted to Italian pension funds by the Law n. 124-1993. The Master thesis (Louvain-la-Neuve, Be) developed an overlapping generations model in which the presence and the structure of the pension system influence the endogenous accumulation of human capital and the dynamics of the entire economic system. This model has been further articulated in the Ph. D. (University of Sienna). Afterwards, pensions and the institutions of welfare systems have remained the main subjects I worked with. During my working experiences, since 1998, I have had the possibility to deal with pension issues under different point of views, all important to construct a wide and comprehensive vision. In Mediobanca S.p.A. (1998-1999) a was involved in offering consultancy to Italian pension funds about the normative and regulatory framework that the Covip (the Italian Pension Funds Authority) was at that time starting to design. In Isae (2000- 2001), my principal duties regarded impact evaluations of the process of reforms of the public and the private pension pillars. I was in charge of representing the Isae in the Bertlesmanns working group, e network that gathered several Centres of economic analyses to share information and data about welfare systems in Europe. During my collaboration with the Treasury (2001-2004, with some projected concluded in 2005), I was assistant in the works of the Ageing Working Group of EPC- ECOFIN,dealing with the evaluation of the impact of ageing on social expenditures, the projection of social expenditures in the mid-long run, and the incorporation of these projections in the judgement of public finances sustainability. For the Department of Treasury I performed an application of the so called "Gruber and Wise" methodology to the Italian pension system; this work was published as a chapter of the Dpef-2002 (under the supervision of Prof. Riccardo Faini). In CeRM (where I currently work) I am the person responsible for the analyses regarding pensions, health care and Ltc, and welfare system institutions. Among my recent works: (a) a proposal for accelerating the transition of the Italian pension system toward the full application of the notional capitalization rules (the so called "Dini" rules); (2) a simulation of the mid-long run effects of the over reliance on PYGO systems for financing pensions and health care provisions in Europe and Us (using the same methodology developed by Kotlikoff); (3) the proposal for a new instrument (we named it Welfare Fund), with many positive structural characteristics to play the role of providing at the same time complementary pensions and complementary health care covering. For this latter, an English version is available online to the following address: During almost ten years of works on pensions and welfare state themes, I matured attitudes to produce different types of documents: - creation and organization of datasets with underlining of stylized facts; - brief descriptions of data, also accompanied by tables and graphs; - analyses of data aiming at deriving policy implications; - overview of the structure of pensions systems and welfare systems, also in a evolutionary and a comparative perspective; - comparisons of best practices; - Country fiches with the descriptions of structure of welfare systems, the functioning of the various welfare institutions, the fiscal treatments, the source of financing ... - Country fiches with impact evaluations of reforms and changes in the legislative-normative framework; - position papers containing policy prescriptions; - slides and presentations for round tables; - collaboration to reports and books (as coauthor or as a contributor of a chapter, a paragraph or a box). 3
