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Social Dreaming Overview


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Introduction to Social Dreaming
SD@Work 2020

Published in: Education
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Social Dreaming Overview

  2. 2. O WHAT •  Social Dreaming provides opportunity to share dreams and associations in a contained space called a Social Dreaming Matrix. •  Objective is to explore new patterns of meaning in relation to the communities, groups and organizations in which we live.
  3. 3. O HOW •  In the Social Dreaming Matrix we focus on the dream and not the dreamer, on the unfolding links & associations connecting the dreams, not on the meaning of dreams to an individual.
  4. 4. O HOW The associative state of the matrix tends to reveal patterns of the ‘un-thought known’. And these patterns are reflected upon and explored to create new ways of sensing and thinking, often stimulating creativity and innovation.
  5. 5. O WHY •  Explore our untapped potential •  Generate creativity and innovation •  Use dreams as a window into our systems and interactions •  Develop learning, integration and transformation •  Be democratic, dialogic, diverse, disruptive
  6. 6. O WHERE o  Corporations o  Government & NGO’s o  Think Tanks o  Start-up’s o  Schools & Universities o  Business schools o  Professional Societies o  Conferences & Symposia o  Film & scriptwriting o  Galleries,Theater, Ballet o  Crisis & Disaster Interventions o  Community Development o  Organizational Consultancy o  Strategy Development o  Business Process Management o  Whole Systems Transformation o  Leadership Development o  Scenario & Design Thinking o  Sustainability & CSR o  Coaching & Training o  Innovation & Prototyping o  Marketing & Brand Management
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