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Our Customer Experience


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Published in: Marketing
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Our Customer Experience

  1. 1. Designing Our customer experiences Friday, 7 March 14
  2. 2. Flow 1. Why design a customer experience? 2. How have other companies designed a customer experience? 3. Creating a customer experience for our different partners 4. Tips on account management & matching Friday, 7 March 14
  3. 3. why design a customer experience? Friday, 7 March 14
  4. 4. tips on account management Ask VPs to share their experiences on managing their partners? What have they done well & what has been challenging? 1. Fulfil promises 2. Tailor your service to their needs 3. Be honest about what is possible 4. Keep every relevant stakeholder informed 5. Understand partner expectations & adjust when necessary 6. Communication is so so so important! Friday, 7 March 14
  5. 5. why design a customer experience? Friday, 7 March 14
  6. 6. Argos is going digital! argos The challenge: The focus at the moment is in ensuring a customer’s experience is consistent across the channels, making sure they feel they are dealing with the same company across mobile, stores and online. There are many different customer journeys for Argos shoppers but says: “The one journey we are confident will continue is the journey to transacting digitally and collecting in store. That is already a big part of our business and in the future it will be the strongest area of growth.” Friday, 7 March 14
  7. 7. different customer experiences Friday, 7 March 14
  8. 8. Three different customer groups 1. Service 2. Fast Track 3. Pay & Collect What are the different needs of these groups? Brainstorm these in your 3 groups Friday, 7 March 14
  9. 9. Think about these questions when in the shop 1. How do you feel when you walk in and around the shop? 2. Can you find all of the information you needed easily? 3. How do the staff communicate & engage with you? 4. How is the experiences meeting your needs? 5. What do you enjoy about your experience shopping there? Friday, 7 March 14
  10. 10. Each group share their main insights Friday, 7 March 14
  11. 11. why design a customer experience? Friday, 7 March 14
  12. 12. Ask for examples & provide relevant examples from different groups What do our current partners think? Friday, 7 March 14
  13. 13. Creating a customer experience for our partners Use your empathy maps for your chosen market/ sector & different stakeholders. 1. Think about what would your partner needs & wants would be. 2. Divide what needs to happen up into different stages 3. For each stage think about: • Who is involved? • How do we want different people to feel at this stage? • What does your partner see or understand? • What do we need to communicate at this stage & how & to who? • What is happening behind the scenes? • What extra or different service can we provide to enhance the experience? 4. How would you utilise technology & people during this process. 5. Think back to the empathy maps - is this the experience that they would like and expect? Friday, 7 March 14
  14. 14. everyone share their customer experiences. Friday, 7 March 14