  4. 4. Other information Recently, I used regional data to compute regional per-capita profile of health care expenditure by sex and age. The goal was to select at most five Italian Regions that could provide standards of efficiency and adequacy to be applied to all other Regions. The paper, "Benchmarking between Regions using per-capita health care expenditure profiles", is downloadable at the following address: All computations have been developed using Excel routines. Analyses provided in the paper have been commissioned by the "Italian Commission for the implementation of Federalism" and offer the impact evaluation of the Decree n. 68-2011 (which aims at ruling the standardization of health care expenditure).Additional information :: WORKING PAPERS ::: "The Multipillar System for Health Care Financing:Thirteen Good Reasons for Open Capitalisation Funds, Covering both Pension and Health Care Provisions", CeRM position Paper available online (2011) “La nuova fiscalità della previdenza complementare per il lavoratore, l’impresa, l’Erario” (con F. Pammolli), Quaderni MEFOP n. 14/2006 “Le imprese e il finanziamento del pilastro previdenziale privato”, Quaderni Mefop, n. 12/2006 ::: BOOKS ::: "La Sanità in Italia - Federalismo, regolazione dei mercati, sostenibilità delle finanze pubbliche" (con F. Pammolli), Il Mulino, Bologna, 2008 ::: EDITED BOOKS ::: "Il sistema pensionistico: quale riforma?", (con F. Pammolli), parte II, cap.9, pp. 335 – 353 in: a cura di Luciano Guerzoni, La Riforma del Welfare - Dieci anni dopo la «Comissione Onofri», Il Mulino, Bologna, 2008 “Spesa sanitaria, demografia, istituzioni” (con F. Pammolli), cap. 7, pp. 103-125 in (a cura di) M. Madìa, Un Welfare Anziano - Invecchiamento della popolazione o ringiovanimento della società?, Il Mulino – Arel, Bologna, 2007 ::: CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE INSTITUTIONAL REPORTS ::: "Medical Devices Competitiveness and Impact on Public Health Expenditure" (con F. Pammolli, M. Riccaboni, C. Oglialoro, L. Magazzini, G. Baio), Entreprise Directorate-General, European Commission, Bruxelles, 2005. “The projected reform of the Italian pension system”, in ‘Relazione Previsionale e Programmatica - aggiornamento’, Ministry of Treasury, Rome, March 2004 “The second pension pillar", in ‘DPEF -Documento di Programmazione Economico Finanziaria per gli anni 2002-2006’, volume ‘Analisi’, pp. 43-46, Ministry of Treasury, Rome, luglio 2001 “Increments in pension wealth gained through prolonging working life: the application to the Italian case", in ‘Rapporto di Strategia Nazionale sulle Pensioni’, volume ‘Appendice Statistica’, pp. 69-72, Ministry of Treasury, Rome, Septembre 2002 4
  5. 5. “Measures to reduce early retirement", in ‘Rapporto sulle Riforme Economiche’, pp. 53-62, Ministry of Treasury, Rome, Decembre 2002 “ISEE: che fare?” (con S. Gabriele, D. Piacentino, V. Polin), in ISAE, Rapporto trimestrale Finanza Pubblica e Redistribuzione, Ottobre 2000 “Manovra a somma zero: il possibile utilizzo delle risorse attese”, in ISAE Rapporto trimestrale- Le previsioni per l’Economia italiana, Luglio 2000 “Povertà e sviluppo in un’analisi multidimensionale: l’approccio à la Sen", in Rapporto trimestrale ISAE - Priorità nazionali: regolamentazione, competitività, cittadinanza, pp. 205-227, aprile 2000 “Convenienza e trasferimento del TFR al fondo pensione: la nuova normativa", ISAE in ‘Rapporto trimestrale - Le Previsioni per l’Economia Italiana’, pp. 100-103, gennaio 2000 "A macroeconomic point of view about the Reform of the Italian Pension System", in Contributi di Ricerca IRS n. 34, IRS, Milan, June 1995 ::: ARTICLES IN NEWSPAPERS ::: Il Sole 24 Ore Pilastro flessibile per le pensioni (con F. Pammolli), 24/06/2009 Un patto tra Lavoro e Welfare (con F. Pammolli), 04/03/2009 Pensioni, possibili risparmi per lo 0,8% del Pil (con F. Pammolli), 17/02/2009 La ( Come evitare lo "scalone" (con F. Pammolli), 02.04.2007 Metti una farmacia tra Antitrust e Corte Costituzionale (con C. Bonassi, Fabio Pammolli), 14.02.2007 Pil, fondi pensione e Tfr (con F. Pammolli), 25.01.2007 Quei due fondi tra il Tfr e la previdenza privata (con F. Pammolli, S. Costagli), 30.10.2006Annexes REFERENCES: Prof. Franco Bassanini President of "Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A." and "Fondazione Astrid" address: Relationship: Coordinator of several working groups on ageing and pension reforms held in Astrid Prof. Fiorella Kostoris Padoa Schioppa Professor of Economics, University of Rome "La Sapienza" address: Relationship: President of Isae (1999-2001) Dott. Flavio Padrini Director at the Italian Treasury address: Relationship: Italian delegate in the Working Group on Ageing of EPC-ECOFIN (1999-2003) 5